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  1. hello , exist method of change radius of skinning mobs? becouse i 30 min ran and skinning mobs ,which players killed) and have ban for this))
  2. Yeaaah! problem is resolved) Biiiig Thanks!
  3. Is good idea i think this is resolve this problem , i will insert timeout to (wait after lauch wow) and relogger wil work - wow1>WR1>(my timeout)> wow2>WR2>(my timeout) adjusting the timeout, can make the load on the processor uniform
  4. yes , one by one , Lock relogger when launch Wow these not resolve problem if start 30 window on 1 relogger) this problem resolve only timer for wrobot start) example - after starting all wow-s window , need delay for starting wrobot, becouse in this moment he start +- every 10 sec(is time for character enter the world) need option to change this time
  5. This delay for wow start.... he wait only when start wow1 wait my delay start wow2 but after starting all window of wow , startig to start wrobot without delay.... he have minimal delay , he wait only for character enter the world and starting new wrobot.....is very little time for 30+ wrobot ... pc freeze ......need to change time after start wrobot1 and wrobot2 etc sorry my english
  6. Any about this in new update?
  7. HEllo all . WHo haved black wow window , help please how you a resolve this?: Black window appear after teleport , and after fast flying , in moment of black window wow slowing 1 fps and have x10 more cpu eating this window.... very good for bans where i have after have black wow window........ help me please .... i know - this a problem wrobot becouse i have old 5 mounth ago version wrobot and he dont have this.... this problem start 4 mounth ago .... very old problem.... log file dont have nothing for help .... /reload resolve this but after reload - wrobot closing everytime
  8. I won.)) you need to set offmesh z-coord less than z - ground ... for example, z - earth coords -50 need to set z-coords(offmeshes) -80 so that offmeshconections has priority
  9. N] 00:09:30 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -491,2465 ; 2744,114 ; 58,55453 ; "None" to -360,0499 ; 3067,896 ; -64,87723 ; "None" (Expansion01) [D] 00:09:31 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Rusak) {ЧЕРЕП}В ПВЕ гильдии "B E R S E R K E R" открыт набор игроков всех классов от 5.7к ГС! Знание тактик, сокеты, чарки обязательно. Желание рейдить !!! [N] 00:09:31 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 23 (718,1907y, 1441ms) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option))
  10. Hello all , profiles who work on roketr id sometimes stop bot , (bug with check id) , need plugin who started bot if bot stoped
  11. Привет, открой папку wrobot\settings , файл WRobotGlobalSetting.xml , там найдешь строчку <CloseIfCannotLoginWowMinutes>10</CloseIfCannotLoginWowMinutes> вместо 10 выстави любое кол-во минут
  12. example have 30 wow on relogger and have option to start 10 sec and one by one relogger start start wow1 (wait 10 sec) go to window position start wow2 (wait 10 sec) go to window position ........ ........ ........ ........ start wow30 go to window position after starting wrobot: wrobot1 start (wait after character enter in world) wrobot2 start (wait after character enter in world) .......... ........ ........ ........ wrobot30 start (wait after character enter in world) need to have timeout wrobot start wrobot1 start (wait after character enter in world) wait 20 sec wrobot2 start (wait after character enter in world) wait 20 sec .......... wait 20 sec ........ wait 20 sec ........ wait 20 sec ........ wrobot30 start (wait after character enter in world) becouse 30 wrobot started in short period of time - freeze computer need option to change this time. thanks.
  13. Hello all , relogger have timeout of start wow but i dont see timeout of start wrobot.... becouse this - computer 100% processor....sometimes cpu freeze.....need to have timeout of start wrobot....
  14. Hello .... have problem with meshes to enter dungeon after die....bot search bad path and stuck...... hellfired demon....Hellfire Ramparts....Hellfire Demon.....Mana-Tombs..... How to add meshes or how to resolve this problem? i added offmeshes path bit this not resolve problem...... maybe need to adding - if player corpse in dungeon then go follow custom path .....exist condition to check if me corpse in dungeon? If problem hard reolved i have custom path in sript .... but for he work perfectly need condition = me.corpse.indungeon ... but this condition dont exist...and check z-coord is not best idea..
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