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  1. Hello , how to accept reward item in vanilla and woltk , i tested this and not work <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="QuestRewardItem{3}:Click();" /> need code to choice reward click
  2. any news about global timer for all started reloggers?thanks
  3. it works!!thank you Droidz!!!
  4. any help for this?need add option in wrobot to change interract deistance with npc
  5. Hello! need plugin to stop bot . Example to stop bot on 20.00 time .... any help?thanks!
  6. global timer is more important then cpu usage minimize )for me)thanks)
  7. I opened this theme!is realy actual becouse exist servers with max 4 yards for interract distance and wrobot when go to repair - stuck becouse he stop moving on 5 yards and have "bad interract distance " spam
  8. sometimes reloger it closes (( without error logs and without windows errors events in event system logs after stopping the logging of events in the log - it continues to work and runs all 12 profiles and they work, then the reloger is closed 10 май 2019 07H24.log.html
  9. be good if you add global timer for start wow for all started reloggers)
  10. works ! need to put this code on runluacode!Big thanks for this code !!
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