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  1. I like how you advertising in every thread the idea, that users should basically code their own bot, missing the point, that users are already paying for the bot ) Like it should not do what it have to do, but every user have to code it himself )
  2. @Droidz, can you tell me please, is there no such event as "running to retrieve the corpse" and that's why i just can't intercept it, or am i do something wrong? If there is no such event, then how to retrive corpse with my own code? There is like 20 places atleast, where bot can't get his corpse back, rumming in to the wall or ignores elevator. can you tell me please, is there no such event such "running to retrive the corpse" and that's why i just can't intercept it, or am i do something wrong?
  3. It's kind of opposite. I would even say that we are less prioretized here then the "Mom, i'm gona be botter tooday!" type of guys. Some critical thing for us are not implemented literaly in years. It's simple, those type of guys are more profitable. Even if bot will be instant bannable at every realm, they will buy it anyway to try it. And they will buy paid stuff. And then they will quit in 3 month and new will come and cicle will repeat. While massboters will not buy much paid stuff and will not accept instant-bannable bot.
  4. 5 июн 2019 17H01.log.html Here is a video and a log. I'm trying to make bot to go opposite derection from the corpse. But he does not ever reach first waypoint. Code that i was testing it with: public void Initialize() { Logging.Write("Corpse Runner is ON"); isRunning = true; robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState += (engine, state, cancelable) => { if ((Me.HaveBuff("Ghost"))) { Logging.Write("Resurrect state is cancelled"); cancelable.Cancel = true; MovementManager.StopMove(); MovementManager.Go(OppositeDirectionSpiritPath); while (MovementManager.InMovement && Conditions.InGameAndConnected && !Conditions.IsAttackedAndCannotIgnore) { Thread.Sleep(300); }; MovementManager.StopMove(); Logging.Write("WAIT 5000ms"); Thread.Sleep(5000); } }; }
  5. Thank you for reply, not sure what it will work. I'll try it today and will film a video for you how it goes.
  6. Technically true, but also do everything yourself is not an acceptable solution for every single situation.
  7. Might be very stupid question, i'm kind of ill today, so it's hard to think right, sorry for that. Anyway, simple code like this is not working for me:  robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState += (engine, state, cancelable) => { if (condition) { cancelable.Cancel = true; Logging.Write("Message1"); // Do something here Logging.Write("Message2"); cancelable.Cancel = false; } }; The goal is to release spirit but then intercept the act of the corpse-run with a plugin. Problem is: I do get "Message1", so state is canceled, then bot tryes to do the job (// section), but then, for some reason, bot decides to run for a corpse. If i test it like this:  cancelable.Cancel = true; Logging.Write("Waiting"); Thread.Sleep(1000*500); Logging.Write("Message2"); cancelable.Cancel = true; Then i'll get "Waiting" message. Bot will stay for 2-3 seconds but then will run for a corpse anyway. So it's not my code starting the thread again, the thread is starting by itself or (more likely) its a separate thread wich i can't cancel, for some reasone. Also it doesn't matter wich way i do this, with OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState or OnRunState, result is the same. I've tryed to cnahge "condition" of my if, to be always true. It spams "Message1", constantly canceling the state, but does not stop the corpse run. I can pause the bot instead of canceling the state, It will stop the corpse run for sure, but then i will not be able to move it with methods like MovementManager (if i'm not mistaken). To sum up, is it some sort of state that i can't cancel, or am i just stupid and do it wrong? Maybe the Products.InPause is the way to do it instead, but how do i move then? Thank you in advance for any tips. 
  8. Thread.Sleep(1000 * 30); This is your timer. 1000ms = 1 second. Multiplied by 30 = 30 seconds. You can change it.
  9. Yeah, you right, but this is not the same as follow path from point to point 3 meters away from one to another, wich my follow path do.
  10. Some new info. I might be wrong, but 5 days ago or so, i've noticed that some of bots are stuck in the open field during follow path step. They just stop moveing and start to jump at the same place, rtying to avoind invisible wall. Things like that may happen when you killing mobs or traveling using pathfinder (There are some bug reports about that), but the weird thing, is that i don't kill mobs there and follow path is not using pathfinder. Maybe it's just a coincedence and for some reasone my profile have buged couple times, but if anyone of you have seen something similar, please, let me know.
  11. Okay. Minus everyone else today. lvl 30-50. Both factions. I'm using all self written, so it's not about profiles here. It looks like if they hand checking everyone, or got some new detection thing, or both.
  12. As far as i remember, this is not a solution at all. Clearing blacklist will also clear all blacklisted things that you have put there for reason. Mobs that are blacklisted by profile, locations, mobs that are blacklisted because they are stuck/bugged and so on.
  13. - 3 alliance for me. lvl 55+, 33+ and 36+.
  14. This is obviously not my buisness, but you know that features like this will simply burn characters mana, making him drink or die often, that will totally nulify any boon of a form/aspect speed. Also it makes combat longer because you will start it with empty energy bar after shapeshift. Also it make a bot behaver more obvious, because noone will shape-shift between mobs while hand-playing. Also in vanilla, if your bot is feral (for example) you already have 30% speed in cat form wich is already almost like travel form.
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