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  1. i dont know any addon for that, i already googled it
  2. if i try to sell by hand all ok, maybe its able to setup selling one by one like in wrobot for vanilla?
  3. I dont able to interact with this items by mouse after they become gray
  4. 3 окт 2019 10H37.log.html
  5. same thing if without bag addon too
  6. Hi, i have problem with selling items to vendor, some of them become to gray color after bot try to sell it, i think problem becouse bot try to sell all in one time, its able to do selling items one by one?
  7. Its my fault-in "Wait after launch" was 0 but by default its 8
  8. Relogger dont want to bind wow window to setuped place on Desktop, this bug only in Cata wrobot version
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