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  1. Zan

    BFA Support?

    Private WoW servers only
  2. Zan

    Abandon quest by id

    "The Absent Minded Prospector" and change all questid to questname to avoid confusion.
  3. Zan

    Abandon quest by id

    Try quotes around the name?
  4. Zan

    question about wrbot

    1 session for 1 yr at 22.99 euro
  5. Zan

    Cast spell without targeting

  6. Zan

    Is this for retail too?

    Read the upper left under WRobot please.
  7. No. WRobot is for private server only.
  8. Zan

    Wrobot and BFA?

    He said it will not happen several times. It's better that way than getting a cease and desist and shutting down all versions on WRobot.
  9. Zan

    Wrobot and BFA?

    I'm amazed at the amount of people who can't read the upper left corner or the home page.
  10. Zan

    Game version incorrect

    Retail is not supported.
  11. Zan

    Game version incorrect

    Which WoW version are you playing?
  12. Zan

    Current Version of WoW?

  13. Zan

    Can not get LUA Hearthstone to work

    Delete bindlocation; ", " You need it to be return hearth;"
  14. Zan

    Can not get LUA Hearthstone to work

    I'm trying to point out where you need to put return at.