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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Burning Crusade version of the fight class created by @Dreamful I have included some fixes as well as some feature enhancements. Features are as below Cast Shadowform Cast Inner Fire Cast Vampiric Embrace Cast Power Word: Fortitude Cast Divine Spirit Cast Power Word: Shield Cast if buff remaining time is less than 1 second. Cast Flash Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health If above level 23 Cast Lesser Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health If lower than level 23 Cast Vampiric Touch Recast if debuff remaining time is less than 1 second. Cast Devouring Plague and keeps it up on target Cast Shadow Word: Pain and keeps it up on target Cast Mind Blast If player has spell Vampiric Touch, then Mind Blast only is casted when target has Vampiric Touch debuff. If player does not have Vampiric Touch spell, then Mind Blast on Cooldown Cast Mind Flay if all dots ticking on target Cast Mind Sear if more than 2 Units near my Target in 10 yards range Cast Shadowfiend Cast Smite (Only use if you are lower than level 23) Wand/Shoot when below 5% Mana. (This value can be changed easily) If you have any questions or concerns, please post in comments.
  2. Version idk


    So I used this fight class for a while, improved it while leveling. Not perfect but it got the job done for me. THINGS NEEDED: Download this awesome thing by Droidz: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/303-move-during-combat/ After this ^ start up bot, go to the tab called "Plugins" and turn "Move during combat" by Droidz, on. Better to put selling off so he won't sell your pets food or your food, mana, potions and whatever cause he did that to me once, Go into general settings then advanced settings and then in my macro's make a macro that presses any key then in game make a macro with: /cast Feed Pet /use (YOUR PET'S FOOD NAME) And put it on the same button as you chose in wrobot (obviously) Then play around with the time between he feeds the pet Very important else it will not feed your pet Also recommended to make it not mount since when you feed pet and mount your pet goes away, Untill you unmount and I think they don't feed then and they might run away if unhappy :o I put close bot if teleported off you can leave it on for safety but I turned it off cause I died once and the bot thought I got teleported while he just clicked release.. Max units, to be safe 2 if they are green/end yellow then you can put on 3, search radius 300 Things implemented: Auto shot (yes ofcourse haha) Mend pet Hunter's Mark Arcane Shot Intimidation (pet stun & taunt from beast mastery talents) Serpent Sting Revive Pet And major healing pots if low health, (can change the item id in the fight class editor, its the one with the macro in it just change the number in there to the item you will use you can find it if you type in the item in this database, then copy the number in the link Here is the database: https://www.burning-crusade.com/database/) Please leave a review if you liked it :) So yeah that's my hunter profile since I couldn't find one that worked for me I just made one myself, enjoy :) Donation link: www.paypal.me/TBCPROFILESLOL
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