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    zatvorgt got a reaction from The Smokie. in vanilla Manual Quest pick up and quest give   
    Thanks for all!!
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    zatvorgt got a reaction from Droidz in Timeout launch wrobot   
    Yeaaah! problem is resolved) Biiiig Thanks!
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    zatvorgt got a reaction from bio33 in Dungeon after die path   
    Hello ....   have problem with meshes to enter dungeon after die....bot search bad path and stuck...... hellfired demon....Hellfire Ramparts....Hellfire Demon.....Mana-Tombs.....

    How to add meshes or how to resolve this problem?  i added offmeshes path bit this not resolve problem...... maybe need to adding -  if player corpse in dungeon  then go follow custom path .....exist condition to check if me corpse in dungeon?

    If problem hard reolved i have custom path in sript .... but for he work perfectly need condition  =  me.corpse.indungeon ... but this condition dont exist...and check z-coord is not best idea..
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    zatvorgt got a reaction from Droidz in wow loses connection with wrobot   
    ok , i start more muches when window we a bugged and take this log, but log where i upload - is log when window is bugged
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    zatvorgt got a reaction from BetterSister in Something went totally wrong with wrobot   
    reinstall all dont resolve this problem, tested 1 min ago
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    zatvorgt reacted to Droidz in Profile positions and "Action" column   
    c#: new System.Threading.Thread(() => { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Keybindings.PressKeybindings(wManager.Wow.Enums.Keybindings.JUMP, 250); for (var i = 0; i < 30; i++) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Interact.InteractGameObject(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitByEntry(45455)).GetBaseAddress, false, true); System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(350); }}).Start();  
    AAA - Cime du Vortex EDITED.xml
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    zatvorgt reacted to eeny in does not attack mobs dungeon   
    Maybe enable "attack before being attacked"?
    other option- edit this plugin and enter all the NPC ID's  in the instance?
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