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  1. Bot always takes the route through the water:
  2. @Droidz I added a offmesh connection: But now this happens:
  3. Disabled all plugins and addons seems to be working now. Good job Droidz 🙂
  4. Still not fixed after this update. Bot does not use flight to reach any destination at all. Disabled automate-addon now, seems to work now, but could also be because of wtrainer-plugin. To lazy to figure this out.
  5. when will next update come? the wtrainer plugin fixing this problem is total trash
  6. Version 1.1.0


    Hey, i made a list of vanilla items that should not be vendored, but rather be sold on the auction house. Most of them are "white" items, so you can check sell white items in settings and still keep these valuable ones.
  7. What do you mean? I have the newest version of HMP, should I do a clean wrobot install, because although i just downloaded HMP first aid still slows down quester very much.
  8. OK i just disabled Human Master Plugin and it speeds up the processing of quest profiles extremely. Something in HMP slows down the quester bot by A LOT. @Matenia
  9. It's not about adding conditions, if you take a look in the debug-log you can see that the bot needs 1-2 seconds per quest profile objective to process. If you compare that to honorbuddy back in the days, it rushed through the quest profiles much, much faster. PS.: removed the log
  10. bug still there for me at freewind post elevator bot tries to get to freewind post using the elevator but fails to go up when going down it just runs over the edge and falls to its death 10 Mrz 2019 23H40.log.html
  11. Processing quest profiles takes forever. After I stop the bot and restart it I have to wait 8 minutes+ for the profile to slooooooooooowly crawl it's way through all tasks again until it reaches the point where it's currently at. @Droidz can you please, please, please speed this up somehow? Profile used Bambos Horde Quester 1-50
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