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  1. On which Legion Server are you botting? I botted on FS and tried Freakz but Freakz dont work for me
  2. Hey I'm trying to use the WRobot Version for 6.2.3 20779 but it does not work. Always says "Game Version incorrect" I tried both Versions the 6.2.4 one and the 6.2.3 one. None of them work. Help please!
  3. How do you seeted it up for WoWFreakz? It does not work for me.. Always says Gameversion Inccorect
  4. Is Wrobot workin on WoWFreakz? 😮
    I'm using this for about a month now and its a MUST HAVE for all who are botting for like Customers and Stuff. You can give them access to the Discord Bot Channel so they can follow the progression of their Character or to farmed Stuff. My Customers are all extremly happy about it, thank you so much, worth the price 100%!
  5. No its not, Freakz has a hella good AntiCheat
  6. Its because both Servers running an older Build then the Bot is trying to Attach to.
  7. Hey, on which Legion Server you guys are botting? Best Regards, Marvelino123
  8. You are welcome! Hope you are sucessfull with botting your Druid over there! 😉 Best Regards, Marvelino123
  9. Hey, I have an Issue with my Bot atm, since 2 days my characters status changes to "AFK" next to the Name after some time. Is there any way I can fix that? It's pretty obvious if your characters goes "AFK" but still continues to Grind. Any workaround? Best Regards, Marvelino123
  10. Version RELEASE


    Hey Friends! I've used this private (created by me) Profile for a while now. Its a spot near Shattrath and works fast and awesome till Level 68. Level 70 is supported but from 68-70 it gets a bit slower due to high outleveling of the Enemies. The Profile Includes: - Safe Route from 62 till 68(70) - Repair NPC - Vendor to sell Crap One IMPORTANT thing: Always active "Blacklist Zones where I died" in WRobot because there is one Spot where you character can possibly die. Especially if you are a Warrior or Rogue. By activating that, the Profile is nearly death proof. Gri
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