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  1. Thank you. I've made a simple workaround, it will do for now ))
  2. It sems that GetNpcNearby with a single argument does not return what it should either. I call it two times one with Repair argument and second time with Vendor. Both calls return me closest Vendor type from my NPC Database. My bad. This was a false information. Checked it again, it seems to work fine
  3. Most of the issues you have faced was wrobot issues (or even all of them was). But you have targeted developers of payed products. Maybe not everithing perfect there either and there may be conflicts, like you want it to be that way, but developer made it anoother way. But most of the times the stuff that developer able to control - works. The wrobot stuff - don't. Maybe that's why some people tell you "try it yourself", just so you undertand where all this bullshit you have faced come from and that all of us fighting it for years.
  4. GetNpcNearby(wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.NpcType type, wManager.Wow.Class.Npc.NpcVendorItemClass npcVendorItemClass) is seems to ignore second argument when searching for a vendor. I've set all my Vendors VendorItemClass to WeaponAxe, only one vendor with the VendorItemClass Food have left in my database. But when i call GetNpcNearby(NpcType.Vendor, NpcVendorItemClass.Food) it returns closest Vendor with VendorItemClass WeaponAxe.
  5. I have database of 50+ vendors, All of them are Repair type. Bots are always running to the closest one when they need to sell, or repair, or both. Tooday i have added one vendor (Orgrimmar Innkeeper) with Vendor type. And now, if bot don't need to repair he will run trught all the city to that single vendor even if there is like 10 Repair vendors nearby. If i change that single Vendor type from Vendor to Repair, bots will start to sell to a closes Repair type vendor as they did before. When bot is desideing go ToTown he need to check both Repair AND Vedor type vendors and then decide wich one is closer. Game version 3.3.5a Latest Wrobot version. P.S. This is pretty critical for me, so i will annoy with it.
  6. P.S. Tested at public 3.3.5a realm.
  7. Skill.Has(SkillLine.Swords) will return False for Warloks, but True for Warriors and Mages. Skill.Has(SkillLine.Maces) will return False for Priests and Druids, but True for Warriors. Have not tested every class with every skill yet, but it's not working correctly with atleast 3 classes already.
  8. You can use wowhead: Or you can start wrobot and use Tool/Development Tool: And then "Bag Items" or "Get all Objects" (if you have the spellstone already) or "Info by name". P.S. Don't use 41191 from my screenshot. It's most likely not a spellstone you are looking for.
  9. No, he is not compare bananas with apples. He is comparing rare using of bot (how it should be) with the case when everyone using it (how you guys want it to be, it seems). And the fact that this code will be used for private realms is actually counterargument for you. There are less players, it will be much easyer to flood all possible realms, because there are less realms total. Also, I wonder, let's say, some developer releases some code for sale. Let's say it's something simple, like the right coordinates siquence, the only one that is right (just for the sake of example). He have spend couple mounth of testing to get those coordinates right and to solve some problem with it, that's why he is selling it. What will prevent you guys to "to borrow" his solution (because it's the only right one) without spending 3-4 mounth for testing and make it a part of a free project? And then there will be like 700 people running the same coordinates. Also no one states that this project should be banned or something, you can do whatever you want.
  10. That's how you kill botting everyone) Give everyone everything for free, let them flood realms and make gms mad. Wait till everyone will do the same as Tauri. What a wonderfull undertaking. Nothing bad can ever happen if you populize botting, and give it to everyone, with the lowest enter possible. Right? Oh wait, HB did that once and how are they doing now? Oh, and how is retail wow botting is doing in genereal? Everithing will be fine, lets just do the same. Both, guys who are make a living selling paid stuff and guys who make a living with mass botting will be so glad to all of those outcomes. Why shouldn't they, right?
  11. That's why mentioned this, have seen lots of irritation by this fact, while i personally do the same with my own profiles deliberately.
  12. it's obviously not my buisness. But if you make a multiclass route trugh mobs that are able to disarm, then just exclude those mobs from attack list will not help mele classes at all. Once again, i have not tested the said profile, but if that's the case, it's a bad disign atleast. But then again, it's a developer right to what he things is the fastest way to level, atleast if he can pruve his statement that this is the right way to go. For example i do get like 5 levels at the grey-green areas because it safer and i loose less bots leveling like this, but if my profile was public, i bet every second customer would sayd that this is wrong. Also i completely agree with @CocoChanel statement, that description of a file that someone selling should realistic, don't understand why anyone will arguing with that.
  13. I have 6 accounts banned once (with proxies and stuff) that was not boting. Was just standing afk inside a WC. Gm decided that they are probobly fishing there and banned them all. While they don't even have a fishing skill. I wrote an apeal, 3 or 4 month have passed and they didn't not answer it yet) So basic rule here is "If they decide that you are doing something wrong, they ban you". No proofs are needed and appeal seems useless.
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