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  1. It does not appear that this fight class is a good fit for your needs, but there are many free fight classes available for use that may further align with your requirements. Thank you for the feedback and happy botting!
  2. Arms only, no stance dancing for Berserker or Defensive. Cleave checks for 2+ mobs in an arc directly in front of the warrior and verifies mob distances prior to use, i.e., within melee range. Cleave usage is also avoided if the primary target's HP is low, as a direct Heroic Strike against the secondary target, following the primary target's death, is a higher DPS and more rage efficient option. Cleave use is replaced by Sweeping Strikes once the talent is learned. Rend is not used as a multi-target DoT due to its low damage and high rage cost; only multi-target DoT's are from Deep Wounds critical hits via Cleave and Sweeping Strikes.
  3. Only 1.12 – if you have purchased, PM me your order ID and I will issue a refund.
  4. The profile does not visit trainers, training is a native WRobot setting that is not profile-driven.
  5. Version 1.1.1


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT Arms Warrior (1-60) fight class for Vanilla WoW – $2.00 Features: Dynamic pulls – cycles between ranged pulls and Charge Uses Charge when pulling a lone target, i.e., no surrounding hostile mobs Uses ranged pulls, e.g., Shoot Bow, Crossbow, Gun or Throw, when target is surrounded by other hostile mobs Automatically approaches ranged and caster mobs following Shoot or Throw action Automatically switches to Charge-only if no ammo is available for ranged pulls Range-checks for Demoralizing Shout, Thunder Clap, Cleave, Sweeping Strikes, Intimidating Shout, etc. To conserve Rage, AOE spells are only used when multiple mobs are within the area of effect Melee auto-attack checks – combat rotation ensures auto-attack remains toggled ON while in combat Intimidating Shout + Bandage If bandages are available in inventory and character is low HP, will fear mobs and use bandages prior to resuming fight Battle Shout duration checks Maintains Battle Shout outside of combat or otherwise between fights Tracks buff duration and re-Shouts only if excess Rage is available and existing buff is soon to expire Automatically places newly learned spells on action bar – required for reactive spells, e.g., Overpower, Execute, etc. Support for Racial spells Shadowmeld – casts prior to eating/drinking Cannibalize – casts after combat if character HP is low Blood Fury – casts at start of combat if character HP is not low Berserking – casts when character HP is low All spells, including Racials and ranged pulls, may be enabled or disabled in fight class settings Customizable use of Retaliation – HP levels and aggro count configured in fight class settings
  6. Version 1.1.4


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. – WHorde: 1-60 Quester PURCHASE LINK – $5.00 – Unlimited IP License – WBundle: WHorde + WPack Plugins (20%+ discount) PURCHASE LINK – $8.00 – Single IP License (1)PURCHASE LINK – $10.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $12.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $15.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT Warnings: Small NPC database – this is resolved by WTrainer or HMP plugins No class quests – available separately, courtesy of @Andoido – HERE Single starting zone (Tauren); starting profile will safely route all characters to this zone prior to beginning questing Starting zone demo attached as download for testing Features: Unauthenticated – automatic delivery of encrypted files No Rocketr ID's required 408 total quests Table of contents (index profile) for quick loading of profiles Prevents completed steps from being checked for completion every time bot is started Stop/start proof – all quests are mutually exclusive; will not reattempt to pick up, turn in or pulse completed quests Rogue & Warrior-friendly design Only completes simple yellow & orange quests Go here, deliver this, talk to NPC, etc. Kill, gather, explore, etc. quests are only completed once green No need to buy weapons off of AH; entire profile can be completed using mob drops & quest rewards Grind areas specifically selected for Warrior & Rogue classes Custom grind scripts Selects new grind location after each ToTown state, e.g., buy, sell, repair, train, etc. Custom scripts for escort quests Avoids stealing follow NPC quests from other players Prevents following of target NPC if quest is started by other players Marks quest as completed if failed – prevents Quester from getting stuck on FollowNPC steps Custom scripts for quests requiring item use on weakened and dead mobs Hard-coded pathing and custom interact scripts for problematic or otherwise difficult gather quests Custom step-ordering for quests located within caves Fights into cave Loots or kills objective Fights out of cave Booty Bay Includes OffMesh connections that correct most pathing issues in and around Booty Bay Custom pathing steps for onboarding and offboarding of Ship to and from Ratchet Custom scripting that resets all Ship steps in the event of being ganked while in transit Instructions: During checkout, you must provide the full URL address to your WRobot profile This step allows the product to be encrypted and unauthenticated to your specific WRobot license key Example: https://wrobot.eu/profile/69412-elitecasaj00/ After checkout, a product delivery e-mail will be delivered containing download instructions Once downloaded, extract the profile contents to your WRobot\Profiles\Quester folder Example: WRobot\Profiles\Quester\WHorde\WHorde_01-08.xml Always start WRobot using the index profile – WHorde\WHorde_00-index.xml If you encounter any trouble, product support is available through Discord – HERE
  7. The plugin contains code that checks mount status prior to interacting with flight masters; if required, the plugin will dismount before flying. If you have seen behavior that indicates otherwise, please enable debug in the plugin's settings and PM me your logs. I also use LazyPig and it does not interfere with the plugin.
  8. Version 1.3.0


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $1.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $4.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT About: WImprove is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that improves upon several aspects of WRobot's base functionality. Features: In-game HUD Displays the following information: Profile: current Quester step number, step name and step type (PickUp, TurnIn, Pulse, etc.) Status: bot's current activity, e.g., Looting, Regeneration, ToTown, etc. Combat: current target name, target HP %, and distance to target Improved Combat Melee distance and direction checks that prevent 'You are too far away!' and 'You are facing the wrong way!' errors Ignores tapped mobs, preventing bot-like behavior if current target is stolen by another player Adds randomized melee combat movements so as to appear less bot-like during combat Always targets lowest HP mob When rooted and target is fleeing or otherwise outside of melee range, switches to lowest HP target within melee range until root expires Improved Looting Adds combat looting – loot distance defined by user Automatically opens all lootable items found in inventory, ex: clams, footlockers, quest rewards, fishing loot, money bags, etc. Automatically performs lockpicking on lockboxes found in inventory – requires "Thieves' Tools" Improved Bags Auto-equips bags; will replace smaller slot bags with larger slot bags Automatically detects quivers and ammo pouches Automatically sells low-level bags, i.e., bags with less slots than those currently equipped Automatically destroys any undesirable items found in bags Improved Skinning Skins only mobs within range post-combat; will skin prior to eating and drinking Improved Object Interaction Prevents movement during object interaction that interrupts casting, e.g., mining, herb gathering, looting chests, etc. – no need to modify client latency when enabled Improved Breathing Attempts to resurface while swimming and low on breath Improved Gathering Prevents gathering of herb and mineral nodes that are above the character's current profession level Temporarily disables gathering during zeppelin, elevator and boat rides, and also during 'Follow NPC' quester steps Allows users to blacklist specific herbs and minerals WHorde integration (1-60 Quester) Destroys leftover quest items remaining in bag following quest completion ex: 'Control Console Operating Manual' will be destroyed following completion of 'Samophlange' quest line Loads 'Force Sell Items' list designed specifically for WHorde's quest r
  9. Thank you for the feedback – if you are unhappy with the plugin in any way, please let me know and I will issue you a full refund. I do not use Rocketr ID's because my plugins use custom authentication, which allows for increased security measures and further access controls. FNV's original flight plugin is still available for those who wish to download it, but it does not include Horde flight paths, LUA improvements, distance calculation fixes or level-based blacklisting of flight paths. WTrainer's flight functionality also contains additional improvements such as further character stuck checks and unreachable flight master logic, ex: characters in Stonetalon will no longer attempt to fly FROM Thunder Bluff's flight master. I request buyers' WRobot username and profile URL for the above authentication purposes and also because I am working on a method of profile-specific encryption and product delivery; this information is also useful in the event of a chargeback – none of this information can be used to compromise your WRobot account or related data. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions – I am happy to assist with plugin settings and general WRobot setup.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $5.00 – Single IP License (1)PURCHASE LINK – $7.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $8.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $10.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT Purchasing this product provides IP licensing for the following WPlugins: WAide – consumables helper WEquip – equipment manager WImprove – improved functionality WReward – optimized quest rewards WTrainer – spells, talents, flights, vendors, professions
  11. Version 1.3.3


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $4.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $5.00 – Ten IP License (10) WPLUGINS DISCORD SUPPORT About: WTrainer is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that automatically travels to the nearest class trainer on level up (will take taxi), automatically trains talents, and overrides WRobot's native taxi (flight) system. Features: – Trainer (spells) – automatically travels to nearest class trainer on level up (will take taxi) Users can define training frequency, e.g., every 2 levels, 4 levels, etc. Users can blacklist levels, i.e., do not visit trainer at level 10, 14, 22, etc. Users can define the trainer cities they wish to visit, e.g., Orgrimmar, Camp Mojache, Grom'gol, Thunder Bluff, etc. Plugin will only travel to trainers on characters' current continent Low-level characters will only travel to trainers in starting zones – Trainer (weapons & professions) – supports the following non-class trainers Skinning (1-300) If required, will automatically purchase 'Skinning Knife' Herbalism (1-300) Mining (1-300) If required, will automatically purchase 'Mining Pick' First Aid (1-150) First Aid (225-300) Requires completion of faction's Artisan First Aid quest Weapon Masters (all) – Talents – automatically assigns talents based on builds copied from https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-talents/ – Flights (taxi) – overrides WRobot's native taxi system Takes flight paths when destination is > 1000 yards away (default) Discovers previously undiscovered flight paths when within 50 yards (default) of new flight master Automatically updates available flight paths of a character whenever the taxi map is opened Users can enable and customize the ability to avoid flight paths located in high-level zones – Vendors (buy, sell, repair) – overrides WRobot's native buy, sell and repair system Calculates nearest vendor for repairing, selling and buying of food, drinks and ammunition; eliminates need for profile-specific NPCs Currently supports 754 NPCs across both continents Completes all vending (buy, sell, repair and training) in a single trip: Plugin will not sell, return to grinding, run out of food, buy food, return to grinding, run out of drink, buy drink, return to grinding, etc. Plugin will fully replenish all necessary items and perform all selling, repairing and training while in town If the bot visits a lone NPC at a far corner of the map who only offers repairs, the plugin will not make a long distance trip across the zone to town, but will replenish all necessary items and perform other vending during its next visit to town. Blacklisting options: Automatically avoids vendors located in high-level zones Allows for blacklisting of individual NPCs by ID – see https://classicdb.ch/ Allows for blacklisting of entire zones by ID – https://classicdb.ch/ Food, drink and ammunition: Automatically purchases food, drink and ammunition appropriate to character level Option available to enable purchasing of lower level food and drinks Automatically equips ammunition upgrades, i.e., moving from "Rough Arrow" to "Sharp Arrow" Automatically destroys low-level ammo Automatically sells low-level food and drinks Quiver & ammo pouches: Automatically detects quiver position, size and current inventory If quiver detected, will always fill quiver during vending If no quiver detected, will use ammo count defined in plugin settings Hearthstone – provides option to use hearthstone prior to vending How it works: a. Trainer (spells): The plugin continuously monitors for level ups; once a level up has been identified, the plugin interrupts the bot's current movements and begins travelling to the nearest class trainer to learn new spells – if the bot is stopped (not paused) during its travel to trainer, the travel to trainer phase is cancelled and will not be triggered again until the next applicable level up occurs. The plugin uses an internal database to identify the nearest class trainer; the plugin will fly to the nearest class trainer if necessary. The plugin will only travel to trainer locations that are set to true within the plugin's settings: 05 – Alliance Trainers & 06 – Horde Trainers b. Talents: The plugin continuously monitors for available talent points; once available talent points are identified, the plugin will assign talents based on the Talent strings plugin setting. Talent strings are generated by visiting https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-talents/ and creating a build; once a build has been created, the below portion of the site's URL is copied and pasted into the Talent strings plugin setting: https://legacy-wow.com/vanilla-talents/druid-talents/?tal=50005003025000000500520300010000505000050000000 The plugin will always learn the left talent tree first, and will assign talent points from left to right – multiple talent strings may be used to better control the order in which talents are assigned. c. Flights: During movement, the plugin calculates the travel distance between the character's position and his/her destination; if the travel path is > 1000 yards (default), the plugin searches its internal flight master database for a shorter path – if a shorter path utilizing flight masters is found, then plugin will take said flight. Flight paths should only be set to true within the plugin's settings if they are available to a character; if a flight path is set to true, but it is not known, the plugin will still attempt to fly. d. Vendors: Completely overrides WRobot's native buy, sell and repair systems; once the plugin's vending settings are enabled, an internal database containing 754 NPCs is referenced, causing the bot to ignore any WRobot or profile-specific vendors that may be configured. Once the need to buy, sell or repair is detected, the plugin will locate the nearest vendor and send the bot to this NPC to perform any necessary vending functions. Further details of this feature's functionality are located above in the product's description.
  12. Are you sure it is the profile that is throwing the error? Are you using WRobot for Vanilla? I do not believe it is the profile, or others would have had the same issue. I have uploaded a newer version for you to try; the newer version contains several fixes that I applied while running this profile on my last three characters – hopefully these changes fix your issue.
  13. Version 1.1.2


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $1.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $4.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT About: WAide is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that intelligently uses several consumables – buff scrolls, buff potions, HP & MP potions, bandages, sharpening stones and weight stones. Features: – Intelligent bandage & stone use: Plugin will only attempt to craft known bandages and stones that have been learned from trainers If enabled by user, plugin will stop crafting bandages and stones once they are grey and no longer provide skill increases Plugin will automatically begin crafting higher-level bandages and stones as these spells are learned – Sells low-level reagents and leftover bandages: If enabled by user, plugin will automatically sell First Aid reagents used to craft grey bandages, ex: Linen Cloth, Wool Cloth, Small Venom Sac, etc. Plugin will also sell any leftover grey bandages to maximize free bag space – HP, MP & Bandage % – allows the user to define the health and mana percentages at which to use potions and bandages – Combat HP & MP Potions – allows the user to enable the use of the following MP & HP potions during combat: Minor Healing & Mana Lesser Healing & Mana Healing & Mana Greater Healing & Mana Superior Healing & Mana Major Healing & Mana – Buff Potions & Scrolls – allows the user to enable the use of the following potions and scrolls: Agility Scrolls (1-4) Intellect Scrolls (1-4) Protection Scrolls (1-4) Stamina Scrolls (1-4) Strength Scrolls (1-4) Agility Potions: Minor Agility, Lesser Agility, Agility, Great Agility Defense Potions: Minor Defense, Defense, Greater Defense, Superior Defense HP Regen Potions: Weak Troll, Strong Troll, Mighty Troll, Major Troll Stamina Potions: Minor Fortitude, Fortitude Strength Potions: Lion's Strength, Ogre's Strength, Giants – Craft & Use Bandages – allows the user to define craft and use settings for the following bandages: Linen & Heavy Linen Wool & Heavy Wool Silk & Heavy Silk Mageweave & Heavy Mageweave Runecloth & Heavy Runecloth (craft only) Anti-venom (craft only) String Anti-venom (craft only) Powerful Anti-venom – Craft & Use Stones – allows the user to define craft and use settings for the following stones: Rough Coarse Heavy Solid Dense Notes: a. Buff Potions & Scrolls – The plugin will intelligently manage scroll and potion buffs, e.g., the plugin will not use Stamina scrolls if the character currently has the Power Word: Fortitude buff, the plugin will not use Intellect scrolls if the character currently has the Arcane Intellect buff, the plugin will not attempt to use an Agility I scroll if the character currently has the Agility IV scroll buff, etc. In Vanilla Wow, some potions and scrolls are stackable, while others are not – the plugin will intelligently stack scrolls and potions when possible, but will not attempt to use potions or scrolls that will override existing buffs or are otherwise non-stackable. b. Sharpening & Weight Stones – Vanilla WoW does not provide the ability to retrieve extensive weapon buff information from the game client, such as buff name, type, duration, etc. Due to the limitations imposed by the Vanilla game client, stones buffs are applied and reapplied on a timer – if the WRobot client is stopped (not paused), this timer is reset. Once the plugin's stone buff timer has been reset, depending on the remaining duration of the current buffs and the length of time that the WRobot client is stopped, the stone buff timer will be out of sync with the game client's actual buff timer. An out of sync buff timer will cause the plugin to fail to immediately reapply stone buffs following the expiration of existing stone buffs – however, if left alone (no more client stops), on the plugin's next stone buff rotation, the plugin will reset its buff timer to match the game client's. TL;DR: constant stops and starts of the WRobot client will cause periodic stone buff delays; the plugin will eventually correct any delays if the stops and starts cease. c. Weapon change support (WEquip) – WAide will intelligently reapply stone buffs anytime a character's weapons are changed; WAide is compatible with WEquip's weapon upgrade functionality. Changes in weapons will not disrupt WAide's buff timer – stone buffs are reapplied and the plugin's buff timer is appropriately modified anytime a character's weapons are changed. d. Dual wield support – Dual wield support is available for both sharpening and weight stones; the plugin will automatically attempt to buff both weapons if the use of any of the stones is enabled. The plugin will also manage mismatched weapons types, i.e., a sharp weapon in one hand and a blunt weapon in the other – in this scenario, the plugin will use both a sharpening and weight stone to correctly apply the appropriate buff to each weapon. e. Crafting First Aid & Blacksmithing – If crafting is enabled, once no further bandages or stones are available in the character's bags, the plugin will attempt to craft a full stack (20) of bandages or three (3) sharpening or weight stones; if the materials for twenty (20) bandages or three (3) stones are not available, the plugin will attempt to craft as many bandages or stones as possible given the character's current available inventory.
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