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  1. Are the accounts being created on separate IPs as well? IP is logged into their database when the account is created. Depending on their GM policies any IP that account is attached to will be banned. Hopefully you're tunneling with puTTy and proxycap, and that the program will only accept a connection from an assigned IP through proxycap, which I'm going to assume you have done. If not, I would look into doing this. Depending on the investigation and procedures of the private server, they may log all bans at once. You see this happen on servers such as Paymane (Warmane). The reason behind this is to prevent botters and hackers from trying to save the account or log out and change the IP the account connects with. I can tell you without a doubt that almost all bot bans are caused by player reports or flags generated by their anti-cheat (or manual server queries for previously banned IPs) that require manual review from previously banned IPs. There are many ways to block your wow.exe from connecting with your IP using puTTy/proxycap. Some quick Google searches will answer this.
  2. It's 95% reports, 5% anti-hack GM flying around, and checking on people (including float hackers aoe in dungeons, etc)
  3. Turn off your add-ons. If you don't want to re-enable them each time, the easiest method is to create a separate WoW directory for botting.
  4. Bot likes to try and bid on things he already bids on. Example: Bot bids from top, to bottom. Copper Ore bid is set by bot, bot buys stuff below the bid, goes back to Copper Ore bid and tries to bid again, then buys another Copper Ore below the bid, bot goes back and tries to bid again. Repeat this until next page.
  5. Greetings, So I'm new to the vanilla botting scene (usually bot on tbc) and was wondering what is causing this issue: I enabled CTM (click to move) and it doesn't respond to the movements when in windowed/windowed maximized mode. It stops short of the distance it is told to travel. I've messed with a combination of the settings below and it still doesn't work -VSync -60hz (in-game and monitor is set to this) -Hardware cursor Any ideas?
  6. I haven't read the entire thread, but sometimes the bot can get "hung up" on selling if there is a quest item that has no sell value and that is not recognized.
  7. Try using LUA to move, also try running in windowed, if full screen.
  8. Enable using the FP. I'll be looking into removing the trainers from the starting area. Try increasing the discovery range for it as well. Is your bot blacklisting vendors before it gets to it? There's a vendor added to the NPC list in ratchet, but it may be skipping this.
  9. After purchasing, or checking your email should take you to the product page. Simply click "add to purchases" and it should be available on your sellfy account indefinitely. If you can't find the link, PM me the paypal email and i'll resend you the email so you can follow the steps above. Regards
  10. Looking into a fix now. Update will be release (same version number though. Check after a couple hours of this post) edit: It is now fixed. Please re-download the update (same 2.0 version) Thank you
  11. Purchase a VPS for $2- and connect to it with puTTy, then tunnel with ProxyCap. There's other services that act as a VPS but change your IP regularly (more for hackers, etc.) but these cost a little extra and you have the chance of getting a bunk IP that will get you banned, but I feel it would be rare this would happen.
  12. "I have to babysit constantly with buying more food" This is not my profiles job. Try enabling the Buy function in Advanced settings, and using the plugin iEquip. "I also have come back and saw my bot is trapped with broken gear in elite areas around southern barrens." What's happening is the bot is blacklisting vendors in The Barrens before he reaches them, then tries to go to 1k needles (this is a wrobot bug) and attempts to run through the elite zone and dies. "training my own skills (he tries swimming back to Durotar from the Barrens getting stuck along the way) and repairing my own equipment (no idea why this is)" Where does it get stuck? This sounds like a pathing issue with WRobot if that's the case. If he's running to Durotar to repair, then it's the repair bug I stated above. If you need any suggestions about setting up a cleaner run, or have feedback for areas that need improvement, then message me on Discord (link in file descrip) Regards
  13. Version 1.0.0


    (reviewed and approved by Droidz) This is my World of Warcraft TBC 1-375 Herbalism profile for Alliance & Horde! $4.56 / €4.00 https://sellfy.com/p/2DkJ/ Payment is done through USD. PayPal should automatically convert the EUR to USD What is [Truly Herbalism]? Truly Herbalism is 1 Gatherer Profile that sequences Gathering profiles from 1 to level 375. Outland profiles are flying only (currently) Quality of life Features Support Whether you need help setting up the bot, or need something to be fixed or added, I'm here! I've been told by other customers that they are very thankful for my dedication of support! F.A.Q Q: Will this work for Vanilla/WOTLK? A: Not fully tested, but it should. **PM ME WITH QUESTIONS** How to use $4.56 / €4.00 https://sellfy.com/p/2DkJ/ My Other profiles
  14. PM me so we can discuss this issue further, or join my Discord and shoot me a message! Regards
  15. What exactly is happening? And how is the the last half harder than the first? This is the first time I'm hearing of these issues as it may be related to a WRobot pathing issue.
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