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Fight Classes - Shadowlands

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  1. Zan's - Demon Hunter (Shadowlands) 9.2.7

    Zan's Demon Hunter (Shadowlands)
    Vengeance - Usable Havoc - Work in progress Covenants Kyrian Class Spell - Usable Signature Spell - Not tested Necrolord Class Spell - Work in progress Signature Spell - Work in progress Night Fae Class Spell - Work in progress Signature Spell - Work in progress Venthyr Class Spell - Work in progress Signature Spell - Work in progress Demon Hunter Fight Class is based on Icy-Veins and covering most Talents while offering multiple options for customization. PvP is not implemented at this time and may be fully supported in the future once I can fully test the PvP Talents. Interrupts have a minor delay to avoid being noticed as a bot. It will not attack faction tagged mobs. It will not dismount to attack while Flying or Ground Mounted and moving. Once the Ground Mount stops it will engage in combat if it has a target. This also applies if the Flying Mount is on the ground. 
    Not Tested using Quester but I will make adjustments based on feedback if needed. PvP is not tested. All questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement are welcome. To activate pull spells “Attack before being attacked” must have a check mark or turned on. This specific Fight Class will ONLY be supported for Shadowlands. Install in WRobot > FightClass It will create a folder (Zan’s Presets) for the FightClass saved settings. Saved as Class > Specialization Disclaimer - Modifications to the Fight Class will be made by me if deemed necessary. Downloading and / or possessing any of my files means you agree to not decompile my work without my given permission. GUI Options:
    Most options are self-explanatory.
    Talents – Select your talents and it will check after you level and are out of combat, you enter a rested area, or switch specializations. WRobot: “Advanced Settings” > “General Settings” > Assign Talents (Checked) to have bot set Talents.
    Potion (Prepot) – Only works with DBM timers when someone else initiates a timer.
    Covenant Button – This will appear when you are in a Covenant or have the Zone spell. Here you will be able to select settings for the Covenant spells.
    Rotation Speed – Slide the cursor to the right to speed up the rotation. If you see it click a spell and it does not cast, it is too fast. Slide it back to the left until it casts the spell.
    Presets – Select Difficulty, then change all settings you prefer and then under Save click Quest, Dungeon, Raid, or PvP. This will create a settings folder and store settings you can use across other characters of the same class. Under Load click Quest, Dungeon, Raid, or PvP then click Load to load the corresponding settings profile. (If there are already settings for the character it will load them by default when opening the settings)
    Apply – Click to Apply Load Settings seen on the GUI for current use.
    Exit – To close out the GUI.




  2. [Free] FightClass Druid Feral (dps)

    Use it only for farm or party mode
    (Covenant Night Fae)
    Convoke the Spirit is activated only against bosses and elites.




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