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  1. any idea why this disconnects on warmane wrath? Any alternatives to this plug in? Need to delete grays/certain items
  2. can you disable "ignore fights while traveling" when "Farming" ? I Think this is what causes char to die so much when farming because it will aggro one , sometimes 3 + mobs when running towards a herb or something, and instead of stopping and killing the mobs, it tries to farm, sometimes eventually stopping the farm and trying to kill but by then its too late.
  3. I have tried blacklisting this area but it still gets stuck here constantly, when "to town" is triggered.
  4. So far so good! I left the profile on over night when it was lvl 15 and came back to it at 31- to my surprise I accidentally messed up the training database settings on HMP so the hunter never even trained a single spell and still made it to 31 with rank 1 mend pet 😮
  5. i hve a free feral fc 1-70 that may work better for you
    runs around in loops in orgrimar endlessly
    tested on TBC- used on a 60 warrior that had only battle stance - i fully afk and came back to it done with both new stances- very nice.
  6. ill test it - just sent you message on discord you know who this is.
  7. Has issues - wouldnt use teleport moonglade- killed lunaclaw but never talked to it so i have to redo it manually 😞 TBC.
  8. some- but its instant 70 now- so not really that needed.
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