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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi wRobot Community! Here is my first plugin. An enemy radar that can scan your surroundings for mobs to attack, whether they are included in your profile file or not. Why use Z.E.Radar? The reason I have created this plugin is because during travel or even grinding loops, if the enemies encountered are not specified in your profile, you might see your character just mindlessly run into packs of mobs and getting attacked first before retaliating. Z.E.Robot brings a solution to this issue by detecting every enemy in your surroundings and attacking the closest one before they attack, within a certain range of level and distance. What Z.E.Radar is NOT If you encounter those issues, it is mostly because your profile file is not complete or needs corrections. Z.E.Radar should not be a substitue to having clean and well-thought profile files. It should be a crutch or a tool to complete and reinforce your botting experience. How to install Copy the file into your plugin folder and activate the plugin in the wRobot interface. Z.E.Radar in details With Z.E.Radar, you can Set the detection radius. 25-30 yards seems to be a sweet spot. ⛔ DO NOT SET THIS VALUE TOO HIGH ⛔ or you might see your bot go on a murdering rampage in the entire zone with undesired consequences. Plus, you might experience a drop in computer performance due to the radar requiring exponentially higher workloads in populated areas. Set the level range of enemies to attack. You can set Z.E.Radar to attack only enemies within a range relative to your own level by inputting the "Lower lvl difference" and the "Higher lvl difference". For example, if you have set the lower level difference to 10 and the higher lvl difference to 3, and you are level 25, the bot will only attack enemies between level 15 and 28 (20-10 and 25+3). Choose whether the radar is activated when mounted. Choose to ignore passive enemies (yellow portraits). Choose to ignore loot for radar initiated fights. The reason I advise you set this value to True is because radar initiated fights are mostly undesired fights, for example when going to town. The bot will effectively clear out the way. Reaching for loot would mean a waste of time and an extension of the radar distance detection if the corpse is several yards away, leading to even more potential radar fights. Choose to ignore elite enemies. Choose to ignore indoors enemies. Indoors fights are usually not bot friendly. Set it to False at your own risk. Set the maximum Z axis (height) difference for radar detection. You probably don't want to detect and attack enemies under the bridge you are walking on or on a lower floor. 15 seems to work fine. Choose to use your Hearthstone when going to town. This has nothing much to do with the radar itself, just a QoL addition. It is a work in progress and is barely tested. In doubt, set it to False. This is my first plugin and I am new to wRobot. You might encounter bugs. In this case, please contact me or leave a comment. I will keep working on it. It is only tested on a TBC server. It might work for other expansions, but I can't guarantee it. Feel free to play with the setting but please monitor your bot while using the radar. Any feedback will be appreciated. IMPORTANT : Other plugins might interfere with Z.E.Radar. If you encounter a bug, please try deactivating your other plugins first. Cheers! -- KNOWN BUGS, Fix in progress -- Blacklisted session mobs make the radar freeze, causing the character to run into enemies without engaging combat The radar occasionally keeps running after the bot is stopped When the character is on its way to a vendor/flightmaster and engages in a radar fight, the vendor/flightmaster gets blacklisted Maximum radar detection radius should be hard-coded Lower default Z-axis delta limitation to 10 The character runs in a seemingly random direction for a few seconds after using Hearthstone Radar should stop during regen
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Burning Crusade version of the fight class created by @Dreamful I have included some fixes as well as some feature enhancements. Features are as below Cast Shadowform Cast Inner Fire Cast Vampiric Embrace Cast Power Word: Fortitude Cast Divine Spirit Cast Power Word: Shield Cast if buff remaining time is less than 1 second. Cast Flash Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health If above level 23 Cast Lesser Heal if you are lower than 50 % Health If lower than level 23 Cast Vampiric Touch Recast if debuff remaining time is less than 1 second. Cast Devouring Plague and keeps it up on target Cast Shadow Word: Pain and keeps it up on target Cast Mind Blast If player has spell Vampiric Touch, then Mind Blast only is casted when target has Vampiric Touch debuff. If player does not have Vampiric Touch spell, then Mind Blast on Cooldown Cast Mind Flay if all dots ticking on target Cast Mind Sear if more than 2 Units near my Target in 10 yards range Cast Shadowfiend Cast Smite (Only use if you are lower than level 23) Wand/Shoot when below 5% Mana. (This value can be changed easily) If you have any questions or concerns, please post in comments.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    The creator of this profile (Eeny) is away until August 16th 2017. The profile is provided working. As-is where-is until that time. Horde Quester 1-80 by Eeny Profile is for Horde 1-80 Retail -7.0. Currently there are three Quest profile's with hundreds of hours of testing. Profiles are 1-60, 58-70 and 68-80. I have prioritised 1-80 speed and AFK'ness for these profiles. I have attached 58-60 as a demo / teaser. To Business Highly recommended to run with Heirlooms. Not only the +exp but the gear is just...better, bots kill faster etc. Selling is ENABLED for green, white and grey items. You can modify the white list as you see fit in the WRobot advanced options for you bot. Ground Mounting is optional- FLYING IS DISABLED ON PURPOSE. No plans to change this. This is a questing profile- the aim is to get to 70 as fast as possible- training professions can be done outside of the bot. If you do purchase the profile (thank you) It needs the quick-quest addon : http://wrobot.eu/files/category/130-wow-addons/ as it streamlines quest 'admin' activities. Bot Path: 58-62 Hellfire 62-64 Zangarmarsh 64-65 Terokkar Forest 65-68 Nagrand 68-69 Blades Edge Mountains 68-70 Netherstorm Known issues Prior to starting the either profile empty your quest log, I dont want to be the guy to blow up a log of half filled quests the moment you load the profile. Getting the bot from Nagrand to Blades Edge Mountains it will not take the 'Horde' tunnel using normal pathfinding. My options here was to use a followpath(Risky) or have the bot die a few times running through the Alliance tunnel. Due to the chance of bots getting stuck with some Followpath quest pulses I decided to let the bot run through the alliance cave. Expect a few deaths here however I change the WRobot settings to minimise fightback / death. You can always assist the bots- however my full AFK test bots got through after a few deaths. Rogues / Feral Druids should be fine here. Updates Updates to the profile will be provided free of charge to users who can prove they have bought the profile. I will update this thread with anything major- those who prove they have purchased will get and updated file sent to them. Feedback is welcome- helpful and constructive feedback will land you with free future expansion profiles which i will add to the bundle later. After this profile is added the price might go up after further QA. The price is $10 EUR- price may go up as more profiles are added and quality rises. I am using SELLFY.com to distribute / sell the file. the direct link is: https://sellfy.com/eeny If you have already purchased and would like the updated bundle sent me a PM with the purchase confirmation and i will send you a download link! You don't need to buy this again as i add more content... I am not associated with WRobot company Enjoy! Eeny
  4. Version idk


    So I used this fight class for a while, improved it while leveling. Not perfect but it got the job done for me. THINGS NEEDED: Download this awesome thing by Droidz: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/303-move-during-combat/ After this ^ start up bot, go to the tab called "Plugins" and turn "Move during combat" by Droidz, on. Better to put selling off so he won't sell your pets food or your food, mana, potions and whatever cause he did that to me once, Go into general settings then advanced settings and then in my macro's make a macro that presses any key then in game make a macro with: /cast Feed Pet /use (YOUR PET'S FOOD NAME) And put it on the same button as you chose in wrobot (obviously) Then play around with the time between he feeds the pet Very important else it will not feed your pet Also recommended to make it not mount since when you feed pet and mount your pet goes away, Untill you unmount and I think they don't feed then and they might run away if unhappy :o I put close bot if teleported off you can leave it on for safety but I turned it off cause I died once and the bot thought I got teleported while he just clicked release.. Max units, to be safe 2 if they are green/end yellow then you can put on 3, search radius 300 Things implemented: Auto shot (yes ofcourse haha) Mend pet Hunter's Mark Arcane Shot Intimidation (pet stun & taunt from beast mastery talents) Serpent Sting Revive Pet And major healing pots if low health, (can change the item id in the fight class editor, its the one with the macro in it just change the number in there to the item you will use you can find it if you type in the item in this database, then copy the number in the link Here is the database: https://www.burning-crusade.com/database/) Please leave a review if you liked it :) So yeah that's my hunter profile since I couldn't find one that worked for me I just made one myself, enjoy :) Donation link: www.paypal.me/TBCPROFILESLOL
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