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  1. Sorry if I was misunderstood and I'm glad you brought up HB. My examples are just examples but they can be easily understood what I meant. Here is a snippet of the HB Auto Launcher: <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Human" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Human.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.NightElf" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Night Elf.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Dwarf" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Dwarf.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Gnome" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Gnome.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Draenei" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Draenei.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Worgen &amp;&amp; Me.Level &lt; 90 &amp;&amp; (!IsQuestCompleted(26706) || Me.MapId == 654)" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Worgen.xml" /> </If> Also, in the profile itself can be: if (!QuestComplete(50)) { DoQuest(1) DoQuest(2) " " DoQuest(50) } if (!QuestComplete(100)) { DoQuest(51) DoQuest(52) " " DoQuest(100) } or: if (MeLevel >= 10 && (MeLevel < 15) { Load Westfall Profile here } if (MeLevel >= 15 && (MeLevel < 20) { Load Redridge Mountains Profile here } Those were the types of "if conditions" I was referring to. I apologize for the lack of detail in my explanation. HB had check points in their profiles which changed the profile when you leveled up. Last I checked WRobot did not have that capability unless you used LUA Events for "PLAYER_LEVEL_UP". Just my 2 copper......
  2. Talk to Bambo about that. He can add if conditions for different points along his profile to rush the search.
  3. That is not Droidz saying he is.
  4. number = 5; i=1; for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"Soul Shard") then if i > number then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end; end; i=i+1; end; end;
  5. Yes it's only for private servers.
  6. If you can't afford €6.66 / mo then you need to find another hobby.
  7. If you're using a 4K monitor, change the resolution to 1080.
  8. Here is the quick and easy explanation: .xml is using the WRobot Quest or Fight Class editor .cs is written in c# .dll is usually a compilation of several .cs files into one and can also use obfuscation to protect their code written in the file so it cannot be changed. I write .cs and .dll for my questing files to be used in Profiles -> Custom Profile folder in WRobot For .xml Questing you place it in the Profiles -> Quester folder or Gatherer or Fisherbot or Battlegrounder. Depending on what it's used for. For Fight Classes you can place all 3 types into the FightClass folder.
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