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  1. mine is still alive, doesn't seem to have been a wave
  2. Verrückt 🙂 Danke für den Post! Habe es grade ausprobiert, klappt auch mit Chrome sehr einfach. Du hast also mehrere Rising Gods Accounts erstellt und mit nur einem Battle.net Account (den du per Console modifiziert hattest), für jeden der Rising Gods Accounts einen 75er bekommen?
  3. I used Bambo's 1-70. Bambo's work has a very high reputation, so I doubt the reason was this profile. Might have been unlucky or wRobot has detection issues on NW in general. I guess I'll find out
  4. got banned on Netherwing 2 weeks ago after making it to 52 with a warrior, using Quester module and 3-5h / day sessions. Trying it on a new toon now, will report back
  5. uhm, haha. Welche FightClass nutzt du denn? Springen kannst du in den Advanced Settings von wRobot unter movement ausstellen. Irgend etwas Richtung "random jumping".
  6. Kamogli


    thanks Droidz!!
  7. thanks mate, it weirdly resolved itself. Disabled Ninja Looting, but don't think it had anything to do with it.
  8. Kamogli


    I'd like the bot to attack Aggro mobs first and then neutral ones. Pretty trivial I'd think. But it doesn't seem to be built in 😞
  9. same issue for me, currently on Netherwing. Playing Draenai on starting island. Log attached, please halp 😞 30 Mai 2019 16H22.log.html
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