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[FREE] Avvi's Shadow Priest Leveling 1-70 1.0.0

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About This File


This is a Burning Crusade version of the fight class created by @Dreamful


I have included some fixes as well as some feature enhancements. 

Features are as below

  • Cast Shadowform
  • Cast Inner Fire
  • Cast Vampiric Embrace
  • Cast Power Word: Fortitude
  • Cast Divine Spirit
  • Cast Power Word: Shield
    • Cast if buff remaining time is less than 1 second.
  • Cast Flash Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health
    • If above level 23
  • Cast Lesser Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health
    • If lower than level 23
  • Cast Vampiric Touch 
    • Recast if debuff remaining time is less than 1 second.
  • Cast Devouring Plague and keeps it up on target
  • Cast Shadow Word: Pain and keeps it up on target
  • Cast Mind Blast 
    • If player has spell Vampiric Touch, then Mind Blast only is casted when target has Vampiric Touch debuff.
    • If player does not have Vampiric Touch spell, then Mind Blast on Cooldown
  • Cast Mind Flay if all dots ticking on target
  • Cast Mind Sear if more than 2 Units near my Target in 10 yards range
  • Cast Shadowfiend
  • Cast Smite (Only use if you are lower than level 23)
  • Wand/Shoot when below 5% Mana. (This value can be changed easily)


If you have any questions or concerns, please post in comments.

User Feedback

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Whew!  Loaded this up for my lvl30, and it goes hard.  Nonstop Mind Flay and oom after every two pulls.  Love the wand script, glad to finally find one that works decently.

At my level with my mediocre gear, I was having problems and made some QoL adjustments.


> Constant Mind Flay kept getting interrupted/recast when shield on c/d, soo
> Oom all the time
> Oom = Wand + Mindflay when mana regens, soo
> Dying to 3-pulls, and low mana 2-pulls


> Mind Flay cutoffs at 30% mana and 60% target health
> Mind Blast cutoffs at 25% mana and 25% target health
> PWP cutoff at 20% target health
> WandShoot mana condition replaced with 60% target health condition
> Added Renew (70% health)
> Added Psychic Scream (3 units nearby)

Less oom, less dying, slightly less dps, but a bump in my overall xp/hr from getting 3 pulls per drink rather than 2.  Low-mana fights end in PWP + wand + heals instead of wand + mindflay + dying.
The op might be better once more talents are unlocked, but for now this is working better for me.

I'll attach what I settled on, in case anyone has similar issue.

Avvi's Priest [Shadow] [Leveling 1-70] (Lowbie variant).xml

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Pretty good profile, a bit hard on low level, but after like 10-20 it goes very good for grinding

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· Edited by jj4091


Very good,  attached a fix for the early levels.  For this to work must have lesser magic wand then at lvl 13 buy greater magic wand

Lots of death until a few small changes now doesnt die at all unless pulling more than two or an elite

EDIT: Problem with other fix is uses drink and food a lot, this does not.   save that money honey

thanks again!

Avvi's Priest [Shadow] [Leveling 1-70] PRE LEVEL 22 BEST.xml

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