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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Trimmed down and subtle fight classed i use on my Shamans. Built towards working with my vanilla levelling profiles Healing wave at 50% health Shocks when > 25% mana. Will keep Rockbiter weapon up when below lvl 30 and WindFury weapon up when above 30. I found shamans with passable gear where able to grind without downtime from about lvl 15 if you defined healing wave as a food / regen item . Totems are used sparingly as its looks suspect if the bot is dropping them every fight. Stoneskin + Mana spring totems will be dropped if you are fighting 2+ mobs. Searing to
  2. Version 1.0.0


    My WOTLK Resto shaman, Uses: - Earthshield - Watershield - Earthliving Weapon, - Call of the Elements - Chainhealing Heals group and buffs properly, Enjoy your healer and tell me when you find some improvements!
  3. Version 1


    Overview Hi guys. I’m proud to present to you my All-In-One TBC FightClasses. 11 classes are included in one single file: Beast Master Hunter Retribution Paladin Frost Mage Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman Fury Warrior Feral Druid Affliction Warlock Demonology Warlock Shadow Priest Combat Rogue This file only works with the English client of the game. It is meant for leveling/grinding purpose (1-70). I do not recommend you use them for dungeons/raids or PvP. They are designed around smooth grinding, prioritizing comba
  4. Version 1.0.0


    ALL FOR ONLY $8 Contact via PM or Discord: krycess#1875 NOTE: The demo is for warrior and can be downloaded by clicking on the button to the right --> Hello! Each fight class utilizes a priority tasking system that keeps a rotation going. Currently, these are the namespaces that are available. Each purchase includes all of the files in the FightClass.Wotlk namespace. FightClass.Wotlk.DeathKnight.Frost FightClass.Wotlk.Druid.Restoration FightClass.Wotlk.Paladin.Retribution FightClass.Wotlk.Shaman.Enhancement FightClass
  5. Version 1.4.0


    This is a PvP orientated Elemental Shaman Fight class made by me (ThatOneGuy), I used it mostly for Battlegrounds as this is where it works best. Some of its key features include.... Auto Trinket important CCs longer than 4 seconds (Every Man for Himself if Alliance, or Medallion of the Horde if Horde) Check immunity before launching every spell (Spell Reflection, Grounding, Divine Shield, etc..) Auto Dispel Friends from CCs (On/Off in options) (Announces in chat what is trying to do for example "Dispelling Fear from Bob", only visible to you) Attempt to kick all casts.
  6. Version 1.1.1


    Disclaimer: This fightclass only works with the English client. It is possible, that I will add support for more later.For questions and bugreports, please visit my Discord channel. The attached file is a low-level demo version. Remember to do your totem quests and get a decent two-hander to start with! Shamans are an unusual class to level with a bot. However, they deserve some love too, and here is just what you need to accomplish that task: Dynamic Rotation Based Upon Level Different rotations, depending on which new spells you've learned Uses differ
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Enhancement shaman profile Got me 1-58.. then i'll go ele. Rockbiter till 31, then WF weapon. Abilities scaled down as mana gets lower. I added healing wave as food at 70% and just let the bot melee stuff to death. Healing wave at 40%... shamanistic rage when its available. Searing totem for each mob, other totejms only drop if 2+ mobs around If gear is up to the task its a no downtime profile. Searing totem at mob health 90%+ Stoneskin + Mana stream when 2+ mob's Flameshock when not active + >60% mana Healing wave when < 40% health
  8. Version 1.0.0


    4 files- one for each totem quest Earth totem is in Valley of Trials (orc / troll) All should be AFK with exception of the water totem ( zeplins) so the profile will help, however you will have to monitor what its doing. If you see an issue patch it and let me know- I will update the download with the patch version for others.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    v1.0 - Call of Elements (Only on more than one Attacker) - Recommendation: Strength, Magma , Mana Spring & Windfury Totem - Fire Nova (Only when Call of Elements was used) - Windfury Weapon (Mainhand) - Flametongue Weapon (Offhand) - Bloodlust - Feral Spirit - Lesser Healing Wave (50% Life) - Shamanistic Rage - Water Shield - Lightning Bolt (5 Stacks Maelstrom Weapon) - Stormstrike - Earth Shock - Lava Lash
  10. Version 1.0.4


    Tried adding ghost wolf as a mount and it bugs out? Hopefully here is the solution: This plugin hooks itself onto the MoveToPulse, pauses the bot and enters ghost wolf and continues when travelling as a Shaman. It will not attempt to do this if you have a mount name filled in or are indoors. It should leave ghost wolf when entering combat. I heavily recommend using the addon EzDismount, it tries to cancel ghost wolf when you interact with things. You no longer need an addon, I have built leaving ghost wolf into the plugin. Not tested too thoroughly, let me know if anyt
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Four quest files to automate the shaman totem quests. Just a re-furb of the profiles i made for BC to make them work with vanilla. Water quest may need some babysitting due to the amount of travel, but the profiles should to the heavy lifting for you. Call of earth is only for orc / troll.. who makes a Tauren shaman anyway.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Basic rotation that mostly spams lightning bolt and keeps other buffs/debuffs active. Will attempt to heal when health below 40%. It doesn't try to use totems (yet). Works well enough for grinding.
  13. Version 12.14


    rotation based on http://www.wowhead.com/enhancement-shaman-guide all spells, talents, artifact, racials Maybe its required a bit of tuning. I will post update after some testing My profiles
  14. Someone could tell me how I could use the shaman buf Flametogue weapon.
  15. Version 1.0


    Nothing special. PvE Damage Fight Class for Restoration Shaman. Perfect for grinding profiles without Enhancement or Elemental Artefact weapon. Casting Flame Shock Lightning Bolt Chain Lightning Lava Burst Healing Stream Totem Riptide I attack 5-7 Mobs at once.
  16. Version 1.0.1


    This is a sneak peek at my upcoming, paid PvP fightclasses, which will be superior to this one. This fightclass uses frame lock. If you end up with low FPS, it is likely the server responding slowly at high load. Disable frame lock in the settings. If you disable player attack, it will blacklist players after using a random emote. Currently does the following (without giving too much insight to make it detectable): - uses totems in a smart way - chain heal when appropriate - big heal if neccesary (only instant) - bloodlust when it makes sense - shocks/grounds/tremors c
  17. Using the fight class builder. Added Stormstrike. never fires. log: [Spell] Stormstrike (Id found: 32176, Name found: Stormstrike, NameInGame found: Stormstrike, Know = False, IsSpellUsable = True) It thinks I don't know it?
  18. Version 1.0.0


    I use this with Wrotation and Grinder, The Rotation should push out good DPS at the same time keeping survivability. I have provided a pic of the talents i use for this but here they are again.. (3213312) Hope the FC helps you all, Feedback Welcome.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    First release Ele shaman. In true Blizz form they feel very under powered and i would definitely lean on the Enhancement side for botting- anyway talents are attached in picture Feedback is needed
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Survival / DPS should hold till we figure out whats actually going on.
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is a profile i have tried working on, i find it to work quite well, let me know and if u have any tips on changing it i would like so feed back, thanks PIR
  22. I have been looking around for a guide or a hint on a way for my priest to dispel any magic off of people in a party, but i cant seem to find anything. i understand how to dispel 1 debuff specifically, but it would be way easier to just be able to dispel any magic debuff without having to make a gazillion conditions. I imagine there is a lua solution but not sure where to find that at. also would like to be able to know how to spellsteal as a mage or purge as a shaman too. any help or a point in the right direction would be great..
  23. hi i was wondering if anyone knows how to make earthquake cast? it will activate the ground target marker but not actually cast it. if anyone could help i'll be able to upload my shaman fight class! its very good at the moment! thanks in advance!! :)
  24. Hi, I am running two accounts and one being the tank that i play manually and the other being a Healer (shaman) I have tried a few things to try to get my shaman to heal itself and it only heals my tank, I have it set for party. Not sure what I'm missing in order to have it heal itself. The attached file only has 2 spells in it as i am adding them as i level on a low level toon. Resto Shaman.xml
  25. Version 0.1


    Hello all, my first class Maintain these buffs at all times.Lightning Shield DPS Priority: Execute this priority for optimal DPS. Searing Totem is maintained at all times. Lightning Bolt with 5 Maelstrom Weapon. Stormstrike / Windstrike on cooldown. Lava Lash on cooldown. Flame Shock refresh DoT when Unleash Flame is up. Unleash Elements on cooldown. Frost Shock on cooldown. Lightning Bolt as a filler spell with 1+ Maelstrom Weapon.
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