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  1. Radar is not working for ma at boting PCs, only inbuild bot map, but there is no addional blackspots there if bot blacklist something himself. This can't be replicated at low level location, because you can't be easily killed there by a player or mob. And it's also hard to replicate at high level locations because you never know when it will happen. It can be after one hour of running the bot at one path, or maybe after 20 hours running in a row. If i will be able to replicate it, i will post th method here.
  2. Yeah, they do that for sure, i was clashing with one guy like this once. He was hunting my bots, while there was clearly his bots like 10 meters away. Can't remember what realm it was at tho.
  3. Maybe they just want to have more horde for faction statistic, and ignore any horde roports. Or maybe they got separate gms at Alliance and Horde sides, and the Horde one is doing nothing. Or maybe gm is farming at alliance side, so he don't want you to be there, but he does not care about horde side prices. Or maybe they just have some kind of bug, so they not recive horde tickets, and now they will read about it here and will fix it )))
  4. One more tooday. Same problem again. Minus 3 bots in 6 days. 6 апр 2019 21H13.log.html
  5. One more logfile. Not quiet the same thing, but the same result. For some resone bot was not able to make stright path to his vendor. Alliance bot have died 80 times (!) while trying to get from ashenvale to a barrens vendor, because he blacklisted his ashenvale vendor without even reaching him. So it's clear that he is done and i can just delete it after dieing 40+ times in the middle of crossroads that he was trying to pas trough. Most likely it's because he have added some blackspots in his way and, while avoinding them he have stuck, and because of this he have blacklisted his vendor. And as i sayd i'm lusing my bots because of this for like 2 years now. 1 апр 2019 19H55.log.html
  6. In a case of that exact bot, i'm using hmp with the only option "run from elites" because this bug happens to often and bot dies when desides to run trough blaklisted elit mobs area. Plagins i use are mostly self writen and does not affect movement or blaklisting, only spel managment + i use a plagin for an autoequipment. And i do not use any addons that can affect this ither. There is no any stuck in a log. He just died and that's it. Have you read the log i've sent to you? It seems like you did not. And am i getting this right, you adviceing to turn on option to ignore all blackspots i have added to my profile to ignore elites, enemy faction towns ect?
  7. Okay. It's a very-very-very old bug. It was reported tones of times and i've decided to push it once again. As alway,s sorry for my english, it's not my native language. How does it looks. Lets say you are grinding with a quester, you got a nice circle path and everithing fine, you leave the bot be for a couple hours (or days?) and when you come back his path is not hte the same circle that it was before. Sometimes it's alittle different, but sometimes it's a complete mess, with path going around some zone 1000 meters away from your grind spot, or running trugh blackspots with elites and so on. This is most likely the end of your bot, because he was chain-dieing during last 50 minutes or so in front of bunch of the players, so you may just delete it. The second weird thing is: If you stop the bot and instantly start it again (without even closeing the program), he will start to run your normal path, like if nothing happened. It seems that problem is: bot sometimes blacklists the spot he is going to or the spot he was at, when he is dieding. The moment i have spotеed my bot broke was like this: 1) 16:10 Bot is going to town (about 1900 meters away) 2) 16:16 He sucessfuly reaches the vendor. Sells, repairs. 3) 16:17 Bot is going back to the farm spot. 4) 16:18 During the ran he is attacked by mob and then killed by a player 5) 16:18 Running back from the graveyard to the corpse. 6) 16:19 Resurects, eats/drinks, buff, whatever. 7) 16:20 And then, instead of continue his run to the farm spot using the same path, he decides to make a huuuge circle (6900 meters total), that includes run through 2 different zones, through some enemy faction villages and some elite mobs areas, just to run back to the farm spot (wich was like 1600 meters away). 😎 16:20 I Stop/Start the bot, and he is back to his normal path (1617 meters total, without any deadly obsticles). All time are in my log file, wich i will send to the @Driodz I can also add 1-2 logfiles per day with the same problem, if you need them. It's the same bug that forces the bot to run from Ashenvale to the vendor in Felwood. And i personally have lost maybe like hundred bots because of this so far.
  8. No, they are not. And no, you need like 15 seconds to recognize a bot no matter what fight class it uses. More than that, you don't even need him to fight anything.
  9. Can confirm there is some repair / vendor problem acure from time to time, but i was not able to catch this bug, so can't say why it happens. Sometimes my bots just blacklist vendors for no reason, sometimes they decide to went to a vendor far away that is not even in the current profile. Sometime they went to correct vendor but do nothing, just stand near him for a 10-15 seconds and then go back to profile with full bags. Also have seen other bots (not mine) doing this, runing moltiple times to a vendor, then to the farm spot, then back to the vendor and so on. I might be wrong, but for me it happens at 2.3.0 version and higher. But as i sayd, maybe it's just a coincedence, don't have any prcise information yet.
  10. Check your VPNs. I bet you are not the only one who use them, thy might be just black listed also. And don't want to be rude, but any public things is also a bad thing, like profiles. If you want to do this thing serious. If not, and you just want couple higlevels for yourself, then use public things.
  11. Also manually level from 1 to 70 is even safer. If you constantly got reported till level 20 you probably do something wrong.
  12. I do have a RAM problems at PCs with a lot of VM's but it does not look like this, it's just don't log in back sometimes if you run at 100% ram all the time. Using both 2.2.5 and 2.2.2 versions there for 1.12 game.
  13. Running 10-12 per pc, haven't ever seen this error. Also i'm alway using more then 85% of ram, sometimes close to 100% (those computer were bought to run exact number of bots). client version 2.2.5 for 1.12 game version. Also got one pc with 2.3.0 version, but it's for testing only. Running 1 bot there atm (sometimes 6-7 but not often). Also no errors.
  14. Fixed, it's the same problem as was before. In case anyone need will need a fix for it, here it is:
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