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  1. Lit ty Make a Patreon or Paypal account for donations or something.
  2. I dont have time. This is the weakest argument any developer could ever make. "Wahhh you don't like my stuff make your own" My reply is always "well I'm actually paying YOU to make stuff that works for US, but it DOESNT..." If you think you can overcharge me for something a fragment of the quality of bots that have existed before WRobot then you have an IQ of about 11. I've developed thousands of hours of content for free across the board because it led to something interesting. I 3D modelled hundreds of objects for shitty garrysmod servers I used to play on just because it would make the server more interesting. It doesn't have to be about the money. Ten years ago I was helping host reasonably popular WoW private servers where I put in hundreds of hours into Navicat and MySQL just to contribute. If the client isn't good enough for you to be able to be transparent when you sell something then dont fucking waste your time making content for it trying to sell halfscam content. We should just lock the thread. Doesnt make sense that I cant do that myself but whatever. The last 3 pages have been people coming in to late pages and rehashing arguments we've already discussed.
  3. I gave up on my rogue to level that mage and the mage did fine after like level 30 - a few Wrobot quirks but nothing from your stuff. Now that the mage max leveled I'm trying to give the rogue another shot before going onto other classes. The rogue is just a walking shitshow though.. It's honestly really funny to watch. I'm just kind of ready to let it 24/7 grind because it's just incredibly incapable. I'm really hoping it will hit a certain level and just handle itself like the mage did but jesus christ it's struggling lol For OP? The 1st issue is definitely UI if you have any addons - otherwise I have NO idea. The second one I experienced with the torrented WRobot client that I found before even finding this website to purchase legitimately. It came with a bunch of old fight classes one that had the same issue you describe. It was trash.
  4. I'm on matenias plugin and combat rogue. Character happily resurrects next to 3 NPCs and then refuses to use sprint or evasion when traveling or evading. It wastes evasion mid combat for no reason for the sake of saying it does it. Doesn't seem to buy Vanishing powder and even if it does it hardly uses it. I really dont know if it's Wrobot or what but I've tested 2 rogue fightclasses by now and it seems like even when enemy NPCs are green I run AT LEAST 6 deaths per hour. Getting into a new zone as a rogue I get ~20 deaths per hour. I just think with the quality of this bot and addons rogues are nearly completely unbottable in classic and TBC and buying anything to bot a rogue in classic or tbc is a total waste of money and time. You'll get to 60 in classic on 1x in probably 60 days /played with -500 gold in repairs My rogue (with dev approved settings) is at level 24 with 3 days played at 2x EXP in a TBC server.
  5. Marginally profitable for very low effort. Yeah if that's how you want to describe your career then you must shoot pretty low. What is this? A phone app? Also I did not describe the "whole video game industry" - that's just EA. Normal reputable video game companies release full games and charge for content or give content for free far post launch. And look EA was rated the worst company in America once or twice fighting the King Of Bad Comcast. They're constantly losing stock value and getting downvoted to -40,000 minimum in every reddit thread they comment to. Clearly from a customer standpoint the business model is hated and constantly argued against by all major journalists and veteran advocates. Infact soon doing what EA does (making a game so featureless that they resort to promoting child gambling to get shitty skins and garbage content) will be illegal across EU. In short your reply was a HELL of a reach that really just proved how little anyone cares here about making this turd wrapped in tin foil any better.
  6. Thank you Droidz for replying in this thread. I wasn't sure what type of response this thread would get from you but I'm happy to see it be a very optimistic one.
  7. Honor buddy gave everything for free (except the client) and it was by far without a doubt the best selling bot in botting history for any game ever period. The only people it could hurt are people trying to profit off of the lack of functionality the client sells with. I think the only reason this bot isnt bigger is directly due to the fact that new people come in, see the paywall, see some devs saying "code it yourself", all the things you have to download plus bans and complaints and just immediately walk out the door. Customers come in and pay for a skeleton and then the devs sell each organ. That's not appealing for the majority of new customers unfortunately. I'll test whatever
  8. @Droidz fam chime in we're sick of it developers listing why they're products (with good reason) aren't why your customers are having a bad experience with WRobot customers stating why they're unhappy that they're spending all this money on usermade content that can barely hope to bandaid some of the bizzare quirks this bot has I'm still going to PM you about this but it's gotta get fixed - please.
  9. I'm happy to send you logs and tell you more in detail - this isn't a bug compilation thread. It may look like that due to how much I've been fought about how perfect this bot is and how much evidence I've had to provide. But bugs are not technically my point. The point is for how much is required to pay the quality isn't comparable to cheaper products of past. I did initially come off strong thinking that there was no way that WRobot itself was this bad however after speaking with Matenia more and looking deeper into it it's obviously not the private content developers faults at all in MOST cases (Truly can go fuck himself with the fully afk shit wasting peoples money to this day)
  10. interesting - let me find that because that would be preferable
  11. Yeah read my second addition to my paragraph that I edited in. I'm not asking you to fix anything, or Matenia, or whoever. I'm saying the Wrobot is factually inferior by a good margin to HB and glider for obvious reasons. You could sell me a $100 profile that you spent 2,000 hours on and that doesn't fix it for me. I could have $500 in plugins which took centuries to code and it likely wouldnt fix everything for me. I'll try that. I've just outleved the hinterlands by so fucking much im manually going to level into WPL until I level out of Bambos 1-70 where it updates me to a higher level zone (at 52).
  12. then why is my character trying to run through the deeprum tram getting stuck (like run from IF to SW in the fucking tram) while HMP has use tram to false. Why is it when I have two quests and in the turn in screen the top one isn't finished so I can't turn in the second one. It just opens and closes the quest screen over and over. Why is it if there is a quest starter item to loot my character spam clicks it over and over even though it's already in my inventory. Why do i catch my character with your stuff and matenia's running and flying between zones for hours trying to figure out how to enter the hinterlands You'd be blind to not realize the list of issues this client gives to get people banned or waste time is reasonably large. It just comes off as lazy seeing developers willing to sell products that regardless of your effort are half baked and not feel inclined to do anything about it. That's like me opening up a restaraunt one of it's kind that everyone wants to go to. But I buy the worst fish, the worst red meat, old salad, etc. Then I ask decent employees (you) to work for me and try to give the best service you can and cook the best food you can with the shitty ingredients I give you. And you guys here just serve that shit to me with a smile on your face. You have no qualms with it.
  13. PM Droidz and ask him to onboard another coder. You guys are all selling less now with classic launch imminent. I know that. If maybe WRobot had a decent update to API that really fixed a lot of the patently dumb shit this client does to your content then maybe people will stand paying the $70+ price tags to start botting here. Shit you would probably lose less customers to people literally going out and buying C# books just to make their own shit thinking that will help.
  14. ok on your grinder I am level 51 killing level 44 mobs. I have to intervene at least once an hour right now to stop my character from trying to spam loot a questin beacon. I know that you cant make a good product because Wrobot sucks. I just wish you developers would stop being so defensive and claiming we who think this product is inferior is directly your fault. It's WRobots fault and it's a shame you guys are willing to just put a bandaid on it and sell it like it's a full fix. HB and Glider were better products and often significantly cheaper and easier to use. I dont care whether I lacked Glider or HB knowledge the fucking point is they worked better for less $.
  15. It's hard to put in that much work on a broken platform and not defend your broken work. Most people are far too prideful. On a side note - does anyone know how I can tell Wrobot not to get stuck trying to pick up a quest starting beacon? anytime im on a grind profile and my bot picks up those quest starting beacon items the next time it tries to pick one up it just sits there for hours trying to force pick it up. Shit's dumb as fuck. not false advertising and making a good product to which good programmers can produce good content for is important to me as a customer. I've stated in many forms with video evidence why the "best" programmers here can't make a system for me that replicates even a fragment of what Glider or Honorbuddy was. That should be pretty obvious. I dont give a shit that you made your own profile. I don't give a shit that you've spent 3 years with Wrobot tinkering and perfecting. That's not what is advertised as required to bot with this Wrobot client and is certaintly not what developers here advertise. That's a shameful system. For example leveling a mage with Matenias fight class and plugin combined with Bambos leveling guide I get stuck and require manual intervention at least once every 2-4 hours. I die at least 3 times an hour after tens of hours of figuring out settings changes. I have paid $70+ for "truly afk, 300+++ quests, creates a truly humanlike experience" ETC ETC ETC and have not recieved honestly any of that. The bot still is absolutely fucking obvious to anyone who watches me for more than 30 seconds and I can easily spot out all the tens of other players and can say exactly who made their fight class after 30 seconds. The amount of rediculous WRobot client bugs that prevent the grinder guides from working fluidly is ridiculous. The point was I bought honorbuddy $60 ONE TIME lifetime payment, installed it, loaded up a grinding profile and left my character grinding from start to finish tens of times. Never even had a thought to look back at it. I only opened my WoW screen to see how much progress it had made. Wrobot looks like a toddler in comparison with the BEST available content. Glider and Honorbuddy didnt stop working on retail - they stopped because of lawsuits. WRobot couldnt even work well enough to stay on retail to ever even get sued. Wrobot got sent back a couple of grades for not even being able to hang out with the grown up bots.
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