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  • Bot ignores Repair type vendors if he don't need to repair

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Confirmed

    I have database of 50+ vendors, All of them are Repair type. Bots are always running to the closest one when they need to sell, or repair, or both.

    Tooday i have added one vendor (Orgrimmar Innkeeper) with Vendor type. And now, if bot don't need to repair he will run trught all the city to that single vendor even if there is like 10 Repair vendors nearby.

    If i change that single Vendor type from Vendor to Repair, bots will start to sell to a closes Repair type vendor as they did before.

    When bot is desideing go ToTown he need to check both Repair AND Vedor type vendors and then decide wich one is closer.

    Game version 3.3.5a Latest Wrobot version.

    P.S. This is pretty critical for me, so i will annoy with it.

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