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  1. Hello, i have problem-bot conflicts with all wow addons 335 with bot version 37494 all ok but with last update this notification appears and the character cannot attack
  2. Only one bad thing in this profile-bot sometimes swiming to Teldrassil from Darkshore
  3. I found a problem in this plugin, if the bot's window closes, the bot can not connect to the warcraft again
  4. Is it possible to add this function? I saw this function in honnorbudy
  5. bio33

    [H] [PAID] [Quest] 1-60 grinder

    Its strange, sellfy show me what last update was 29 March 2018
  6. bio33

    wrobot window

    Hi, how to make the wrobot window not open on top of all windows?
  7. bio33

    WRobot 2.0 released

    Thanks for last update
  8. bio33

    WRobot 2.0 released

    please back this setting😭
  9. bio33

    WRobot 2.0 released

    i need to create many directories with wrobot for this becouse of setting with name of window is one for all
  10. bio33

    WRobot 2.0 released

    Hi, if i change name its will change name for all wrobot windows with same name
  11. bio33

    Mike-Mail Data Log.

    Hi, any progress?
  12. 21 bot on 1pc xeon 2680v2 but fps around 50