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[PAID] WHorde for Vanilla (1-60) – unauth | 441 quests 1.1.4

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About This File

**No refunds – you are purchasing a digital copy of a product

Disclaimer: I, the owner and creator of this product, am not associated with the WRobot company.


– WHorde:  1-60 Quester

PURCHASE LINK – $5.00 – Unlimited IP License

– WBundle:  WHorde + WPack Plugins (20%+ discount)

PURCHASE LINK – $8.00 – Single IP License (1)
PURCHASE LINK – $10.00 – Three IP License (3)
PURCHASE LINK – $12.00 – Five IP License  (5)
PURCHASE LINK – $15.00 – Ten IP License  (10)





  • Small NPC database – this is resolved by WTrainer or HMP plugins
  • No class quests – available separately, courtesy of @Andoido – HERE
  • Single starting zone (Tauren); starting profile will safely route all characters to this zone prior to beginning questing
    • Starting zone demo attached as download for testing


  • Unauthenticated – automatic delivery of encrypted files
    • No Rocketr ID's required
  • 408 total quests
  • Table of contents (index profile) for quick loading of profiles
    • Prevents completed steps from being checked for completion every time bot is started
  • Stop/start proof – all quests are mutually exclusive; will not reattempt to pick up, turn in or pulse completed quests
  • Rogue & Warrior-friendly design
    • Only completes simple yellow & orange quests
      • Go here, deliver this, talk to NPC, etc.
    • Kill, gather, explore, etc. quests are only completed once green
    • No need to buy weapons off of AH; entire profile can be completed using mob drops & quest rewards
    • Grind areas specifically selected for Warrior & Rogue classes
  • Custom grind scripts
    • Selects new grind location after each ToTown state, e.g., buy, sell, repair, train, etc.
  • Custom scripts for escort quests
    • Avoids stealing follow NPC quests from other players
    • Prevents following of target NPC if quest is started by other players
    • Marks quest as completed if failed – prevents Quester from getting stuck on FollowNPC steps
  • Custom scripts for quests requiring item use on weakened and dead mobs
  • Hard-coded pathing and custom interact scripts for problematic or otherwise difficult gather quests
  • Custom step-ordering for quests located within caves
    • Fights into cave
    • Loots or kills objective
    • Fights out of cave
  • Booty Bay
    • Includes OffMesh connections that correct most pathing issues in and around Booty Bay
    • Custom pathing steps for onboarding and offboarding of Ship to and from Ratchet
    • Custom scripting that resets all Ship steps in the event of being ganked while in transit


  • During checkout, you must provide the full URL address to your WRobot profile
  • After checkout, a product delivery e-mail will be delivered containing download instructions
  • Once downloaded, extract the profile contents to your WRobot\Profiles\Quester folder
    • Example:  WRobot\Profiles\Quester\WHorde\WHorde_01-08.xml
    • Always start WRobot using the index profile – WHorde\WHorde_00-index.xml
  • If you encounter any trouble, product support is available through Discord – HERE


Edited by elitecasaj00

What's New in Version 1.1.4   See changelog


  • Reworked routing for Ratchet quest lines – eleven (11) grey quests now completed while green : profile 16-20
  • Reworked routing for Stonetalon Mountains quest lines – sixteen (16) grey quests now completed while green : profile 21-24
  • Forced start at first waypoint for Splintertree Post flight path discovery to avoid bad pathing from Orgrimmar : profile 25-28
  • Additional blackspots added to The Barrens – profile 16-20, 21-24

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i have been using this quester on my orc hunter , I got to 60 in no time at all. I enjoy all the custom code that was input in this quester to help make my life easy and not have to baby sit it at all. Completely AFK Able!! thank you for making such a good product!!! 

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