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Found 16 results

  1. Version 1.3.1


    **No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company. PURCHASE LINK – $1.00 – Single IP License (1) PURCHASE LINK – $2.00 – Three IP License (3) PURCHASE LINK – $3.00 – Five IP License (5) PURCHASE LINK – $4.00 – Ten IP License (10) DISCORD SUPPORT About: WImprove is a Vanilla WRobot plugin that improves upon several aspects of WRobot's base functionality. Features: In-game HUD Displays the following information: Profile: current Quester step number, step name and step type (PickUp, TurnIn, Pulse, etc.) Status: bot's current activity, e.g., Looting, Regeneration, ToTown, etc. Combat: current target name, target HP %, and distance to target Improved Combat Melee distance and direction checks that prevent 'You are too far away!' and 'You are facing the wrong way!' errors Ignores tapped mobs, preventing bot-like behavior if current target is stolen by another player Adds randomized melee combat movements so as to appear less bot-like during combat Always targets lowest HP mob When rooted and target is fleeing or otherwise outside of melee range, switches to lowest HP target within melee range until root expires Improved Looting Adds combat looting – loot distance defined by user Automatically opens all lootable items found in inventory, ex: clams, footlockers, quest rewards, fishing loot, money bags, etc. Automatically performs lockpicking on lockboxes found in inventory – requires "Thieves' Tools" Improved Bags Auto-equips bags; will replace smaller slot bags with larger slot bags Automatically detects quivers and ammo pouches Automatically sells low-level bags, i.e., bags with less slots than those currently equipped Automatically destroys any undesirable items found in bags Improved Skinning Skins only mobs within range post-combat; will skin prior to eating and drinking Improved Object Interaction Prevents movement during object interaction that interrupts casting, e.g., mining, herb gathering, looting chests, etc. – no need to modify client latency when enabled Improved Breathing Attempts to resurface while swimming and low on breath Improved Gathering Prevents gathering of herb and mineral nodes that are above the character's current profession level Temporarily disables gathering during zeppelin, elevator and boat rides, and also during 'Follow NPC' quester steps Allows users to blacklist specific herbs and minerals WHorde integration (1-60 Quester) Destroys leftover quest items remaining in bag following quest completion ex: 'Control Console Operating Manual' will be destroyed following completion of 'Samophlange' quest line Loads 'Force Sell Items' list designed specifically for WHorde's quest r
  2. Version 1.0.3


    Hey Guys, Lately i play on a 3.3.5 Server again, on many servers PQR is now Bannable and detected, sadly. So i begun to migrate all my PQR Profiles to wRobot in C#. Few classes and specs are already done that i am playing. (Rogue, Mage, Priest) All my FightClasses will have a Ingame StatusFrame so you know whats happing next. You can disable it with /dRotation or hide it with the close button. Features Using Rupture at 5 ComboPoints and if we have Slice and Dice up (Turn on in Fightclass Settings) Using Eviscerate at 5 ComboPoints and if we have Slice and Dice up Using Slice and Dice if we have more than 3 ComboPoints and 2 seconds left Using Killing Spree* if we under 40 Energy and if Slice and Dice is active and Adrenaline Rush not active (To prevent capping while Killing Spree) Using Tricks of Trade on focus if you have one, and having less than 85 Energy (T10 2 Set Bonus gives you 15+ Energy) Using Blade Flurry* if you have Slice and Dice for more than 5 seconds up Using Adrenaline Rush* if you have less than 20 Energy Using Sinister Strike in combination with Engineering Gloves *only using if target is a Boss This FightClass is only for Raid/Dungeon Environment and pull max DPS. I would not recommend it to level with it, because their is no opener implemented or Stunlock. Other fightclasses might be better for it. If you have any suggestions or good ideas that would be usefull in ICC/TOF just tell me so i will maybe implement it (Kicking some specific cast, Kidney Valks or something) Peace, Dreamful
  3. Version 1.0.3


    Lbniese Rogue - Wrobot Rogue Combat Leveling Fightclass Description Basic WRobot Fightclass FeaturesVanilla SupportedTBC SupportedCombat Rotation SupportedBoth Blade Flurry and Adrenaline Rush are being used English Client Required at the moment Feel free to send me suggestions and bug reports! Paid Version:
  4. Hi! Im trying to grind level my rogue as safe as possible because its movement so stuttering, im probably getting a report from every other players. So i came up with the idea to make a fightclass thats always casts stealth out of combat, and stays stealthed between every mobs / npc. My problem is the bot casts stealth right after out of combat, and then loots wich is brakes the stealth. Is there any way to make a delay before casting the spell so it will loot / skin first and then casts stealth or any option to make a loot/skin -> stealth order? Thanks for the help!
  5. I am using WRobot for wow 3.3.5a. I am running into a couple issues. First, I am using regrowth as "food" health regeneration out of combat, and it works, but it will spam it and waste drinks. Second, I cannot figure out what conditions to apply so heals are not casted in succession; i.e., 60% health druid casts regrowth, and immediately begins casting another regrowth even though health is full, although it is conditioned to check for the regrowth buff; however, the bot must be checking too early or not at all between casts. This doesn't occur all the time. Thank you for your quick reply! EDIT: Attached full log. Near the end, you will see 09:25:11 - [Regen] Started 09:25:12 - [Regen] Use food Regrowth 09:25:16 - [Regen] Use drink Sweet Nectar 09:25:18 - [Regen] Finished However, when it is using food "Regrowth" it will spam if not full health, and it will also interrupt drinking to top off, then drink again... a little annoying. [F] 09:02:26 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Faerie Fire (Feral) (Faerie Fire (Feral)) [F] 09:02:29 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw) [F] 09:02:30 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Tiger's Fury (Tiger's Fury) [F] 09:02:30 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Rake (Rake) [F] 09:02:33 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw) [F] 09:02:33 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite) [F] 09:02:34 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Ferocious Bite (Ferocious Bite) [F] 09:02:39 - [Spell] Cast (on target) Claw (Claw) [F] 09:02:40 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Regrowth (Regrowth) [F] 09:02:41 - [Spell] Cast (onself) Regrowth (Regrowth) The double regrowth (and other healing spells) is incredibly annoying during combat. I have tried requiring once per target condition for regrowth, rejuvenation, and healing touch. Is there a condition to add a pause before next spell rotation?? I am using 32 bit client run as administrator. EDIT#2: I added a timer that exceeds the cast time and more for the heal spells, and I think it's working for combat. I don't know if its possible to fix spell regen as food out of combat as the configuration allows at the moment. 20 Mar 2016 08H51 - dCvp.log.html
  6. Version 1.0.1


    My 3.3.5a Combat Rogue Profile. It works great for me on Lodearon-Warmane (60+ rogue) Most of the time it opens with stealth. To get poisons i use the macro fuction of WRobot with 3600s time between the uses. If you have any suggestion feel free to comment and ill try to update :) but im still a noob in programming so i have still limits ;D ToDo: make it usable for low lvl :) (making 1-80 class) Greetings Aron
  7. Is it possible to add some 'global rule' that will ignore a node if there is an enemy Elite within X yards of that ore/herb?
  8. When my char is walking (mounted) towards a node, it sometimes gets into combat before he gets to the node. When he is at te node, he turns around to kill the mobs he is in combat with. But sometimes those mobs are already evading and returning to their spot. Still the bot tries to attack them, following them all the way back to their spot. This doesn't only look stupid but it is also completely unnessecary. The option 'Attack before being attacked' is OFF, the advanced option 'Dont start fighting' is ON. How can I solve this
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Fixes the bug where wRobot breaks its combat rotation in MoP clients by reloading the UI after dying and rezzing.
  10. Hello! I have an issue using wrotation. i just want to press 2 buttons via the macro system every few seconds but this only works when im out of combat.when im entering combat he just doesnt press the macros anymore.'press key only if not in combat' is on false.still doesnt work. Anyone got an idea whats the problem?
  11. I'am glad to see the bot which can do quests at vanilla (of course routes can need write but tool allows). I decided to test the software before buying and found some bugs: 1. When bot move to mob he can't stop to start cast range spell (in profile it's value 25 yards) After that bot revolves around the mob and don't begin cast until i press the key movement. When error occurs with movement in logs begin this error message 2. At Vanilla don't work Function RunMacroText() but script is allowed whether it is possible in this program on another run scripts without using the command RunMacroText ? If it's help i try explained it with screenshots. This macro begins use slot 1 at panel (auto attack) But if try use macro from lua code it's already don't work (i use addon Super Macro for Extended Lua code in game) But like this already begin work like at screen 3. Whether it is possible to make this bot function call, together with the introduction of Lua code, as well as on the last screenshot? sorry for my bad english hope you understand me :) Profile & Fight Class used on 1,2 screen. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <FightClass xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <FightClassGeneralSettings> <FightClassName>Fight config name</FightClassName> <Range>30</Range> <FramePerSecond>25</FramePerSecond> </FightClassGeneralSettings> <FightClassSpells> <FightClassSpell> <FightClassConditions /> <SpellName>Lightning Bolt</SpellName> <Priority>2</Priority> <Timer>150</Timer> </FightClassSpell> <FightClassSpell> <FightClassConditions> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>HealthPercent</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionNumber"> <Type>SmallerOrEqual</Type> <Value>50</Value> </Param> </FightClassCondition> </FightClassConditions> <SpellName>Healing Wave</SpellName> <Priority>1</Priority> <CastOnSelf>true</CastOnSelf> <CastOn>player</CastOn> </FightClassSpell> </FightClassSpells> </FightClass> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?> <EasyQuestProfile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"> <QuestsSorted> <QuestsSorted Action="PulseAllInOne" NameClass="YourPlaceInTheWorld" /> <QuestsSorted Action="PulseAllInOne" NameClass="CuttingTeeth" /> <QuestsSorted Action="PulseAllInOne" NameClass="VileFamiliars" /> </QuestsSorted> <NpcQuest> <NPCQuest Id="10176" Name="Kaltunk" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests> <int>4641</int> </PickUpQuests> <TurnInQuests /> <Position X="-607.434" Y="-4251.33" Z="38.95604" Type="Flying" /> </NPCQuest> <NPCQuest Id="3143" Name="Gornek" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests> <int>788</int> </PickUpQuests> <TurnInQuests> <int>4641</int> <int>788</int> </TurnInQuests> <Position X="-600.132" Y="-4186.19" Z="41.08905" Type="Flying" /> </NPCQuest> <NPCQuest Id="3145" Name="Zureetha Fargaze" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests> <int>792</int> </PickUpQuests> <TurnInQuests> <int>792</int> </TurnInQuests> <Position X="-629.052" Y="-4228.06" Z="38.15107" Type="Flying" /> </NPCQuest> <NPCQuest Id="0" Name="" GameObject="false"> <PickUpQuests /> <TurnInQuests /> <Position X="0" Y="0" Z="0" /> </NPCQuest> </NpcQuest> <Npc /> <Blackspots /> <BlackGuids /> <EasyQuests> <EasyQuest> <Name>Vile Familiars</Name> <QuestId> <int>792</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>KillAndLoot</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="KillAndLootEasyQuestClass"> <HotSpots /> <EntryTarget> <int>3101</int> </EntryTarget> <IsGrinderNotQuest>false</IsGrinderNotQuest> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>true</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition /> <RepeatableQuest>false</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>100</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>0</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> <EasyQuest> <Name>Your Place In The World</Name> <QuestId> <int>4641</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>None</QuestType> <QuestClass /> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition /> <RepeatableQuest>false</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>100</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>0</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> <EasyQuest> <Name>Cutting Teeth</Name> <QuestId> <int>788</int> </QuestId> <QuestType>KillAndLoot</QuestType> <QuestClass xsi:type="KillAndLootEasyQuestClass"> <HotSpots> <Vector3 X="-692.1818" Y="-4276.663" Z="38.35627" /> <Vector3 X="-658.2144" Y="-4265.672" Z="37.45493" /> <Vector3 X="-680.7838" Y="-4317.885" Z="47.1584" /> <Vector3 X="-645.9964" Y="-4353.724" Z="44.1782" /> <Vector3 X="-676.5394" Y="-4345.438" Z="44.50586" /> <Vector3 X="-749.5751" Y="-4281.987" Z="43.49742" /> </HotSpots> <EntryTarget> <int>3098</int> </EntryTarget> <IsGrinderNotQuest>false</IsGrinderNotQuest> </QuestClass> <ObjectiveCount1>0</ObjectiveCount1> <ObjectiveCount2>0</ObjectiveCount2> <ObjectiveCount3>0</ObjectiveCount3> <ObjectiveCount4>0</ObjectiveCount4> <ObjectiveCount5>0</ObjectiveCount5> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount1>true</AutoDetectObjectiveCount1> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount2>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount2> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount3>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount3> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount4>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount4> <AutoDetectObjectiveCount5>false</AutoDetectObjectiveCount5> <CanCondition /> <IsCompleteCondition /> <RepeatableQuest>false</RepeatableQuest> <NotRequiredInQuestLog>false</NotRequiredInQuestLog> <PickUpQuestOnItem>false</PickUpQuestOnItem> <PickUpQuestOnItemID>0</PickUpQuestOnItemID> <Comment /> <GossipOptionRewardItem>1</GossipOptionRewardItem> <RequiredQuest>0</RequiredQuest> <MaxLevel>100</MaxLevel> <MinLevel>0</MinLevel> <WoWClass>None</WoWClass> </EasyQuest> </EasyQuests> </EasyQuestProfile>
  12. Hi. When trying to do a pet battle, I have the message "Cannot pet battle while in combat.". The thing is, I don't know how to get my character to kill the mobs, he just ignores them and constantly tries to start a pet battle. I have looked on how to change it but I still don't know. "Starting pet battles but not fightning" is Off Tried with "attack before being attacked", doesn't work. In Advanced Settings "Don't start fightning" is off. I use a Fight Class that has always worked in grinding and gathering profiles. The Pet profile I use is custom, I created it just with "record path". I thought the problem was the "attack level x to x" so I changed it to "0 to 60". Still doesnt' attack mobs. How can I solve this? Thanks. I just realized that it happens when I'm in Travel Form (ground) or in any other mount, If I don't choose a Ground Mount I don't have this problem ( but of course it's much slower so I still want to solve it)
  13. Version 1.0.1


    Ladies and Gentlemen, This has been my most requested fight class. (Didn't think I'd get so many requests this early) This is WAY past due for the Rogue fight classes and I plan on making an in depth one for each spec. You guys need to understand that I need to start and level a character each time there's a request so it takes a bit of time. Now. This is a Pre-cap release but I'm more than certain enough it will farm the crap out of anything at any level. ;) All three poisons are optional, Blade Flurry will turn on when more than one enemy is attacking and automatically turn off after combat. Slice and Dice will be used when not active, Eviscerate will be used when it is and if you drop below 50% HP Recuperate will be used. Pre-Cap Release: Poisons: All three available. They need to be turned on in the settings prior to start. Finishing Moves: Slice and Dice when not active and healthy. Recuperate when below 50% HP. Eviscerate when Slice and Dice is active and have combo points. Blade Flurry: Will self toggle when more than one enemy is attacking and turn itself off when combat has finished. Kick: Will when enemy is casting. Stealth: Uses it when hostiles are near or approaching enemy for combat (15 yards). Opens with Ambush when approaching more than one enemy, otherwise cheapshot will be used (to limit damage) Evasion/Sprint: Evasion is used at 30% HP. Talents: 15 - Nightstalker 30 - Nerve Strike If you download and use this profile, PLEASE leave ANY feedback on how you felt it was. You guys letting me know what you want/need is what makes my fight classes better! -Axehole
  14. Hi, I was running Gatherer, and I realised that if the character is in combat, even with black fightclass it would start autoattacking the target. With Stable rank 2, when gathering you won't be dismounted by anything unless you get attacked by other faction, so it would be much faster at gathering if the character doesn't engage any mobs. However, even with "Don't start fighting" ticked on, and unticked "start fighting with elite", "attack before being attacked", it engages the mob by autoattacking which dismounts the character. Is there a way to completely remove any combat function, where it won't do anything when getting in a combat? Thanks, Kind regards
  15. To whom it may concern, So I notice that this program selects a target based on distance, unfortunately when I'm close to a NPC but not on the same z axis level i pick up each NPC on the way. (see attached example), Anyone have this issue? If so, do you know what I have selected that is causing this?
  16. Version v2


    PvE Combat Rogue by: fall0ut This fight class is usable by any level. You do not have to remove spells you have not yet learned from the rotation. The openers and rotation assume you are solo grinding. Typically the enemies you fight will not live that long. This fight class will not provide adequate dps for long fights in raids and normal dungeons. Opening order Stealth Ambush (if behind target). Cheap Shot (if not behind target). Primary rotation Keep up Slice and Dice (with at least 2 combo points). Revealing Strike (maintain debuff on target). Sinister Strike Eviscerate (with at least 3 combo points). Replaces Eviscerate with Recuperate if health is below 50%. After combat, all spare combat points will be spent on Recuperate if your health is below 100%. Cooldowns Kick when enemy is casting. Adrenaline Rush cast whenever possible. Killing Spree cast whenever possible. Evasion is used when your health drops below 70%. Settings Depending on your talent spec you can specify additional spells to be used. Shadowstep if true, will Shadowstep if in Stealth before pull tries to Ambush or Cheap Shot. Marked for Death if true, will be used before the pull. Blade Flurry if true, will activate when at least 3 enemies are attacking you within 5 yards, will deactivate when fighting 1 enemy. Deadly Throw if true, will be used if your enemy attempts to flee and you have combo points. Shuriken Toss if true, will be used if your enemy attempts to flee. Combat Readiness is used if you have at least 3 attackers within 10 yards. Poisons Poisons are set in the settings section of the fight class. Just turn the poison you want to use to be true. If you set more than one Lethal and Non-Lethal poison, you're going to have a bad time. Only one of each type.
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