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Found 69 results

  1. Version 1.3.1


    A tested Alliance Human Quester for Vanilla 1.12 Servers using Wrobot.This product is a single profile for 1-30, plus a single 30-35 file using the quest framework. Quests in human + Dwarf zones. There is grind in this profile ( As its Vanilla WoW this is expected), however majority of the EXP comes from completing / turning in quests. The free demo attached is 1-12Starts in human start zones and moves between zones in Eastern kingdoms as it levels. Does not take the boat to Kalimdor.Required bot to start at level 1. Release v1 will be the 1-35 release. Once feedback input has been included will break the file down to allow different starting levels. Preferred classes are Warlock, Paladin, Hunter, Druid and Priest. Mage is passable. Rogues and Warrior's may struggle( As normal with Vanilla WoW).If you have any questions I'm always available for a PM on discord or via Wrobot website. https://wrobot.eu/profile/28330-eeny/ If you have any feedback I'm always open to ideas and if you like the file post a review!Enjoy.Eeny Price is 5 Eu https://sellfy.com/eeny 30-40 is in progress. Price will change with the addition newer content. Existing buys will not need to repurchase for new content.
  2. I have the bambo horde 1-60 quester The human plug in some other stuff Somebody pick a class for me because I'm having trouble choosing! 😄
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Dear fellow WRobot Users, I am glad to finally release my Dungeon Quester for Horde. Want to make your character look more real and run some dungeons, but cant be bothered with getting all Dungeons Quests? Are you too tired to do the whole Onyxia Attunement Quest chain, again...? Too lazy to cross continents 3 Times to get that sweet Quest Reward? Need PRE-BIS items from high level dungeons, but also want to have all the available Quests to maximize efficiency? Then you are the right spot! ALL Dungeons (even Onyxia Attunement) are included! If you want to test: The Demofile includes the Wailing Cavern Dungeon Quester profile! Does all the Quests necessary to aquire all quests for a specific Dungeon. This includes all Quest Chains before the Dungeon. Turns all of them in afterwards with the same Profile. This includes all Quest Chains after the dungeon, to make sure that all rewards are aquired. Over 230+ Quests included. Most Class Quests included, e.g. for Sunken Temple. There are mulitple dungeons runs necessary for some dungeons to complete all Dungeon Quests. This is included in the Profile. You can start the Profiles at any Level, since I coded all Quests with the appropriate level requirements! No Authenticator - super easy usage Recommended levels to be able to aquire all Quests are included! 100% AFKable - Zeppelins automated - The profile has been coded so there has to be 0 user interaction. Notifies you with a Windows Messages Box as soon as the PickUp/TurnIn for the specific Dungeon is done! Also the Bot stops automatically when done. Quests, which are started from Items that drop in the Dungeon, are also included in the Dungeon Quester Profiles. TBC + WOTLK ready More Quests will be continiously added, although this Profile already contains about 95% of all available and soloable Dungeon Quests. Discord Support for Recommendations/Bugreports: thxgod1#9824 Stratholme - Completes 23 Quests to get 12 Dungeon Quests. Also does all the "In Dreams" Quest! Scholomance - Completes 10 Quests to get 7 Dungeon Quests. Dire Maul - 100% of Dungeon Quests UBRS - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Proceeding with the Onyxia Attunement if eligble. LBRS - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Starting the Onyxia Attunement too. Onyxia Attunement - 100% of Attunement Quests included, 15 Quests. Notifies you at all steps. Blackrock Depths - Completes 16 Quests to get 10 Dungeon Quests. Includes the Molten Core Attunement! Sunken Temple - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 21 Quests to get 8 Dungeon Quests. BONUS: 2 ClassQuests and their chains included so far: Warrior and Warlock (all other classes will be added with time) Maraudon - 100% of Dungeon Quests Zul Farrak - 100% of Dungeon Quests Uldaman - 100% of Dungeon Quests -Completes 17 Quests to get 9 Dungeon Quests, including all the Quests in front of the dungeon. Several runs are necessary. Scarlet Monastery - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 15 Quests to get 6 Dungeon Quests Shadowfang Keep - 100% of Dungeon Quests (including Warlock Class Quest) Razorfen Downs - 100% of Dungeon Quests Razorfen Kraul - 100% of Dungeon Quests (inklusive Warrior Class Quests) Blackfathom Deep - 100% of Dungeon Quests (including Warlock Class Quest) Wailing Caverns - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 17 Quests to get 7 Dungeon Quests Ragefire Chasm - 100% of Dungeon Quests - Completes 11 Quests to get 5 Dungeon Quests Download the profile Unpack the .rar Place your specific Dungeon Quester Profile .xml into the Wrobot/Profiles/Quester folder Start the bot with the Profile of your choice Check for Message Boxes from time to time to see if the Bot is finished! Enjoy! NO AUTHENTICATOR! [Horde] Dungeon Quester / ALL Dungeons / 100% AFK / 230+ Quests - 6,79€ I am not associated with the wRobot company in any way! You are purchasing a digital copy of a product, therefore no refunds possible. The profile does not run the Dungeon itself, it only gets all Quests available for a specific Dungeon done, beforehand and afterwards. For the part of running the actual dungeon, i recommend one of either things: - Let the bot do the Dungeon with @Ordush Dungeon Party Bot (Paid): https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1685-paid-dungeon-party-dungeon-bot-by-ordush/ - Let the bot do the Dungeon with @nudl Dungeon Suite: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7385-dungeonsuite-nudl-v010/ - Let the bot do the Dungeon, while running "Party" product in a real group - Or, can of course always do it yourself with WRotation and a real dungeon group
  4. Version 0.9.0


    I did not find a only quest profile for Tanaris 3.5.5a here so I just created one more than 15 quest or almost all I have seen in tanaris wotlk 3.3.5a optimized for horde at 4x exp
  5. Hey guys, i started doing questing profiles but i got problem at doing that Quest well done. Problem is the Object ID cant be found, i put in "Gathering". So is there any chance to "solve" the quest?
  6. Version 1.6.3


    This is my free 1-18 Quest Profile. It will do most quests in Elwynn Forrest and Westfall, besides ~5 quests in total, that aren't very important. It uses grinding only as a back-up mechanic, if you didn't reach a certain level so far, but won't play a significant roll most of the time. As you can see in the title, this profile is a demo version of my Alliance 1-60 Quest Pack I plan to release in the upcoming weeks. That version won't be free though. You can find some video footage of it below. Important: Found a workaround for the route problem. Should now work without manually deactivating these steps every time. Step 139 is the trigger for 127, 132, 135. Version 1.6.1 has not been fully tested. Please report if something doesn't work as intended. Please let me know your experiences, feel free to give feedback and report bugs that may occur! You can also contact me via Discord. Further information: - Your fight class should be able to deal with at least two enemies at once, depending on your chosen class -You should try to get the best possible gear in the auction house ("cheap" greens are fine) and learn new skills now and then. The bot itself will always auto pick the first item as quest reward -Class quests are not included -Add the following items to the vendoring-blacklist: Goretusk Liver, Flask of Oil {Obsolete with version 1.6 Credit to Matenia} (-Recommendations: Search radius 100, Max units near target 0/1, Blacklist zones where bot died enabled) Known Bugs: -The Peoples Militia is kinda broken in this version and I can't figure out why. The bot will just continue killing mobs, even after completing both objectives. So there is probably something wrong with the objective detection of this quest. Next steps of the quest chain work just fine. The only work around until now is to turn in this quest by hand and disabling the two belonging steps (111, 112) in the settings. (FIXED: Quest should now function as intended. Props to Matenia.) Update 26.09.2017: 1-40 is finished already and I'm running the second live run (on Elys) so far. There is some additional polishing and testing necessary. I also plan to add a part in Loch Modan to avoid grinding in general and make later quests easier. My goal is a profile that requires as less player input as possible. This will obviously take a huge amount of further time and care, so stay tuned. Update 05.01.2018: Preview Video Loch Modan 13-17. It consists of ~3 hours of the first half of Loch Modan between the grinding parts of my free 1-18 profile. Taxi (take taxi, get taxi node) is fully scripted, so that the automated taxi won't cause any trouble. Total deaths: 5 Used plugins: iEquip (automatically equips better items) Update 16.01.2018: Later profile part Dustwallow Marsh ~37-38, 2,5 hours of video material. Total deaths: 13 (most of them due to drowning) Used plugins: None, besides WhatsGoingOn (status frame)
  7. Version 1.0.9


    Works on Warmane Lordearon and dalaran wow Goes up to about 15 and is for most part afk now. If you have MS issues and changing settings do not work grab the addon turnin set pick up quests and turn in quest that are complete. So work will continue when I have time ran test with it both toons made about 13 or 14 last night, but tweeks need be made in loch modon. Also rumbleshot has issues for some reason no longer picks it up so have to skip that quest by changing it bit. New Updates might be in works,but don't hold breath semi lost interest in it! Set sell feature on buy bags training should work next bot version, but as of 1.5.6 need stop it to train.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    4 files- one for each totem quest Earth totem is in Valley of Trials (orc / troll) All should be AFK with exception of the water totem ( zeplins) so the profile will help, however you will have to monitor what its doing. If you see an issue patch it and let me know- I will update the download with the patch version for others.
  9. Hello Wrobot community. I have lost interest in World of Warcraft, and therefore, I'm looking for one to take over my vanilla / TBC / Wotlk projects. My profiles are running really well questwise, but it could as always use a tune up here and there. Therefore I need a dedicated person to take over the project, as it would be a real shame to see it die, after over 1000 hours of work. What you will get to work with is the following: Horde 1-60 fully quester Horde 60-70 fully quester Alliance 1-60 fully quester Alliance 60-6x fully quester (not quite done with outlands on alliance side. 1-70 alliance quester for retail All classes leveling fightclasses for retail. My note document that have a quick guide how to handle almost every quest you will ever see in WoW What I expect is you handle the bugs, and improve where improvement is needed + your creativity to improve the problems that comes when botting. How we deal with the money generated by the profiles will be discussed in PM, as you can have a good chunk of it, as long everyone is happy, and I find the right person to keep it alive. What I expect of you: have coding experience enough to deal with the problems in the profiles (we are talking c# and lua) Have the time and dedication to see the project to its completion. Have the energy to check in and help the customers in the discord channel. What I can help you with: the files Getting started. Follow up questions about quests and the profiles in general If your up for the task, then shoot me a pm, and let's have a talk. //Arcangelo
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple framework for Vanilla dungeon runs. Starts with a run-code to attempt to loot BoP boss loot, changes the free bag spaces and runs in. The kill stuff pulse kills all the stuff and is completed when close to a specific spot. once its done that it will run out , reset the instance and run the file from the top. Obviously needs a lvl 60 with gear to complete the istance. I found druids in bear form and rogues/ warriors ( with gear) quite good. This file itself is a bit slow. However it is easy enough to changes the positions / NPC's to other instances. I will make a video on this shortly.
  11. Hey all Anyone got a profile example that demonstrates the use of "use item on opponent with less than 25% health"? I can get a bot to attempt to use an item on a mob before combat... but once the bot starts fighting it seems it will only kill the mob- not use the item. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28000/do-the-imp-possible is a good example. He should prove easy pickings. Weaken him with combat, and then use this enchanted sack to capture him. Then I'll do the talking... I can see how i could use fight classes to use item at >25%, is there a way to put that sort of action in a quest profile though?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Sobre este arquivo Profile de quest que irá levar seus chars do lvl 35 ao lvl 45. REQUISITOS: - Vender Itens: ON - Reparar Itens: ON - Vender itens cinza, branco, verde e azul - Configuração de bebida e comida (ou vai morrer constantemente tomando um monte de tempo extra) - Colocando Bags maiores aceleram muito o processo de execução das quests, mas não são necessárias - Recomendo o addon aqui em anexo TopFit. (Equipar automaticamente seu char) - Recomento o addon aqui em anexo TurnIn. (Nas configurações de pegar e entregar quest automaticamente para economizar tempo) - Addons podem ser Baixados neste Link: TopFit e TurnIn Qualquer erro ou bug no profile por favor reportem-me para que eu possa corrigi-los.
  13. So, i had a few drinks and decided that a quest profile creation tutorial was in order. Result: Chain Quests and Gathering Hope this helps...someone, might make a better one
  14. Hello Not recognize <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="(Quest.HasQuest(40014) &amp;&amp; Quest.GetQuestCompleted(40014))" /> How can I execute it?
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Sobre este arquivo Meu primeiro profile de quest que irá levar seus orcs e trolls do lvl 01 ao lvl 12. REQUISITOS: - Vender Itens: ON - Reparar Itens: ON - Vender itens cinza, branco, verde e azul - Configuração de bebida e comida (ou vai morrer constantemente tomando um monte de tempo extra) - Colocando Bags maiores aceleram muito o processo de execução das quests, mas não são necessárias - Recomendo o addon aqui em anexo TopFit. (Equipar automaticamente seu char) - Recomento o addon aqui em anexo TurnIn. (Nas configurações de pegar e entregar quest automaticamente para economizar tempo) TopFit.rar TurnIn.rar
  16. Hello everyone, Actually i'm working on a BC (2.4.3) quest profil for clean all of the content with no elits mobs et gain many gold with only quest (no farming) and reduce ban activity. For that i'm looking for a solution to move my caracter to some quest point. By exemple the first step of my profil is to select a quest (through the dark portal) and move my caracter to the outland's portal. But at this point, my caracter go to the north of the map. In fact he skip my "Go to the portal" Quest with a follow path and just take the after one (TurnIn : Trough the dark portal). I'm looking for a code, or something to force the following path and only go turnin to if my caracter is in the good area (outland here) If u have some idea, it's will be great ! I can share the profil if u want see how i build it. Best regards !
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, I was very bored, and decide to make this fast profile to help you gain rep in "Cenarion Expedition", It keeps doing the one quest " Now That We're Still Friends..." I hope you enjoy it, let me know if you find any bugs. Do Not Use Any Flying Mount. Addons : Quick-Quest 02/05/18
  18. Hey, I just bought the Bot and I'm really confused. How do i actually Level my Warrior (Lvl 40) with the Bot? I really cannot find any working Profile that are up to date. can anyone help me?
  19. wlhr


    Hallo meine Freunde, ich habe lust endlich einmal ein 1-110 Questprofil für WRobot zu erstellen, jedoch ist das bekanntlich sehr sehr viel Arbeit und das alleine zu stemmen ist sehr zeitaufwändig. Bestünde denn bei jemandem von euch Interesse das als Team zu machen?
  20. Bonjour à tous, Voilà j'ai suivi beaucoup de tuto pour la création d'un profile Quest Editor. Mon souci est que dans mon profile il ne prend pas la monture et du coup il reste bloquer car le terrain est ardu. Sinon il suis toute les indications demandées. (Il s'agit d'un profile de quête journalière pour les hameçonneurs). Je vous joint mon profile. Je vous remercie de l'aide que vous m'apporterez. Test.xml
  21. Version 1.1.0


    Greetings, with this package you gain three quest profiles for alliance characters, starting at northshire and advancing to redridge via goldshire and westfall. I have designed them to be afk for ranged characters, checked out with druid (best) and priest. Please make sure to give 4 bags to your youngest hero and buy him the best green/blue equip from the auctionhouse on level 5 and 10 about, this will save time and preserve him from unnecessary deaths. Decide to spend about 5 gold and if you are playing a priest, do not forget always to buy him a good wand for oom situations. At the end of the first profile (level 5) you should go to stormwind an learn skinning to get this profession up fore free (goto profiles for this are included). I recomend you to use a plugin like Butler or Lootfilter to prevent your bags from getting full because the way to the vendor could be dangerous. Also note that it is necessary to grind from time to time to reach the next level, this will happen at 6 in goldshire (beause it is worst to die within the goldtooth cave at level 5) and sometimes in westfall and redridge. Not all quests (like hogger) are applicable to robots - i have designed the profiles to bring you to level 21 as save as possible instead of the fastest way. Have fun and meet me in Azeroth - Stauffenberg -
  22. Version 1.0.0


    Sobre este arquivo Profile de quest que irá levar seus chars do lvl 25 ao lvl 35. REQUISITOS: - Vender Itens: ON - Reparar Itens: ON - Vender itens cinza, branco, verde e azul - Configuração de bebida e comida (ou vai morrer constantemente tomando um monte de tempo extra) - Colocando Bags maiores aceleram muito o processo de execução das quests, mas não são necessárias - Recomendo o addon aqui em anexo TopFit. (Equipar automaticamente seu char) - Recomento o addon aqui em anexo TurnIn. (Nas configurações de pegar e entregar quest automaticamente para economizar tempo) - Addons podem ser Baixados neste Link: TopFit e TurnIn Qualquer erro ou bug no profile por favor reportem-me para que eu possa corrigi-los.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    The creator of this profile (Eeny) is away until August 16th 2017. The profile is provided working. As-is where-is until that time. Horde Quester 1-80 by Eeny This Specific profile is for Horde 68-80 Retail -7.0. This comes in a quest bundle in which there are three Quest profile's 1-60, 58-70, 68-80 with hundreds of hours of testing. I have prioritised 1-80 speed and AFK'ness for these profiles. I have attached 68-70 as a demo. This profile is still undergoing full QA so its currently free with the existing profile Bundle. To Business Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms. Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc. Selling is ENABLED for green, white and grey items. You can modify the white list as you see fit in the WRobot advanced options for you bot. Flying mount is needed- FLYING IS DISABLED ON PURPOSE for some quests. You must enable "Auto-Dismount in flight" in wow general options or you will get stuck on some quests. This is a questing profile- the aim is to get to from 68-80 as fast as possible- training professions can be done outside of the bot. If you do purchase the profile (thank you) It needs the quick-quest addon : http://wrobot.eu/files/category/130-wow-addons/ as it streamlines quest 'admin' activities. Bot Path: 68-72 Borean Tundra 72-73 Dragonblight 73-74 Grizzly Hills 74-76 Zul Drak 76-78 Sholazar Basin 78-79 Icecrown / Storm peaks 79-80 filler Known issues Prior to starting the either profile empty your quest log, I dont want to be the guy to blow up a log of half filled quests the moment you load the profile. YES- i play around with the WRobot mounting options when you load this profile. There is good reason behind this. Every time there is not an issue with flying i allow to bot to fly. I have done hundreds of hours of testing, where i have disabled flight is generally where there is a blockage or pathing problem. Dont both to report this- "its a feature". Updates Updates to the profile will be provided free of charge to users who can prove they have bought the profile. I will update this thread with anything major- those who prove they have purchased will get and updated file sent to them. Feedback is welcome- helpful and constructive feedback will land you with free future expansion profiles which i will add to the bundle later. After this profile is added the price might go up after further QA. The price is only $10 EUR- price may go up as more profiles are added and quality rises. I am using SELLFY.com to distribute / sell the file. the direct link is: https://sellfy.com/eeny If you have already purchased and would like the updated bundle sent me a PM with the purchase confirmation and i will send you a download link! You don't need to buy this again as i add more content... I am not associated with WRobot company Enjoy! Eeny
  24. Hi, I am trying to do a quester profile but have run in to a problem. For quest "Felendern the Banished" one quest object is to go to the top of a building to kill and loot one specific NPC but before I reach the spot the NPC gets blacklisted because he can't be reached (the path goes under the hotspot before I reach the top). I will try to put in a "FollowPath" to the location before moving on to killing the NPC. What condition can I put in "Can condition" to get the followpath to work? Or have somebody any other suggestion to get this to work?
  25. I just bought this bot today, to get rid of a quest line to get the flying in legion, but when i start the bot it stands still :S
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