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    bio33 reacted to TheSmokie in Happy holidays   
    From me to you. 
    Marry Christmas and have a awesome holidays ! 
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    bio33 reacted to Droidz in Happy New Year 2021   
    Wishing you a happy new year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

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    bio33 reacted to ⎝͠҉̭̫͖̗͇ͅTraWin ̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍̍ in WOW crash when fighting in BG   
    I have the same error but in dg's and sometimes in the open world, but the error only happens when I inject the wrobot.
    Detail: It is the same server (firestorm)
    If you find a solution, tell us how you fixed it.
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    bio33 reacted to TheSmokie in Quest : the gift that keeps on giving   
    I am in need of a little help with a quest complete condition, for the dk quest, “the gift that keeps on giving” the player throws thing item on the ground to make ghouls, (friendly units.) I need a condition that detects the ones that player makes, createdby.play == 5
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    bio33 reacted to Droidz in Happy new year 2020 🎉   
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    bio33 reacted to Energia in In-game mailing not working anymore   
    After 2 months of using wrobot on many different servers, fightclasses, grinders and questers I saw that the mail when "to town" was bugged for me (only on 2 servers). Bot is running to town, selling all the stuff for sale to a vendor and completely ignores the mail option.
    In wrobot settings I have mail function enabled with the right nickname selected for the character to be sent to and many items in "force mail" list like leathers from skinning etc. 
    I don't get it, why the bot is doing that ? Now I need to send all the stuff manually every time which pisses me off 😄
    EDIT: I found a solution. It was because of HMP with "automatically choose vendor / repair" function enabled. After I disabled this everything work's well.
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    bio33 reacted to TheSmokie in looking for plugin for put looted bags in empty slots   
    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Threading; using System.Windows.Forms; using robotManager.Helpful; using robotManager.Products; using wManager.Plugin; using wManager.Wow.Helpers; using wManager.Wow.ObjectManager; public class Main : IPlugin { private bool isLaunched; private static WoWLocalPlayer Me = ObjectManager.Me; public void Initialize() { isLaunched = true; while (isLaunched && Products.IsStarted) { try { foreach (WoWItem item in Bag.GetBagItem()) { if (!Products.InPause && Products.IsStarted && !ObjectManager.Me.InCombat && !ObjectManager.Me.IsCast && !ObjectManager.Me.IsDead) { if (wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(14156) >= 1) { ItemsManager.UseItem(14156); Logging.Write("UBag name"); } } } } catch { } Thread.Sleep(1000 * 3); // Wait 3 sec } } public void Dispose() { isLaunched = false; } public void Settings() { MessageBox.Show("No settings for this plugin."); } } edit to you're needs.
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    bio33 reacted to youthemannowdog in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Why? This is literally a click to move bot based on meshes, fight classes, and plugins to create a humanlike experience.
    In vanilla you didnt have instancing, instancing based on quests, instancing based on quest progression, LFR/LFR/LFG, etc.
    It's only harder because you have less chance to fail as a coder before the customers character that they're botting will die. The only thing that changed was the game became easier - that only made lazy bot profile makers jobs easier. 
    Honorbuddy did it, Glider did it, and they charged substantially less for the entire experience. The content creaters created better content, they did it for cheaper, and they did it for longer. There is a reason both services were so successful while WRobot relies on like 10 people to create (and charge whatever they want) for whatever content they decide to make.

    I'll say this a thousand times. You can spend 1,000 hours on something and it's not very good. You can create something that took 1,000 hours, cry about how long it took and how much you should charge - until other people come in and then charge half the price and created something 5x better in 40 hours. That's not the customers fault you took so long to make something so unusable without "manual intervention" as Matenia would say every 5 minutes.
    Here it is - quick and dirty. 
    After watching this video tell me this.
    If you create profiles/plugins/fightclasses for WRobot will you take the blame? My experience in Redridge has been the same on my level 40 hunter and my level 15 frost mage. Which is garbage. Are you telling me that if you put 1,000 hours into a fight class, plugin, and profile leveling me from 1-60 that I wouldnt, if ever, die for silly reasons or be OBVIOUSLY detected visually by everyone around me? No? Well then are you willing to say that the client is to blame? Do you need better documentation to help you code a better experience for your customers? No? The client is perfect? You are perfect? Then why cant I BG right now in retail with your profile in the classic relaunch here in a few weeks? Why cant I WRobot in retail? Because the content is based on an imperfect client creating imperfect plugins/fightclasses/profiles.

    Just be logical.
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    bio33 reacted to Andoido in Reason: Automatic Anti-Cheat Ban. - Silver hand   
    Is there a list of availalbe  ARGS, for the relogger around the forums.
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    bio33 got a reaction from Pudge in Character nickname in title of wow window   
    I found a problem in this plugin, if the bot's window closes, the bot can not connect to the warcraft again
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    bio33 got a reaction from Pudge in Character nickname in title of wow window   
    thanks very much
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    bio33 got a reaction from Pudge in Character nickname in title of wow window   
    Is it possible to add this  function? I saw this function in honnorbudy

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    bio33 got a reaction from Marsbar in Suggestion: Force mail gold.   
    Hi you need this plugin
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    bio33 reacted to rickyj in Suggestion: Force mail gold.   
    Thank you! 😄 

    Anoys me how I didn't find this on my own. But hey anyone could need some help at times 😃
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    bio33 reacted to Droidz in Is it possible to make a condition for stopping the bot if it is in the GM room or on the GM Island?   
    Hello, try plugin like (no tested, and you need to check if the position of the island is correct. 
    Stop bot GM Island.cs
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    bio33 reacted to zatvorgt in Dungeon after die path   
    Hello ....   have problem with meshes to enter dungeon after die....bot search bad path and stuck...... hellfired demon....Hellfire Ramparts....Hellfire Demon.....Mana-Tombs.....

    How to add meshes or how to resolve this problem?  i added offmeshes path bit this not resolve problem...... maybe need to adding -  if player corpse in dungeon  then go follow custom path .....exist condition to check if me corpse in dungeon?

    If problem hard reolved i have custom path in sript .... but for he work perfectly need condition  =  me.corpse.indungeon ... but this condition dont exist...and check z-coord is not best idea..
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    bio33 reacted to sith500 in Как избежать бана / how to avoid ban (RUS)   
    Здравствуйте. В связи с сегодняшними и прошлыми обстоятельствами думаю поделиться с вами моими советами по обходу бана
    Ссылки на скачивание всего используемого софта внизу. 
    I) Меняем имена процессов бота и WoW, для этого используем программу "Restorator"
    1. Открываем программу
    2. В окне "Дерево ресурсов" добавляем файл WoW или бота щелкнув ПКМ свободному участку - Открыть или перетащив приложение в окно мышкой.
    3. Следуем инструкции в скриншотах:
       1. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=660aae1e696d3f057878d19ff3ca4af3
       2. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=47d7f4ce38a8df51686ee827362af288
       3. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=beaf2b9083ae7efe0709f3ba42d9b98e
       4. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=829ef0b012d7a9c04a51ed164619fa36
       5. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=d5fb7b53effcb8935374302479515b1c
    Скриншоты результатов работы:
    II) Отключаем DNS. Я на всякий случай еще проставляю Google Dns (http://nastroisam.ru/dns-8-8-8-8/)
    Следующие два совета ненужны если вы используете виртуальную машину
    III) Используем учетную запись администратора
    IV) Меняем имя компьютера на "admin-PC"" и рабочую группу на "WORKGROUP". По-моему, это наиболее часто используемые параметры. Можете пробовать свой вариант.
    V) Отключаем "Netbios через tcp/ip" 
    1. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=0ad71c656f7c06ab3fce219ed0ca78a1
    2. https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=f6d434ed83d69dfb44e3b02ed275fecd
    VI) Меняем локальный ip на (шлюз Если провайдер вам позволяет, меняем на (шлюз
    Пользуемся скриншотами из прошлого совета, думаю разберетесь
    Следующие два совета касаются браузеров
    VII) Отключаем WebRTC

    VIII) Отключаем Flash Player 
    IX) Отключаем JavaScript
    Если установлена на компьютере - https://whoer.net/blog/article/kak-otklyuchit-java-na-raznyx-os/
    X) Закрываем уязвимые порты
    Дублирующая статья: https://pikabu.ru/story/zakryivaem_portyi_deshifratora_ne_budet_5048250 .
    У меня не закрывался порт 5000, сделал это вручную (службы - обноружение SSDP)
    XI) Используем отдельный клиент для запуска каждого бота. Для того чтобы не копировать его весь (папка Data - 45гб), используем программу "LinkShellExtension"
    1. Устанавливаем программу
    2. Размножим нужное количество клиентов без папки Data (содержимое должно выглядеть так - https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=9260216e62e6d9f2a534376503a19d93), должен остаться один клиент с папкой "Data"
    3. В клиенте где есть папка "Data" щелкаем по ней ПКМ -> "Запомнить источник ссылки" https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=7fc76c33bd307b982abf81d5d3374421
    4. В папке без "Data" щелкаем ПКМ по свободному месту -> "Поместить как" -> "Символическую ссылку" https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=7f85bba5dad8c9fe677be805032e1c34 , так проделываем со всеми папками (копирование папки со ссылкой непоможет). Папка приобретет такой вид - https://hostingkartinok.com/show-image.php?id=0a5ca36faa0f8c7fa9af441a495092a5
     В итоге новосозданные клиенты прекрасно работают.
    XII) В случае бана аккаунта, меняем ID и Mac, для этого используем программы:
    1."Change MAC Address" - меняет MAC адрес
    2."Сctools" - меняет кучу id за исключением жестких дисков
    3."Volume Serial Number Editor" - меняет id жестких дисков
    4."STZBlaster" - в дополнении к предыдущим меняет имя системного диска
    "Id blaster plus"  если хотите чтобы параметры менялись с определенной периодичностью
    Они интуитивно понятные, думаю обойдемся без инструкций
    После их использования проделываем совет IV (если у вас нет VM)
    Делитесь своими советами, указывайте на ошибки, гайд будет при возможности дополняться.
    p.s. ССылки:
    "Chande mac adress" - http://cub0.spaces.ru/files/?r=main/view&Li=1785&Lii=49694482&Link_id=1630077&Lt=6&Read=52467059&Sn=14&from=shared_zone&link_id=1630077&sid=4738809096285948
    "Restorator" - http://soft.sibnet.ru/soft/21832-portable-restorator-2009-4-00-1807-rus/
    "LinkShellExtension" - http://soft.sibnet.ru/soft/30920-link-shell-extension-3-8-6-8/
    "Volume Serial Number Editor" - http://softoroom.net/topic87119.html (пароль "softoroom", если кто неувидел), не забудьте поменять "KLVolSNEdit" из папки установки на тот что в "cracked exe"
    "ID-Blaster Plus" - http://soft.sibnet.ru/soft/1594-id-blaster-plus-2-0/
    "Сctools" - http://cctools.ru/
    "STZBlaster" - https://zhacker.net/prochiy-soft/2982-stzblaster
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    bio33 reacted to maukor in No navigation In Silithus ( cenarion hold )   
    @Droidz Hey. navigation in silithus is way to broken. bot cant ressurect, cant buy food/water here cause running in walls in the most cases
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    bio33 reacted to Findeh in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    Please tell me that you have answered "Challenge accepted" before got banned )
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    bio33 reacted to Droidz in WRobot support for Windows XP (and Vista) Ending Soon   
    In the next WRobot updates I'll change the .Net Framework version used (version 4.0 to 4.5 or 4.7), this will remove  support for Windows XP (and Vista if I choose to use 4.7 version) (this will affect all versions of WRobot).
    If this cause problem, please comment this news and tell me what version of Windows do you use.

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    bio33 reacted to darktemplarx24 in Defend Against Players   
    Hey there,
    Is there an easy way to make the Party Mode setting assist others in the party against players? This is really the only mode that works somewhat well when using multiple bots, but when a player attacks the group, only the bot on quest/grind/whatever tries to kill the player, the partied bots just heal.
    Would be great if they would actually attack and help the main bot like they do against mobs.
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    bio33 reacted to Required in Optimal FPS for bot   
    30 will be fine for most things.
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    bio33 reacted to Droidz in Roll   
    Hello, https://wrobot.eu/files/file/518-group-loot/?tab=comments#comment-2826  (or you can also use wow addon for that)
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    bio33 reacted to Zan in Clean install   
    Save the Settings before you do a fresh install: ReloggerGeneralSettings.xml
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    bio33 reacted to BetterSister in My serial key dont work   
    send Droidz PM about it
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