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  • Gatherer keeps getting stuck

    • Product: Gatherer Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Gatherer in warmane lordaeron gets stuck in the icecrown while trying to farm any given route, it always goes to the same place and starts going around little circle. Please tell me what the fuck is wrong with this trash, I pay for this shit of a botting program so it would be fucking nice if it didnt do this shit.

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    If the problem always occurs in the same zone, blacklisted this zone (some zones can be badly supported by the bot). It is possible that your profile is badly or not adapted to your server/game version, in this case try with another.
    If you have this problem with all profiles it is probably installation or configuration problem.
    I close this request (these useless to continue this discussion), if you cannot solve your problem open a new request with your logs files, a better description of your problem with screenshots / video .

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