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  1. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

    Wrobot / Data , and just delete the directory. But no, this does not help.
  2. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

  3. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

    Same at one more Vanilla realm with 20+ rates This is fucking sabotage, counting that it's a second day of a new realm release. Half of my bots were reported for sure, till i have noticed that. (got whispers like "reported" and so on).
  4. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

    Yeah, I have done this before posting here. Not helping.
  5. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

    Happens on different realms, as far as i can see. Bot ignores even some huge mountains if there is a mob or vendor behind it. @Droidz
  6. Findeh

    Bot doesnt work suddenly

    Global problem for sure. Got the same
  7. Findeh

    Cannot make path to target

    I can confirm. Today bots started to face hd walls and trees that they previously was avoiding perfectly. This is absolutely unacceptable. What happened with the meshes? I have tried to add black spots at every tree and wall, but bots completely ignoring them as well. Northdale (New Light's Hope realm).
  8. As far as i know, not every vendor is working like this. Wrobot is ignoring some vendors completely. He interacts, open trade window, do nothing, close trade window and then repeat.
  9. I like how this guy is advertising socks 5 in his every post. Like if it was super new idea ) Also good to post advices after 7 month )) Not mention that everyone already know how to use different ip for like 7 years already, so it is obvious i was using different ip without any connection to each other.
  10. Forgive me my stupidity, but i can't find an answer for this. I have read comments there: And searched some other topics, still no straight answer for this questions: 1) Will wrobot subscription expire in couple month for users that bought wrobot unlimited almost a year ago? 2) If i need to add 10 more sessions to my limit i have to buy 80 euro per year subscription (about 100 usd), just can't understand what's the difference between this: and this: First one cost 100 usd per year, the second one will cost me like 400 usd per year. What's the point of the second one, counting that official servers is not supported?
  11. Findeh

    New design is inconvenient

    Have not time to test it, but thank you.
  12. Findeh

    New design is inconvenient

    1. Thank you alot. 2. The problem is, when you need to do something fast, for example when your bot was teleported or stuck, you don't have time to change window size or for scrolling. Left buttons (in my opinion) are to high, they may be 30% less higher (like they was before) and that will reduce the size of the window. 3. Okay, i see, this is fair enough. Currently running 15+ new version one (with 2 different keys), no bugs so far.
  13. 1) Why character name is barely visible? When bots were disconnected it is much harder to find what window belong to who. It was asked a year ago to save the place for a wrobot window, not only wow window, and now it became even worst. 2) New design consume more space because left icons are much higher then before. From now, to make window with all left buttons visible you need stretch it like 50% more then it was before. 3) If you are using an old wersion for old design, wrobot spams "UPDATER ME" in error log, shiting the log completly, making the log unreadable and, as a result, make a ban chance higher for me. Only minuses so far. When the good things will start to happen?
  14. Findeh

    Stuck while opening chest

    I got a code for a chest opening (because it's not working by default). This code was tested like 1000-2000 times and it was working 100% of the times. About 4-6 month ago it suddenly have stoped to work. Bot is opening chest, loot it, but then just stays endlesly at the same position. I was not using that function long ago but now i need it again and after t he 6 month it is still broken. Whole profile is not working. My code is checking in a loop is there a chest spawned. And while there is a chest he is trying to loot it. So my guess, when he loots the chest, for some reason, bot continue to think that the chest it is still there, and are not going any further. Here is a code example: { WoWGameObject chest = wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWGameObject().FirstOrDefault(i => i.Entry == chestID); while (chest != null && chest.Position.DistanceTo(new Vector3(a, b, c)) < 5 && chest.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) <= 15) { if (chest.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) >= 5) { wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPosition(new Vector3(a, b, c)); Thread.Sleep(800); } wManager.Wow.Helpers.Interact.InteractGameObjectAutoLoot(chest.GetBaseAddress, true, false); Thread.Sleep(1000); } } Have tested it at 3 different realms, where it was working before, same problem at each of them.
  15. Yeah, but how? No turn keys in wManager.Wow.Helpers.Move. Only back, forward, strafes and up/down. If i understand correctly, this will be not a spin but an instant turn, or am i wrong?