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  1. Does anyone knows a good addon to delete junk right after it got looted? I can only find something for wotlk 😕
  2. Option "Disabled if go to Town" works only on the Way to the town but not the way back. Results in a Constant Pause on a High Pop server.
  3. This is arround for a while now atleast one year. I have this when i use the grinder. Dunno about the other products. But i think its simular. He is not taking the last waypoint he stoped. He runs to a other waypoint (maybe the start one?) I bet he thinks he is stuck. You can easy reproduce it just put a player nearby a the botchar and wait like 1 min then you can see it.
  4. When the "Pause if Nearby player" is enabled and the Bot pauses cause of that a bit longer (30-60 sec) he acts realy wierd. It seems like he thinks he is stuck cause dont continue with the latest waypoint but instead he goes for the a other waypoint that can be realy far away result in stuck or death cause he runs in a area were he should not be.
  5. - Version is Classic I send you a video about it in PN @Droidz (cause its a botchar)
  6. Atm this is realy broken. 1) When the Bot pauses for more than 30 seconds he wants to continue on the first Waypoint/Hotspot instead on the next one/closest one. 2) The bot realy often ignores player that are in range.
  7. I love this but if the bot runs in a afk player for example, the bot prob can stuck there for over 20 min. (That happens reeeealy often on Elysium) My suggestion is that you add a option: Max Time Pause 5-10 min and after that put that player on Ignore List.
  8. 18:56:29 - [Blacklist] 2 Units hostile Near Burning Blade Stash Me just saw it xD Didnt thought that it even blacklists Objectives Close it :D
  9. Btw i mean with "not working" that he stands there and dont touch the Chest.
  10. <EasyQuest> <Name>Creature of the Void</Name> <QuestId> <int>1501</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>Gatherer</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="GathererEasyQuestClass"> <HotSpots> <Vector3 X="1471.819" Y="-4688.055" Z="6.739558" /> </HotSpots> <EntryIdObjects> <int>58595</int> </EntryIdObjects> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>true</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition /> <RepeatableQuest>false</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>13</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>11</MinLevel> <WoWClass>Warlock</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> I tried it 5 times and it dont work ;)
  11. EntryIdObjects .Add(58595); // Burning Blade Stash : http://www.wowhead.com/object=58595 HotSpots.Add(new Vector3(1464.4f, -4691.85f, 6.53162f)); Helper Tool can find it but not Quester for some reason. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?object=58595
  12. The Quester cant find the Object "Burning Blade Stash" ID 58595 ID and Name is not working. - Vanilla Version
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