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    1 Review on this gem? What a crime ... an absolute must have utility plug-in. Thanks for making this ?
    It's nothing short of a gamechanger for me. For once you don't have to worry about taxi mechanics in wRobot anymore. This saves you plenty of time and tinkering for absolutely free. A fantastic release, kudos!!
    Am I really the first to leave a review for this? Incredible! Anyways - needless to say that this is absolute quality work by one of the pillars of wRobot - Ordush. It's his name on it, so you can expect nothing but greatness. I've used it to bring several toons of different classes to 70 on a big TBC server. If you think about spending 20€ on it - for all the features that it offers it's an absolute steal - I can only recommend it.
  1. got a couple of guys safely to 70 on Endless ? No endgame activity such as farming though, just brought them to 70 for the fun of it
  2. howdy partner, at first glance it seems like it's trying to feed a pet which a.) is not there because not trained / dead / disbanded or b.) because you don't have food in your inventory that actually works with your current pet. Good luck!!
    Been using it for ages and never bothered to write a review. SHAME ON ME! In short - an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE. If you debate whether it's worth buying - don't. Just get it, it's too good.
    The resident sleeper leveling class: Druid. Super smooth and fluent leveling process - the fightclass by Matenia is, as always, pure joy to use. Making use of things like Faerie Fire, Travel Form, different Combo Finisher, different opener depending on situation. 10/10 - absolutely worth the price.
  3. I was part of that group - tank was played manually and without wRobot for two hours, 3 DDs followed in a party as Healers and DD (bots). Those 3 were named and called out by the GM, who joined Monastery and warned us. All of the related accounts were only ever used in Dungeons from Level 15 on over the course of weeks without issues. As of the patch you applied end of last year, detection was over. GM now said "Stop using that software" - seems like wRobot is again detected on Sunwell since only a couple of days again
    Highly recommended for heavy Honor farming. Acts much more humanlike than the built-in product, even calls for Inc in Chat. Never had any trouble, used with TBC and Wotlk expansions.
    Competent work as always! Great for leveling and the occasional PvP! 10/10 worth it ?
  4. Same issue here. seemingly out of nowhere ... ? HMP would even try to force regen state, but it wouldn't budge
  5. Thanks for your submission!! You're running this mainly in dungeons I suppose?
  6. Cata gets so little love. Thanks for providing some pretty great content kiko
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