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  1. Understandable. What a shame, though :( WRobot is my favorite!
  2. Saw a post regarding the "rebrand" to 'WRobot, bot for private Wow servers'. @Droidz, could you please shed some light on the situation? Will you be working on the retail WoW Classic? Thanks
  3. Just increase your range to 30yd and set it so it always start with Throw. It will throw and then try to use other abilities which will not work due to being out of range so the bot will stay in place until the mob comes to melee range. Beware of ranged mobs tho, because they will stay in place and so will you = dead you.
  4. It is not required, but it is recommended to set 'Wait time after loot' to 0 in the Fisherbot settings and let the plugin handle it.
  5. Yea, I mean I could do that using code if I wanted to, but I don't feel like it :-P
  6. I was trying to figure this out for vanilla to optimize my combat rotation. Finally made it work. public decimal BuffTimeLeft() { var SliceAndDiceTimeLeft = Lua.LuaDoString<decimal>("for i=0,31 do\r\n local id,cancel = GetPlayerBuff(i,\"HELPFUL|HARMFUL|PASSIVE\");\r\n if(id > -1) then\r\n local buffTexture = GetPlayerBuffTexture(id);\r\n if(strfind(buffTexture,\"Ability_Rogue_SliceDice\")) then\r\n local timeleft = GetPlayerBuffTimeLeft(id);\r\n return timeleft;\r\n end\r\n end\r\nend"); return SliceAndDiceTimeLeft; } Just change the buff texture from "Ability_Rogue_SliceDice" to the texture name you are checking for.
  7. WRobot does that WRobot does that If it doesn't for you, the issue is with your settings / code. You would do yourself more good if you asked what might be causing this or how WRobot handles these scenarios instead of using CAPS and complaining that Wrobot doesn't work the way you are used to.
  8. Not really without seeing the code, which is not to be shared, since it's a paid FC. Your best bet is contacting Jasabi, however he last visited on November 24...
  9. Could you be more specific? What are the situations it doesn't work? What does the log say? Are you using other plugins that might mess with that? Have you tried running wow without any addons? Post a screenshot of your Food/Drink settings.
  10. Not sure if it's due to the apostrophe or the dash but this fishing pole name is not accepted.
  11. I was thinking about that but there are plugins for wrobot that do that for you and are not limited to fishing. BTW, I use an addon called LootFilter (vanilla). It can delete items below X value, delete by name, delete by rarity etc.
  12. Version 1.0.2


    FISHERMAN'S FRIEND - tinfoil hat and some utility on the side I'm a fishing fan. When I first tried WRobot I was pleasently surprised you can set your own 'Wait time after loot' but, since I'm a tinfoil-hat kinda guy when it comes to botting, I was pretty bummed out that I cannot randomize it. The other thing that wasn't up to my tinfoil standards was the inability to set how fast the bobber is interacted with after a bite - I've seen that complaint quite often actually. So now that I got my bearings a bit i put together a solution that will make the bot fish in a more humanlike fashion and give you some additional utility on top of that. General info / what can it do? More humanlike fishing (more in the settings section) Opens all openable items you loot during fishing across all expansions (hopefully)) Can use Hearthstone, stop the bot and/or shut your PC down once you catch a certain amount of fish So let's get ourselves familiar with the settings. Bobber click delay A random number of milisecond between min and max will be picked for every catch. Recast delay A random number of milisecond between min and max will be picked for every catch. (Set 'Wait time after loot' to 0 in the Fisherbot settings so that it doesn't interfere.) Humanlike Set humanlike behavior - noone is able to fish two hours straight without a break. Heck, I would say not very many people are so diligent to go for more than 20 catches without a few seconds of downtime. For bigger brakes you can use the Schedule product but for smaller ones this option is ideal. As you can see in the screenshot, when you start fishing the bot will pick a random number of catches required to trigger the humanlike pause and a random number of miliseconds to wait before casting. Again, it is randomized for every iteration. The other good thing is that since the Fisherbot product is not stopped your toon will still be holding the fishing pole during these small brakes! Open items Pretty self explanatory. If you want the bot to open items, set to True. You can set what items to open too. Stop Fishing Routine Enable Stop Fishing Routine - Sometimes, you want three stacks of some buff food but you don't know how long it will take. If true the bot will stop, and more based on settings below, if you have a certain amount of fish (items) in your invetory. Use Hearthstone - if true, bot will try to use HS before stopping. Make sure it is off CD and in your inventory. Shutdown PC - if true, bot will shut your PC down "before stopping". Fish ID - item ID of the fish the quantity will checked for Number of fish required to stop - once you have that number of items defined in Fish ID the bot will stop. Enable logging If true, the bot will log every event like so: If you have any ideas as to how to make the plugin better, let me know.
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