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  1. zatvorgt

    reaction on whisper

    Hello ,how to check whisper without time and player name this work if (log != null && !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(log.Text) && log.Text.StartsWith("23:39 - [Cigavara] whisper: hello")) { } this need ,but dont work without time of whisper ,but need reaction on whisper who containts certain words......big thanks for help if (log != null && !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(log.Text) && log.Text.StartsWith("hello")) { }
  2. HEllo i need to buy auction lots in quest profile on vanilla and woltk .... i will buy sript if you create this. Help me please any?
  3. Hello all, exist varian of change product quester to auction in quest profile? example run quester ...in quester run plugin to change on condition product quester to auction product and after condition finish returm quester
  4. zatvorgt

    buy auction lot in quest profile

    any about this?
  5. zatvorgt

    buy auction lot in quest profile

    need buy auction lot on vanilla ....light shot is for example ............maybe anybody have this code? i will buy it ....
  6. zatvorgt

    buy auction lot in quest profile

    I asked for help and you deleted everything what can help me , big thanks
  7. zatvorgt

    buy auction lot in quest profile

    you delete this?
  8. zatvorgt

    buy auction lot in quest profile

    i read.....is little hard for me......if have example to buy Light Shot on vanillla....
  9. hello all, exist code on vanilla to buy auction lot in quest profile? how to do this? very need.....please help need workable example for buy Light shot for all money
  10. zatvorgt

    Die on water

    Hello ,bot dont understand if position in swimming and use drink drink is unusable in swimming and bot die die everytime.........
  11. zatvorgt

    Enter in dungeon after die

    is good , but bot after die in dungeon - teleporting on spirit healer ,after need code(with pathfinder) to run of spirit healer to enter dungeon
  12. zatvorgt

    Enter in dungeon after die

    not work ....bot run without pathfinder ..... need to create path for new vector
  13. zatvorgt

    Woltk and Classic incopatible

    need automaticaly)or resolve this problem
  14. Hello all , have problem on start WOLTK and Classic if i start Wolk after Classic or Classic after Woltk - i have windows "hardware changed" while i dont press ok or not - game not start One of the decision is run from another user in properties of the shortcut of wow.exe .....need to add in field - object of the shortcut ( runas /savecred /user:User Wow.exe) but relogger not work with shortcuts .... and wow args in relogger dont work if i add this comand........ how to resolve this window , any help?