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  1. I was part of that group - tank was played manually and without wRobot for two hours, 3 DDs followed in a party as Healers and DD (bots). Those 3 were named and called out by the GM, who joined Monastery and warned us. All of the related accounts were only ever used in Dungeons from Level 15 on over the course of weeks without issues. As of the patch you applied end of last year, detection was over. GM now said "Stop using that software" - seems like wRobot is again detected on Sunwell since only a couple of days again
    Highly recommended for heavy Honor farming. Acts much more humanlike than the built-in product, even calls for Inc in Chat. Never had any trouble, used with TBC and Wotlk expansions.
    Competent work as always! Great for leveling and the occasional PvP! 10/10 worth it 🙂
  2. Same issue here. seemingly out of nowhere ... 😞 HMP would even try to force regen state, but it wouldn't budge
  3. Thanks for your submission!! You're running this mainly in dungeons I suppose?
  4. Cata gets so little love. Thanks for providing some pretty great content kiko
    Fantastic Job, works as described - tested on TBC
  5. thanks Dreamful, looking forward to giving this a whirl 🙂
  6. Ricky, you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer, that much has been established 🤣 Do yourself a favor and crawl back into the hole you came from
    Insane work by Zer0 and the guys from wholesome discord. This AIO gets you up in running for any class you wish to play in TBC in no time. Each class was designed to offer a seamless level experience and that's what Zer0 has achieved - for FREE. I got only positive things to say about the paid FCs there are for TBC, but this AIO costs you absolutely nothing and still brings great quality to the table. On top of that, Zer0 is a great guy who always takes feedback and works on improvements fast. You're all invited to take one of these to town and provide feedback in the wholesome discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6
  7. what would the last InvisionCommunity security update be by the way?
    Been using Hunter and Deathknight from this AIO - very responsive and skilled dev. Great work that he's offering here for free. Both Hunter and Deathknight excellent leveling classes with little downtimes. 10/10 recommend!
    Saw me safely through the starting zone and quests. Great job, 10/10 can recommend if you're thinking about a Deathknight
  8. thanks to everyone who is involved in this. I don't see any kind of threat, just the possibility to make wRobot a better place for more people. Already onboard, come join the discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6
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