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  1. Hi, BFA wrobot cannot attach to BFA client after wrobot last update
  2. Hi, i am about "Plugins" button in Relogger window, what is this button for?
  3. Hi, heavy load on the processor for a few seconds during the restart of wrobot for 3.3.5 version , its normal or some problem on my side?
  4. bot in nagrand dont able to come to corpse, just run into wall endless Player position: Map name MPQ: Expansion01 My Position: -1064.211, 6719.037, 193.6832, "None" My Position Vector: new Vector3(-1064.211, 6719.037, 193.6832, "None") My Position: XML <Vector3 X="-1064.211" Y="6719.037" Z="193.6832" Type="None" /> My Rotation: 3.865757
  5. Player position: Map name MPQ: Expansion01 My Position: -3577.078, 3906.239, 169.3506, "None" My Position Vector: new Vector3(-3577.078, 3906.239, 169.3506, "None") My Position: XML <Vector3 X="-3577.078" Y="3906.239" Z="169.3506" Type="None" /> My Rotation: 1.211919
  6. Mesh problem in Ghost form, bot just jumping in one place into mountain
    Sometimes all ok, but full questlogs when bots gets around 25lvl and bots just stay near quest givers, if i trying to delete grey quests, bot just runing to npc without quests and staying near them
  7. i tried this option, in most of times bot just ignore moving to vendor and continue farming with full bags
  8. i use my own grind profile and my profile have only one properly npc, i fixed this problem by deleting those npcs in npc db and setuped npcdb file in read only mode in windows
  9. Hi, How to permanent delete npc from npc db? if i trying to delete npc in wrobot window, npc will back after restart
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