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    Gather Herbs

    Are you playing a Tauren? I noticed the same thing on mine, but I figured it was the +15 herb racial complicating a value check.
  2. As per the title. Bot will approach a mob until it can 'see' it, even though it doesn't need to be at all so close in order to pull it. It makes grinding in uneven terrain hell for a ranged character and looks extremely bottish. Any idea why it behaves this way, and if there's a fix? Currently on TBC, in Shadowmoon.
  3. My bot has two persistent problems: It very often runs too close to mobs before engaging the fight class. My fight profile and Interaction Distance are both set to 33 yards, but the bot will approach to about 25 yards for whatever reason. When offered several mobs to engage, it will sometimes pick a mob further from the others, and butt-pull the others when approaching. I can't fathom why on earth it does this. It does both of these things with and without the "Estimate distance by target size" option. Any ideas on why it behaves this way? Any suggestions for sorting it out?
  4. I know I'm late to the party, but I took a look anyways. I'd change all instances of "Buff casted by me" and "Target Buff casted by me" to simply "Buff" and "Target Buff". The 'casted by me' conditions have never worked at all for me. Also, several of your timers are really small. Like '20' and '13'. I'm pretty sure Timer settings are in milliseconds, not seconds. So a 20-second timer would be '20000'.
  5. The Nagrand path makes the character constantly swim through deep water when dry land is 8 yards away. lol Is this a bug, or a feature?
  6. This setting never seems to have the intended effect. If set to False, it doesn't seem to change anything. Bot still tries to cast during GCD. If set to True, the bot doesn't cast the spell at all. Is there a trick to getting this to function properly? Playing on TBC 2.4.3.
  7. I'm also experiencing this and haven't been able to properly sort it out. I've messed with latency settings and a spell timer, but nothing's quite worked. For now, I've just set Cast Once Per Fight to True. It isn't perfect, if the mob resists the cast you don't get another. But it's better than wasting 400 mana every fight. [Edit] Nevermind. Bot just tries to cast the spell once during Global Cooldown, fails, and moves on.
  8. Persistent noise? There seems to be a constant, steady sound of opening the character 'C' window when running. About once a second, over and over, and only with this plugin. Nothing showing up in the logs, either. Is this a known issue with a known solution?
  9. Barrens Quest 'Stolen Silver'. Bot runs to the object, aggros five raptors and dies fighting them at the object. Resurrects, dies. Repeat. Are Ignore Fights While Traveling (true) + Attack Before Being Attacked (false) really the intended settings for this profile? This is pretty unideal behavior. It would be fine if it actually targeted and killed the raptors, but it's just tunneling to the object and realizing its bad luck once it arrives. [Edit 2] Behaved identically on 'Supplies for the Crossroads'. [Edit 3] Taxi'd through camp of centaurs at 42,23, aggro'd everything, got snared by a mob, died looking confused. lol. I really want this AFK QUESTER to work, but it's requiring constant intervention to prevent catastrophic, conspicuous death loops. [Edit 4] Stuck on quest 'Betrayal from Within' [Betrayal Within Q]. Objectives are in southern Barrens, but bot is running in a huge loop in Thousand Needles? Restarted bot, pathed up the elevators, died to mobs, resurrected, took elevators back down to Thousand Needles to run in giant loop again... I've disabled this profile in favor of a simple grinder. I'll try it again after a few levels to see if it'll simply moveon.org
  10. Bot body-pull shenanigans are making life hell for my shaman. I'd like to simply pull with Lightning Bolt, but setting fight profile to range 30 only works against melee targets. How do I make a melee character pull with a ranged ability, without simply standing around and dying to a ranged target?
    Whew! Loaded this up for my lvl30, and it goes hard. Nonstop Mind Flay and oom after every two pulls. Love the wand script, glad to finally find one that works decently. At my level with my mediocre gear, I was having problems and made some QoL adjustments. Problems: > Constant Mind Flay kept getting interrupted/recast when shield on c/d, soo > Oom all the time > Oom = Wand + Mindflay when mana regens, soo > Dying to 3-pulls, and low mana 2-pulls Adjustments: > Mind Flay cutoffs at 30% mana and 60% target health > Mind Blast cutoffs at 25% mana and 25% target health > PWP cutoff at 20% target health > WandShoot mana condition replaced with 60% target health condition > Added Renew (70% health) > Added Psychic Scream (3 units nearby) Less oom, less dying, slightly less dps, but a bump in my overall xp/hr from getting 3 pulls per drink rather than 2. Low-mana fights end in PWP + wand + heals instead of wand + mindflay + dying. The op might be better once more talents are unlocked, but for now this is working better for me. I'll attach what I settled on, in case anyone has similar issue. Avvi's Priest [Shadow] [Leveling 1-70] (Lowbie variant).xml
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