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  • Pause if Nearby player

    Amazing Snake
    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    When the "Pause if Nearby player" is enabled and the Bot pauses cause of that a bit longer (30-60 sec) he acts realy wierd. It seems like he thinks he is stuck cause dont continue with the latest waypoint but instead he goes for the a other waypoint that can be realy far away result in stuck or death cause he runs in a area were he should not be.

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    This is arround for a while now atleast one year.

    I have this when i use the grinder. Dunno about the other products. But i think its simular.


    He is not taking the last waypoint he stoped. He runs to a other waypoint (maybe the start one?)

    I bet he thinks he is stuck.


    You can easy reproduce it just put a player nearby a the botchar and wait like 1 min then you can see it.

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