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  1. #1 It looks like you may have an extra space between "of Lordaeron" #2 If that doesn't work try doing ; at the very end. example -> "Ruins of Lordaeron"; #3 Or find the AreaId of the position you are at. example -> Usefuls.AreaId == 3968;
  2. Zan


    Not here. Ask them.
  3. Did you try searching? Your answer is on the forums.
  4. State which version of WoW to get a more accurate response. Different versions have different servers.
  5. It does not support Retail. It's private server only.
  6. 22.99 EUR and 22.99 EUR per year
  7. If it procs, try using SpellOverlay or something that sounds like that.
  8. Sorry if I was misunderstood and I'm glad you brought up HB. My examples are just examples but they can be easily understood what I meant. Here is a snippet of the HB Auto Launcher: <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Human" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Human.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.NightElf" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Night Elf.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Dwarf" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Dwarf.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Gnome" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Gnome.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Draenei" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Draenei.xml" /> </If> <If Condition="Me.Race == WoWRace.Worgen &amp;&amp; Me.Level &lt; 90 &amp;&amp; (!IsQuestCompleted(26706) || Me.MapId == 654)" > <Code File="LoadProfile" ProfileName="Starters\Worgen.xml" /> </If> Also, in the profile itself can be: if (!QuestComplete(50)) { DoQuest(1) DoQuest(2) " " DoQuest(50) } if (!QuestComplete(100)) { DoQuest(51) DoQuest(52) " " DoQuest(100) } or: if (MeLevel >= 10 && (MeLevel < 15) { Load Westfall Profile here } if (MeLevel >= 15 && (MeLevel < 20) { Load Redridge Mountains Profile here } Those were the types of "if conditions" I was referring to. I apologize for the lack of detail in my explanation. HB had check points in their profiles which changed the profile when you leveled up. Last I checked WRobot did not have that capability unless you used LUA Events for "PLAYER_LEVEL_UP". Just my 2 copper......
  9. Talk to Bambo about that. He can add if conditions for different points along his profile to rush the search.
  10. That is not Droidz saying he is.
  11. number = 5; i=1; for bag = 0,4,1 do for slot = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(bag), 1 do local name = GetContainerItemLink(bag,slot); if name and string.find(name,"Soul Shard") then if i > number then PickupContainerItem(bag,slot); DeleteCursorItem(); end; end; i=i+1; end; end;
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