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  1. zzzar

    Code to ignore all fighting

    wManager.Wow.Helpers.Conditions.ForceIgnoreIsAttacked = true;
  2. zzzar

    Auto Equip

    There are [Free]Butler plugin that do autoequip only for wotlk, and [PAID] HumanMasterPlugin that do multi-expansion autoequip(also have some other usable features).
  3. zzzar

    if and while

    You can use, for example , wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.MapZoneName == "Elwynn Forest" for zone names or wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.SubMapZoneName == "Crystal Lake" for subzones
  4. Spells like Mangle(Cat), Faerie fire(feral) (also i heard of other spells with parenthesis in it's name) isn't usable in TBC in usual way, so we forced to run it as macros or lua. Its not a big deal at all, but when it comes to make fightclasses, you can't use, for example, Mangle.KnownSpell and has to divide druid feral fc in pre-mangle fc and post-mangle fc, which is not very convenient. Droidz, if you can, please fix this issue.
  5. zzzar

    hosile pets

    Check "Ignore combat with all pets" in Advanced Settings
  6. delete
  7. Can Droidz or someone else who knows please explain me how to do same stuff with quest where need use item on hostile "dead" mob. This part of code if (ObjectManager.Target.IsValid && ObjectManager.Target.IsAlive && ObjectManager.Target.HealthPercent <= 25) do not work because when bot kill mob, he loose target.
  8. zzzar

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    My 2 cents: 1. I botted warmane for a long time without issues, bots live pretty long life and banned by gms obviously, no complains. 2. ~ At august they start rapidly ban my bots on tbc realm, all bots was banned around lvl 30 after 1-2 days of questing 6-8 h per day, since there are not many lvlers i considered it for very active no life gm and left Outland for good 3.~ At september they start doing same on Lordaeron and Icecrown but now bots got banned between 14-20 lvl around of 4-6 hours of /played. I tried all old methods and their combinations like proxy\vm's\mac\hwid change etc.= nothing work. Also i wrote all my lvling profiles on icecrown and about that time i started writiing dwarf\gnome profile and was surprised that they ban acc's on that i writing it, ofc they supervised and humanlike(tons of afk). After losing few accs i move on another server to write stuff. Then i try to understand how they catch me if it's not detect. What i try: * Create new acc - supervised - leveling only quests, breaks, afk, chat = banned 20 lvl/ 6 h played. Tried this on VM\PC host\ proxy \without proxy (doesn't think proxy matter coz of dynamic ip) - tried this scheme for 4 times with different classes\races\profiles. *After this i created account that i played by hand and never connected wrobot to it and continue my tries. I play this account the same time my bot running on vm but same ip = bot was banned, handplay not. I start new bot same way and managed to lvl herb\mining to 75\75 on bot and send all materials to handplay, after 1 hour = bot banned, handplay not. * Next i make bot on host and same ip handplay and do same +send farmed on bot to handplay = bot banned, handplay not. Handplay now around 60 lvl, still no ban. * And for the end 2 days ago i take bot+wow to my friend(he never have wow\bot on his comp installed+ he have different internet provider) , set it up and watch = banned on 20 lvl. if its not detection, tell me what else to do:D Hope my writings understandable, english is not my native.
  9. Hello, i got the problem that sometimes(1-2 times per week, rarely but still) all running bots suddenly closes. Internet still working, no wows d\c, and i run below max sessions allowed. Here a log of one of gathering bots. 6 окт 2018 13H51.log.html
  10. zzzar

    Warmane Lordaeron Bans

    Same here 4\4 new accs banned, 2 outland\2 icecrown - all different new ips, my own questing profiles\ fightclasses, plugins: evadehate, smoothmove
  11. zzzar

    Know if already did a quest

    I use ILSpy
  12. zzzar

    Know if already did a quest

    You mean in quest log? wManager.Wow.Helpers.Quest.HasQuest(questID)
  13. zzzar

    Know if already did a quest

    = !Quest.GetQuestCompleted(questID)
  14. zzzar

    Custom Script in quester profile

    Thanks, that just what i need!
  15. zzzar

    Custom Script in quester profile

    Got it worked, but GetRestState() do what i mentioned early - it do not check if u have "zzz buff", it just check if you have Rested Xp pool or not. It do well in part when i go to town and use travel form, problem is if i out of town and have some pool of rested xp left. bot still run around in travel form(he must use cat+stealth in that case), so figured out that enumeration of zones works better. Anyway, thanks for help 🙂