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  1. I was just wondering, is it not possible for you guys to make a bot that doesn't immediately strike out that it is a bot to anyone who observes it going on for like 2 mins? I mean the biggest problem with gatherer is the way that the toon makes it's journey along the route so faithfully that it always returns back to that route line after it has farmed something for example 100 yards away from the route. When available node is detected, toon takes a route that is as straight as possible to it and when the node has been farmed it goes back to the premade route like a fukken idiot, to the exact
  2. AndyMartin

    Gatherer stuck

    Forgive me getting mad previously I was just so disappointed for all good things getting always shat all over at some point. Without this problem I would have gladly recommended this bot for every chinese gold farmer out there in the www. If you allow me to be a little bit more spesific this time, I'd like to tell you more. In warmane wotlk lordaeron this wrobot gatherer worked fine for almost like a week, but then in a blink of an eye the farming toon (the same one i've used all this time) got stuck going back and forth in the same place inside few yards. I fought with it for hours tryin
  3. @TheSmokie you go f *****************************************************t.
  4. Gatherer in warmane lordaeron gets stuck in the icecrown while trying to farm any given route, it always goes to the same place and starts going around little circle. Please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this trash, I pay for this shit of a botting program so it would be fucking nice if it didnt do this shit.
  5. While gathering herbs dismounting takes up to 15 seconds floating over the herb until it happens and toon starts to pick the herb. Anyone have answer to this problem?
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