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  1. https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/3-general-discussion/
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  3. Honorbuddy was a 1-button bot after a couple years. Don't glorify it as being perfect from the start. Bossland had hired a few developers and made it what it was at the end. Kickazz did a good job on his profiles but there were a lot of issues with it concerning standing there with no quest giver, not using spells on npcs when it was suppose to (This one I'll never forget because it got stuck all the fucking time https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26520/saving-foreman-oslow or https://www.wowhead.com/quest=26232/lous-parting-thoughts) <- Both were broke until Echo fixed it years later. The corrections to the profile he made were corrected when users let him know and he didn't even fix all the problems. You must have come in at the end of HB when Echotiger was writing the questing profile, who actually rewrote the whole thing by the way, and had multiple toons constantly running through it every single day. The WRobot API is pretty extensive and if you can't find it in there you can use WoW API, Events, or LUA. Pathing to me is the part where WRobot is really lacking. HB had a lot of navigation points, which I'm assuming, is why HB ran so smooth with very little stucks and not so many zigzags. Droidz is a single person and does not wish to bring on anyone else and chose to let the community sell profiles and let the community judge those profiles. Kind of like what Bossland did except Droidz doesn't take a 30% - 40% cut of the profits. If you don't like the profile give it 1 or no stars, give your reason why, then move on. I do agree with putting AFK in any profile listing is wrong as even a profile that runs 99.99% AFK is not an AFK profile. Droidz more than likely opted out of retail to avoid the possibility of affecting his private server bots which was actually more popular when he discontinued the retail version. WRobot is basically an interface tool to use for WoW private servers. I have not been here since the start but it seemed more like a melee rotation tool in the beginning more than anything. Oh and that one time Lifetime payment for 3 sessions was not $60 it was 60€ plus it wasn't really Lifetime was it? Bossland revoked all of them and placed everybody on monthly, quarterly and so on for payments. I've seen you mention that a few times and it is irrelevant.
  4. You'd need to do a few checks on stealth. Example checks: #1 food set below 50% health. Therefore, set stealth to health >= 50% #2 food set below 50% health. Stealth with food buff when health < 50%
  5. Sessions are how many bots you can run simultaneously. 10 sessions isn't the cheapest option for an annual rate. The price listed is the monthly rate. The others list annual rates and 10 sessions start at the lower rate. In addition, "English" is not the developers native language.
  6. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/10968-request-wrobot-801-28153-private-server/?tab=comments#comment-52218
  7. https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/9164-the-begining-of-the-end-of-wrobot-for-official-servers/
  8. #1 It looks like you may have an extra space between "of Lordaeron" #2 If that doesn't work try doing ; at the very end. example -> "Ruins of Lordaeron"; #3 Or find the AreaId of the position you are at. example -> Usefuls.AreaId == 3968;
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    Not here. Ask them.
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