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  1. Hello, after update from oldest version to new - wrobot close after i click :"start". i try clear install also - nothing help 😞 log below. Vanilla also have this problem Old version with same profile working fine. 14 янв 2019 21H23.log.html
  2. Same problems, and after this relogger try restart bot and have message :"Game version incorrect" and all stops until restart handly 🙂
  3. Need code for pause bot 🙂 Or he is going in the wall
  4. Sometime have bug, where bot not closed after character change :"Character changed, closing bot." And i cant get access to MemoryRobot.Memory.Close(); Any way to avoid it? if (Logging.ReadLastString(Logging.LogType.Error) == "Character changed, closing bot.") { MemoryRobot.Memory. }
  5. Cenarion hold have very bad meshes and cant run to repair/fly master. offmesh not work, because bot think :"i know patch!" 😞
  6. My english sux and i have no idea what here talking about, but it's fine
  7. kpeno

    Development tools

    In 2+ version for TBC(others not tested) problem with this. If open and click any option e.q: (my position) - this utility show result e.q: (x = 1,y = 2, z = 0),if you running out from this position(not restart development tools) and click again get my position - nothing change, same with target info. And small not bug, but not true - after get any results, scroll always down, but(for me) by default best info in Upper scroll.
  8. Oh, this really work only for vanilla, maybe you can tell where i can get info about others codes and others addons ? :)
  9. Hi, anyone know how disable luaevent wow after i added it ?:) added ez :"EventsLua.AttachEventLua(LuaEventsId.CURRENT_SPELL_CAST_CHANGED, m => azaza());", but not found Detach method :(
  10. If anybody have same problem, Custom Profile.dll in Products folder :facepalm and :cry :D
  11. Hi, any way to make invisible error in visual studio with code :"public class CustomProfile : Custom_Profile.ICustomProfile" . I am not found any library from wrobot directory who see this namespace and if try compilite always have this error :(
  12. Any ideas how add button or keyboard combination for show settings in custom profile in any moment as i want ?
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