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  1. I think this option is not working. 08:09:01 - [ToTown] Go to town: sell items08:09:01 - [ToTown] Go to vendor Kiknikle (Repair) In the profile i linked (waypoints deleted cause of prob stealing my profile) there is only https://db.rising-gods.de/?npc=3053 but instead he goes to https://db.rising-gods.de/?npc=3683 and that makes no sence at all. 32-36.xml 3 Mai 2019 05H37.log.html
  2. https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/loot-filter/files?filter-game-version=2020709689%3A93 I use this addon to keep the junk out of my bags that is not much worth goldwise. The problem is it can only hold 333 items in the "Delete by Name" List. Anyone has an idea how to expand that?
  3. Golden Sansam: 260+ Dreaming Glory: 315+
  4. Amazing Snake

    Gather Herbs

    I noticed that on the 3.3.5 version atleast, that the bot dont gather herbs even they are already orange. I think min. req. skill is wrong on some herbs. I post a list here from the herbs i noticed: Sungras: 230+ Goldthorn: 170+ Ghost Mushroom: 245+ I will update if i find more.
  5. Could you add Armor multiplier? Edit: Plugin prob dont work proberly anymore. Changes green items with grey.
  6. Does anyone knows a good addon to delete junk right after it got looted? I can only find something for wotlk 😕
  7. Option "Disabled if go to Town" works only on the Way to the town but not the way back. Results in a Constant Pause on a High Pop server.
  8. This is arround for a while now atleast one year. I have this when i use the grinder. Dunno about the other products. But i think its simular. He is not taking the last waypoint he stoped. He runs to a other waypoint (maybe the start one?) I bet he thinks he is stuck. You can easy reproduce it just put a player nearby a the botchar and wait like 1 min then you can see it.
  9. When the "Pause if Nearby player" is enabled and the Bot pauses cause of that a bit longer (30-60 sec) he acts realy wierd. It seems like he thinks he is stuck cause dont continue with the latest waypoint but instead he goes for the a other waypoint that can be realy far away result in stuck or death cause he runs in a area were he should not be.
  10. - Version is Classic I send you a video about it in PN @Droidz (cause its a botchar)
  11. Atm this is realy broken. 1) When the Bot pauses for more than 30 seconds he wants to continue on the first Waypoint/Hotspot instead on the next one/closest one. 2) The bot realy often ignores player that are in range.
  12. I love this but if the bot runs in a afk player for example, the bot prob can stuck there for over 20 min. (That happens reeeealy often on Elysium) My suggestion is that you add a option: Max Time Pause 5-10 min and after that put that player on Ignore List.
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