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  1. I have tried blacklisting this area but it still gets stuck here constantly, when "to town" is triggered.
  2. So far so good! I left the profile on over night when it was lvl 15 and came back to it at 31- to my surprise I accidentally messed up the training database settings on HMP so the hunter never even trained a single spell and still made it to 31 with rank 1 mend pet 😮
  3. i hve a free feral fc 1-70 that may work better for you
    runs around in loops in orgrimar endlessly
    tested on TBC- used on a 60 warrior that had only battle stance - i fully afk and came back to it done with both new stances- very nice.
  4. ill test it - just sent you message on discord you know who this is.
  5. Has issues - wouldnt use teleport moonglade- killed lunaclaw but never talked to it so i have to redo it manually 😞 TBC.
  6. some- but its instant 70 now- so not really that needed.
  7. there are tons of profiles out there to choose from , most vanilla ones should work too not just tbc(until 60) I use one i made myself.
  8. im not sure but their website says "We'll allow 2 connections from the same PC.""
  9. im lvl 50 so far no issues- but they only allow you to connect 2 clients at once- so im struggling trying to figure out how to set up virtual machines xd(im tech noob)
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