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  1. I don't want to push or something, but just curious, will it be possible to fix or should i abandon all my WotLK druids?
  2. P.S. I can add any additional material if needed (video, screenshots, log). Also i can give a druid that have learned a form spell, for testing.
  3. Have tested. Same bug for me. Only happens in WotLK so far. Have created a bug report here: Let's hope Droidz will be able to manage it soon.
  4. When Druid is in the Bear or Cat form, bot is trying to Regen (drink or just wait) till full energy or rage bar, counting it as a mana. So druid in bear form is just stuck forever, because he can't regen rage to 100% out of combat. In cat form, he will just wait till full energy, log file will say "Regen started". In both cases, if he got any water left, he will use it after each combat even with 100% mana. Doing that, he will lose all water very fast and then will just stand forever in bear form. This bug makes druids completley broken for WotLK. And it never happened in Vanilla or BC. Here are some posts with the same problem:
  5. Seems like all the same. Also, since you have started to fix something with a map, some of my other profiles broke. Now i can't level bots in ashenvale because some meshes missing and bots act weird. Reported here with screenshots: Also bot completley ignore the mountain at Mor'Shan Base camp (the warsong horde camp in the northen Barrens). To test it, you may just stand in the middle of the camp, near vendor, turn bot on and see how it runs to Ashenvale from there. Bot this an old problem, same as Cenarion Hold. The problem with Ashenvale meshes is new tho. Never happened before.
  6. This thing was reportet more then year ago, i guess, and since then like 20 more times already. I'v crated a bug report recently about exactly the same problem. There is a map screen shot, that shows how bad is everything. Tested at Nighthaven and Lightbringer.
  7. [Vanilla] Pathfinding Silithus

    It looks pretty same as it was before. Running through the mountain, and through the 3 walls of the building.
  8. [Vanilla] Pathfinding Ashenvale

    After the last update bot some Ashenvale meshes seems broken. For example, my bot can't get stight from: Map name MPQ: Kalimdor My Position: 1419.178, -2253.302, 89.91604, "None" (It's a spot near lantern, just at the middle of the road) To: Map name MPQ: Kalimdor My Position: 1422.504, -2253.203, 89.92475, "None" (It's near the same lantern as well) All i want is to force him move straight up that road. Instead of this he runs to the Barrens, then from the Barrens he runs to the river near the Orgimmar, runs north that river, enters Ashenvale near the Azshara and then run's to that second point. Ashenvale is bad in general. Bot stucks in trees and roots if any around. So i have alot of blackspots there, preventing bots from stuck or die. Everything was working almost fine 2 days ago. So that's a new bug, i guess. Here is 2 pictures. At the first one i'm in the first coordinates. At the second one, i'm at the second coordinates (just few meters away). Can you please add those mesh connections back? Thank you.
  9. [Vanilla] Pathfinding Silithus

    Have not tested yet, but thank you. And sorry for that spelling, for some reason half of the words in the previous message was edited by translator i use.
  10. [Vanilla] Pathfinding Silithus

    It have been reported like 20 times already. Pathfinding in silithus is completley broken. Bot does not know even a single wal or kill at Cenarion Hold. How to reproduce. Just to use any profile, set vendor to any guy who is inside the Cenarion Hold in Silithus. Press "Go to town", watch the pass builded an the bot inbuild map.
  11. All different ip, more than half were 60, others 45 +
  12. Will be my first ban post here, minus more then 50 accounts in 2 days :) Good job LH devs :) And how are you, guys, doing?
  13. Have send everything. Bot still wont download that mesh. Have tried different wrobot installations.
  14. Tha's a very-very common problem. You will have to edit your NPC database for every profile you have created. Put marks in front of "That's profile npc" in NPC database when you run a profile