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    Good profile but without properly trainer, better to disable spell train function in setting and do it by hand, need to sit near bot to do it
  1. Thanks very much, can you tell me where i need to put it?
  2. Thanks, but i am searching for something like line in wrobot setting file or maybe plugin
  3. Hi, someone know how to disable option-close game if player teleported by default?
  4. hi maybe you looking for this
    Good profile, tested it like 12 hours, all was good but need server without evaded mobs in instance, and mail option must be off becouse bot running to outland gate-portal and drown it happens sometimes
  5. sorry I did not notice about half the profile, then need to refund gold
  6. i will test it in few days
  7. all is well, no need to return gold, Droidz thanks for the help in resolving the issue
  8. Is it possible to make a condition for stopping the bot if it is in the GM room or on the GM Island?
  9. how i able to use it on TBC?
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