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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    This is my Dungeon Party (Dungeon bot) for WRobot. It's an advanced plugin that makes it possible to use/make dungeon profiles. It makes sure that your groups stays together, lets the tank pull while the group follows. For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/91-dungeon-party-plugin/ Purchase Links https://sellfy.com/p/sdHg/ You are buying a digital product, there are no refunds. ** Release sale: 25% discount the first week! ** ** DOES NOT INCLUDE DUNGEON PROFILES FOR ALL DUNGEONS - ONLY INCLUDING PROFILE FOR RFC!! ** Features: The plugin adds an in-game interface where you can see party status. - Makes sure that the team sticks together. - Only tank will pull - Tank will only pull when the group is ready. (Full mana, hp, and in-range). - Easy to select role interface - The profiles will not reset when you stop/start the bot. (Unless a soft-reset is made /reload) - It will auto set HS - Will reset instance when it's clear. - Will keep spamming the instance until whole team is at set level (20 for RFC) - Chars will do a town run after a dungeon is cleared (If it needs it). - Easy to add profiles (see the video). Included: Dungeon Party Plugin FULL RFC Profile (Use this as a template to make new dungeon profiles). <- level 16-17 is suggested as a starting point, also a good idea to be geared. Howto: Making a team ready: - Log on with all 5 chars, and start the bot. - The first thing you do is to choose the role on every char. (Tank on the tank, Healer on the healer, DPS on the dps). - Secondly you party up your group. Stop the bot and write /reload in-game. - Load your profile and start the bot. Making a dungeon profile: Commands: /wr or /wrobot <- Shows available commands (You can use /wr or /wrobot for all commands) /wrobot DP show <- Shows the in-game frame /wrobot DP version <- Shows the version of Dungeon Party /wrobot DP role <- Shows role selection frame Coming Soon: - More dungeon profiles Versions In-game Interface
  2. Version


    This is my questing profile made for 6x servers like Endless.gg The profile is avoiding heavy pvp areas like STV, Tanaris etc. It is still being worked on and is updated very often. It has a lot of custom code, like mechanics for custom fligth pathing, custom code for zeppelin/boats. - Level 1 - 60 (60-70 is still being worked on) (6X exp rates) - 100% Questing (No grinding for levels) - Remembers what quest you are on (Stop/Start, without restarting profile) - Auto Updating - All startzones - Custom Flight Path control - Custom Zeppelin/Boat control - Avoids alliance heavy zones like STV and Tanaris. - Ingame commands to see update logs/version (/wrobot or /wr) - Ingame Interface to get practical info + see changelogs etc. - Orc/troll Warlock Imp + Void Walker - Hunter Pet for all races - [Paid] Human Master Plugin by Matenia - [Free] What's going on? by Matenia - [Free] Do Not Sell My Loot! by Bambo - [Free] Accept Group Invites by Droidz If you are making your first char on the server ever: I suggest you start with a hunter, because they are the LEAST gear depending class. If you are using Human Master Plugin: Remember to edit the levels at which your character trains skills otherwise you will have the bot running to town every 10 minutes. If you already have main character at high level: Teach it skinning so you can make some easy gold, then use gold to buy a new char gear every 10 levels. Copy the file into wrobot\Profiles\Quester Load with questing product in wrobot. 60 - 70 Start at any level (currently it's level 32 or less) All Class Quests In-game interface to control stuff 20 EUR - To buy this product PM me. I'm selling 10 copies a week Reason for not selling more than 10 is because I don't want to flood the server with bots. You are free to contact me on discord, or seek support in my channel: https://discord.gg/yJyUXtG
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