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  1. I just want my character to learn skills every 2 lvl, study them in the capital with a trainer, and not run to the starting location. Thank you
  2. There are no plug-ins, a high-level character is constantly trying to learn skills in the starting location, respectively, he doesn’t learn anything new, that’s a mistake, I don’t understand why? Why paid profiles did not take into account this moment, it’s just something .. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, or I don’t understand the logic of the bot. But all my high-level characters are trying to run up to the starting location and learn new skills there, instead of going to the capital and learning everything there. I understand you need to buy another plugin, which will check the character's character and learn new skills? I apologize for my english. I'm a noob. In the bot there is a function "learn new skills" how does it work?
  3. Good day! I have a problem, I bought a product from you, but my character cannot learn skills above level 16, that is, he tries to learn them from a trainer who is in a starot location. Ie it turns out that the bot is learning new skills only at a certain level?
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