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Found 23 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    hello! I have just recently begun developing with wRobot. here is a warrior fight class! it implements a priority tasking system that utilizes dependency injection techniques please let me know what features need to be added to this as I know next to nothing about this community and what they want/need. I am more than happy to take and deliver requests! Cheers!
  2. Version 1.0.2


    hello! I have just recently begun developing with wRobot. here is a warrior fight class! it implements a priority tasking system that utilizes dependency injection techniques please let me know what features need to be added to this as I know next to nothing about this community and what they want/need. I am more than happy to take and deliver requests! Cheers!
  3. I have the bambo horde 1-60 quester The human plug in some other stuff Somebody pick a class for me because I'm having trouble choosing! 😄
  4. Version 1.0


    Nothing special. PvE Tank Fight Class for Protection Paladin. Perfect for farming or grinding profiles without Retribution weapon. Casting Avenger's Shield Blessed Hammer Consecration Judgment Shield of the Righteous Eye of Tyr Blinding Light Light of the Protector
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Comprehensive, all in one Fight Class for Fury Warriors Supports all talents Uses Heroic Leap/Charge Standard rotations (Single/Multi target) AOE burst Tough enemies/players burst Some defensive cooldowns (Enraged Regeneration+Bloodthirst/Intimidating Shout) Tough enemy/player interrupts with Pummel ( no spell checks ) Couldn't test thoroughly since the servers went for a restart. There are some annoyances with Heroic Leap where it'll jump to whatever you target, friend or foe. It's either a blessing or a curse.. If anyone knows how to fix thi
  6. Version 1.0


    Nothing special. PvE Damage Fight Class for Restoration Shaman. Perfect for grinding profiles without Enhancement or Elemental Artefact weapon. Casting Flame Shock Lightning Bolt Chain Lightning Lava Burst Healing Stream Totem Riptide I attack 5-7 Mobs at once.
  7. Are there any good mage tbc fight classes for leveling?
  8. Version idk


    So I used this fight class for a while, improved it while leveling. Not perfect but it got the job done for me. THINGS NEEDED: Download this awesome thing by Droidz: http://wrobot.eu/files/file/303-move-during-combat/ After this ^ start up bot, go to the tab called "Plugins" and turn "Move during combat" by Droidz, on. Better to put selling off so he won't sell your pets food or your food, mana, potions and whatever cause he did that to me once, Go into general settings then advanced settings and then in my macro's make a macro that presses any key then in game make a macro w
  9. Hello, fairly new to this bot and I'm trying to make a rogue fightclass. I've gotten everything else to work fairly well but I'm very unsure how to make Riposte work for rogues. Currently I have it as the highest priority (at the very top) and the only condition is that the character has 10 energy. Obviously I'm doing something wrong because Riposte is only available to the character after he parries an attack. Does anyone know of a way to implement this into a fight class? Thanks for any help!
  10. RunMacroText("/Cast Unending Resolve")\r\nRunMacroText("/Cast Dark Soul: Instability")\r\nRunMacroText("/Use 13")\r\nRunMacroText("/Cast Chaos Bolt")\r\n Condition: Burning Embers Equal or greater than 1 It doesn't work, it just keeps trying to cast it when i have no burning ember
  11. Hi! Im leveling a frost mage on my private server 2.4.3 as a frost mage and im wondering if there are any good working fight classes that may cast Ice lance on frozen targets? Help is much appreciated.
  12. Hi! Is there anyone out there who could make a fightclass for my hunter on priv?
  13. As the title says, I'm just looking for a very basic balance druid fight class that can run around and aoe low level mobs efficiently. Appreciate the time to view my post.
  14. Version 1.0.1


    This is also an early release of the assassination rogue fight class that will be part of my 3 pack zip file. This is pre-release so everything is not perfect. This uses Cloak and Dagger and I would recommend use for farming or grinding. I have used it in pvp with success but it hasn't been tweeked enough for that. -Axehole PLEASE leave feedback and suggestions so I can make improvements
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Ladies and Gentlemen, This has been my most requested fight class. (Didn't think I'd get so many requests this early) This is WAY past due for the Rogue fight classes and I plan on making an in depth one for each spec. You guys need to understand that I need to start and level a character each time there's a request so it takes a bit of time. Now. This is a Pre-cap release but I'm more than certain enough it will farm the crap out of anything at any level. ;) All three poisons are optional, Blade Flurry will turn on when more than one enemy is attacking and automatically turn off after comb
  16. Version 1.0.0


    This is an early release on a subtlety rogue. This build DOES have cloak and dagger. I plan on releasing a three class full build on rogue later this month. Thanks, Axehole
  17. Hi everyone, Here is a common problem i face with Wrotation with almost all classes Lets say I enter 2 spells to Fight Class Creator as a Marks Hunter - Chimaera Shot (at the top) - Steady Shot (below) When i run, it seems to cast them randomly, even tho it should cast chimaera when ever it can 1)Is there a way to fix this from the game or client? without C# 2) what would be the script for it if solved by C# thank you
  18. Hello again all! this is a continuation of an old topic that died for some reason () so I'll cut right to the chase here. Basically the bot will attempt to use spells my mage doesn't know and if I remove all those spells it becomes stuck on a singular entry. The best I have gotten it to do is cast Frostfire bolt repeatedly but, that usually ends in death because my mage is too high of a level for just that spell. __________________________________________________________ Heads up! Some changes since last post! I switched over to arcane spec for the single target dps :D
  19. I recently purchased this product with some enthusiasm only to find that the fight bot does nothing. I'm attempting to level a Frost Mage with this program but every time I launch it all he does is run to the quest spot and attempt to fight using his staff... Which kills him every time. The full session log is as follows: [F] 13:55:11 - Loading Fight class: C:\Users\The Overlord\Desktop\Wow addons (1)\WRobot\FightClass\[Ohren]Frost Mage.xml [F] 13:55:32 - Loading Fight class: C:\Users\The Overlord\Desktop\Wow addons (1)\WRobot\FightClass\[Ohren]Frost Mage.xml 13:55:32 - Start Quester Complete
  20. So i tried many differnet fight classes for grinding, both ele and enh, and none of them work efficiently. In ele, the bot just WILL NOT cast lava burst and in enhancement, it WILL NOT cast stormstrike. I have even tried to make my own fight class by following the instructions word by word on the sticky, but it's just not smart. The bot just doesn't work correctly. Can canbody help? Even when i put the priority to the highest number, it will not cast what I want. Also, the toon only pulls with lightning bolt....
  21. Version V1.0


    This was created mostly for BG/Honor grind farms. Able to interupt casters/healers with 2 skills. Able to USE - Frost nova if mele target's are close and Blinks Able to Blink if stunned Able to burst most dps Able to make conjured food for any lvl every 30mints so you don't have to buy ( make sure you add the food name in your bot settings.) Also if some Able to make conjured food table when joins a BG ( Currently not working right due to update - will fix this asap, make sure you disable it from setting as shown in the pictures Please leave feedback so that it will help me Improve it in
  22. Hi, i was wondering if it would be possible to get some one to make a frost mage fight class or help me one on one with it. I have played with it a bit i got mine to summon water elemental, spam frost bolt an occasional ice lance and after like 2 frost bolts it blinks away then spams again, as for my shield, mirror image, invis and ice block i tried setting those up but very very rarely do i ever see it cast em when possibly needed. and i cant figure out how to "lua script"? to set it up to cast ice lance or frost fire bolt when proced ..... so in order im looking for it to work something
  23. Version 1.0


    [Loki] Shadow Priest This is the final version And am I proud of this baby or what! The train of thought for my profile is: Power Word: Fortitude and Inner Fire always up First put Vampiric Touch and SW: Pain up for DoTs. I have them on a 10000 and 12000 ms timer atm but will make a "condition" for the final product which prevent the cast if the DoT is up. When DoTs are up I have: 1) "Mind Spike whenever Surge of Darkness proc is up. 2) "Mind Blast whenever proc is up", <-- NEW IN 1.0 3) "Dev Plague whenever 3 Shadow Orbs" 4) "Mind Blast when avaliable" 5) "Shadowfien
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