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  1. eniac86

    SmoothMove Updated

    Great plugin! But there is one thing that really bugs me. can you make it so it will only smooth the path at the "edges"? What I mean is if you have 2 path points that are quite far apart it will draw a very wide smooth curve between them, but most of the time there is a reason why it is running straight for so long because the way is blocked on the sides most of the time. So those very wide curves tend to navigate you into stuff about 90% of the time. The smoothing for closer points is just great!
  2. When standing in Revantusk Village and trying to walk/ride to the flight master on the dock bot will walk into the water and try to swim to it. Also, it will swim instead of walking on land north of this when walking to the ramp that leads to the higher parts of hinterlands. Which of course it bad because you will be much slower than just riding on your mount on land and it looks bottish as can be.
  3. wrobot will not take the elevator at freewind post in thousand needles
  4. eniac86

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    yes this is exactly what i was looking for 🙂
  5. eniac86

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    could you add a feature that automatically blacklists certain destination when levelin. For example i now manually blacklistet the flightpoint in felwood, because the bot kept on flying there to reach certain spots in ashenvale, which of cause is a shitty idea with lvl 30.
  6. @marsbar the plugin throws an error upon closing the settings window. But it works nevertheless. Thank you ❤️
  7. Can you make wrobot distinct between ammo-bag-slots and actual real bag slots. Setting a point on when to do a vendor run because of full bags with a hunter is horrible. But as hunter is probably the best farmer class this is a huge problem for everyone running a hunter.
  8. eniac86

    VanillaFlightMaster – Horde

    Where to download version 1.0.3 ? highest version in the available files is version 1.0.2
  9. eniac86

    [vanilla] navigation mesh errors

    hello, fix your fucking navigation mesh. you got my money you asshole!
  10. eniac86

    [Vanilla] Navigation in/around booty bay broken AF

    @Droidz 2 people confirmed it also i posted a log please start looking into thread more than once. it's really annoing that you never check back on anything.
  11. eniac86

    [vanilla] navigation mesh errors

    The navigation mesh you generated did for some reason not recognise the bonfires in orgrimar, the bot runs into them constantly which looks bottish as fuck espacially dangerous in such a crowded location. Also the mesh seems not to have recognised the walls arround durnhold keep in hilsbrad and the wall between hilsbrad foothills and arati when it was generated. Can't you start a mesh error report thread like they have/had on the honorbuddy forum?
  12. still does not work. A quick fix is to just put "Nat Pagle" as the fishing rod name. as soon as you have "special" symbols ( ' - etc.) in item names wrobot is too stupid to handle the name.