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  1. Great to see someone working on BFA Content for wRobot! Keep up the work! 😄
  2. Hey, i am currently trying to use wRobot for MoP 5.4.7. However everytime I click "Launch Bot" the World of Warcraft Window shuts down. Any Idea?
  3. Version 1.0


    Hey Friends, welcome to my new wRobot Project! In this series I want to offer you the next Generation of FREE Profiles for WOTLK! The first release is my Work in Progress Herb/Mine Project. 1-450 Herbalism and Mining! I will add more and more Profiles while I level my Herbalism on different WOTLK Servers. The Routes are always big ones (whole Zone Routes). Where do I start the Profiles? You can start the Profiles ANYWHERE in the desired Zone, it will always find the perfect way via Pathfinding. There should not be any problem with starting them even in a Zone which is near to your
  4. Version RELEASE


    JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/aebcGtPTBA Hey Friends, welcome to my first BfA Profile for Firestorm - Sethraliss 8.2. In this Profile we cover a great Route for Farming Storm Silver, Monelite & a little bit Platinum Ore. There is one spot in Tiragarde Sound which is just awesome for this Farming Method. Important: DO NOT use a Class which does AOE Damage unless you have good Gear! ATTENTION: This is a very very basic Gatherer Profile! It's nothing fancy at all but does the Job good and quite efficient. Known Bugs: - Due to wRobot is not yet smoothly working with BfA t
  5. Hey, I always get this Error when launching the Bot in BfA 8.2: https://prnt.sc/vjg1aw I tried all DirectX Versions, always the same error. Can anyone help? 🙂 Best Regards, Marvelino123
  6. So Droidz know, which is the most Requested Game Version? To focus on the Version, the most people need/want to be added?
  7. Version RELEASE


    Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/UEahd68 Hey friends, welcome to a small interim release from TWC. Today with a profile which I clapped together very quickly. It's a simple grinder profile for Cataclysm and levels from level 70-75 in Coldarra in Borean Tundra. Have fun with it! 🙂 Profile Details: - Vendor & Repair NPC added - Can be used with flying Mount - Pretty Safe & small Route This Profile got tested with a Level 70 Retribution Paladin. I did not died a single time while grinding on this Spot on my whole way to Level 75. However, the Profile is pretty
    Im using this together with your Project X. I always switch between ProjectX and Project Throne. Both a very great Profiles. For everyone who don't want to spend money on a Grinder, use this one here! It's 100% worth a try! 🙂
    So, I took some time to test this bad boy. It's just awesome. Its a very nice contribution to 100% AFK Questing and the General usage of wRobot! Great as usual Smokie! Keep it up! ❤️
  8. Version 1.0


    Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/UEahd68 Hey Friends! Welcome to the first public TWC release! Today I would like to provide you with a profile pack I have been working on for two weeks now. I have used effective and good routes to guarantee a high herb coverage. These profiles are all completely self-created and will be made available to you for free! The Profile Pack Includes: - Mulgore - The Barrens North - The Barrens South - Stranglethorn Vale - Searing Gorge - The Hinterlands - Felwood - Hellfire Peninsula - Shadowmoon Valley - Terokkar
  9. @Droidz I can pretty much confirm if you not bot 24/7 you won't be banned. I'm hacking on Project Ascension with my main Character and did not get banned for almost 1 year now. (Ofc im not flyhacking like a retard or something like this). I also already botted on PA and I did not get banned, however, when I bot, I monitor my Bot and only use Private Grinding Profiles I made myself.
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