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  1. On what grounds are anyone suggesting VMs are protecting against bans?
  2. Probably because they tagged your wow client. Read my previous comments.
  3. @Monkeylimits Read my comment at the top of the 2nd page. Your bans might be related. Edit: I actually wrote this to you: @vanbotter
  4. Actually doing other stuff while leveling feels like just the right thing.
  5. Grinding, since I found most free questing profiles buggy.
  6. Today I got banned at lvl 44 single botting. Did you update wrobot today? I did. I wasn't on PC when I got banned, but logs suggest bot didn't stop when teleported from eastern kingdoms to kalimdor. Even though I had the 'stop bot on teleport' enabled @Droidz I can post the log later. So after you were teleported what did the GM ask? How did he know you were botting?
  7. My character will sometimes stop auto attacking, only to start again in a second or two. I found out this only happens when I have Luna Unit Frames addon enabled. It's a shame because Luna is the most popular and useful unitframes for vanilla. Anything you can do? @Droidz
  8. I'm single botting with no ban yet. But hear this carefully: I heard from a programmer (a hacker kinda guy on a legacy server subreddit) 5-6 months ago that he could tag wow clients with a server configuration. Didn't explain how he did that but he first gave this technique to elysium. Now obviously lights hope team has it. He said every client when they first connect to the server, the server gives them a kind of ID and knows when that client runs again. I mean the admins can see it if you used the same client for different accounts. They brand your client, probably not the exe but
  9. I've put healing wave into fightclass, usable out of combat. Made it only use out of combat and wait during casting is ticked. But the character won't wait for the casting to finish, it'll start moving soon after it starts casting. Also it drinks first rather than healing.
  10. I have a shaman. I've put Healing Wave as food and Melon Juice as drink. When my character has to both eat and drink, it'll bug. 1- starts drinking 2- Immediately gets up for healing 3- Sits without casting, drinking 4- Gets up again wasting the last drink 5- Sits and drinks Wastes like 10 waters this way. When mana gets fulled, it heals. The problem is it's trying to do both at the same time, and can do neither. It could be solved if it waits for full mana then heals OR heal first then drink. What can I do?
  11. It only worked when I increased it to 1400 to 1700. It's incredibly high. Does it affect rotation efficiency?
  12. Nope doesn't work, it quits herbing earlier than a few hundred miliseconds... Also it doesn't do that on mining.
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