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  • Gatherer stuck

    • Product: Gatherer Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Forgive me getting mad previously I was just so disappointed for all good things getting always shat all over at some point. Without this problem I would have gladly recommended this bot for every chinese gold farmer out there in the www.

    If you allow me to be a little bit more spesific this time, I'd like to tell you more. In warmane wotlk lordaeron this wrobot gatherer worked fine for almost like a week, but then in a blink of an eye the farming toon (the same one i've used all this time) got stuck going back and forth in the same place inside few yards. I fought with it for hours trying to delete wrobot file and download it many times over, programming new routes and so on. I tried to change the route profile but it always tried to fly back to that spesific place to circle that same spot. The spot was right above a herb node that is underneath a small ledge that prevents seeing it right above it from the air. Previously no problem with this place, not once. It didnt help that I tried to use different computer. The bug I described previously wasnt the only one that appeared. It also started to do this thing that the toon was flying like 2 yards above ground slow(my ground mount and flying mount is the same mount), twisting and turning from time to time not knowing where it was going and not giving a shit about farming nodes that went by. This thing could have happen everywhere at any time. I can send a video of the toons behavior if i must and if it continues being apeshit. I only hope that a program that cost me real money would not stop working fine like it previously did with no reason at all just like that. I am desperate for answers. 


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