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  1. Findeh

    Memory leak

    I do have a RAM problems at PCs with a lot of VM's but it does not look like this, it's just don't log in back sometimes if you run at 100% ram all the time. Using both 2.2.5 and 2.2.2 versions there for 1.12 game.
  2. Findeh

    Memory leak

    Running 10-12 per pc, haven't ever seen this error. Also i'm alway using more then 85% of ram, sometimes close to 100% (those computer were bought to run exact number of bots). client version 2.2.5 for 1.12 game version. Also got one pc with 2.3.0 version, but it's for testing only. Running 1 bot there atm (sometimes 6-7 but not often). Also no errors.
  3. Fixed, it's the same problem as was before. In case anyone need will need a fix for it, here it is:
  4. Relogger does not log in and astuck at "Please connect to the game" window if in general settings path to Wrobot.exe is not at the same directory as relogger exe. I can't run any bot with a new wersion anymore, have to log them all by hands. What's the heck? Tested with 1.12 relogger.
  5. Findeh

    Sliding during flight

    Droidz is not russian. Also your message have no sense in russian. So even if he were russian, he would not be able to understand what do you mean.
  6. Mate, you have posted your name now ( Also link will not work for anyone except you.
  7. Oh, thank you. Haven't seen this thread
  8. Most likely a very stupid question but i have stuck with it. My custom script field at a quester profile have to many code atm, and its became a pain to edit anything in there. So i would like to move all that code in to a file. So questions are: 1) What type of file it may be? cs? 2) Where should i place this file? 3) How should i link it inside Custom Script field to use it? Thank you.
  9. It seems, that if you use IfHasNotQues step and it will return False, every step that is placed after this step will not be executed, as if there was no EndIf step. All quest profile will be ignored and bot will stop as if quest profile is ended.
  10. Should be only one. There are cases when it can be more then once (when it's checking for LOS and obstacles to the target), but there was no such cases so far. I will check it on my side. Will try to change all proxies, and will try another pc and another wow realm, maybe vanilla one.
  11. Well, seems it's back 😞 [N] 22:35:00 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 (36,45547y, 30400ms) ..... [N] 22:37:29 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 5 (112,8389y, 25012ms) If i'm the only one with this this problem, maybe it's at my side.
  12. No, seems like it's gone. Thank you.