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  1. Can you post a log file of when you think it should be using food but isn't?
  2. I think the issue this plugin was trying to fix has been updated and should now work as normal within wrobot. Are you having issues with totown runs because of ammo?
  3. No it isn't.. don't be silly. Premium products will also stay a thing. This is just so that people have something to use rather than having to fork out more money on products they can't be sure even work properly.
  4. Are you using addons? I know that a version of elvui broke autoattacking. Please test again without any addons enabled and see if it behaves the same.
  5. The quester product in the products folder
  6. You can try my free plugin and see if it helps, you can set it to only train certain spells and set a minimum amount of silver to have before going to train.
  7. Can you post what you have so far? (The XML)
  8. While I agree with everything you've said, I think the point of the thread was more to bring up concerns with 3rd party devs/profile creators and their pricing models. I also don't think that the devs/profile creators are really in the wrong, if users wouldn't be buying the profiles they wouldn't price it like they do. Also, not sure if it's coincidental but since this thread more people have released free things than in the last few months. I sort of agree with both sides here. I don't think that this is the main problem though. I think the download section layout is just scuffed. I think if it was tag based rather than segmented by expac etc it would be easier to find things. There are a lot of files that go unseen. Another thing that would be useful is to see how stale a file is (would require moderation which we don't have much of). Speaking of downloads there should probably be a minimum amount of info that should be in a download based on what it is. Again that would be more work for mods. I do think this thread is useful though.
  9. This quester was built for vanilla (the section we're in) and is using a function that isn't in the burning crusade version of the bot. Luckily it only uses it in one place. Open the .xml file in a text editor and delete line 237 and it should work. All that line is doing is abandoning a quest.
  10. What expansion are you on?
  11. Pretty much. If there was more competition the requirement for quality profiles would be higher. As you pointed out there are some claims on these profiles that just don't add up.. but sadly they're probably the best you can currently get so they have no reason to polish the turd. If there was an ok-ish free 1-70 that would mean a premium profile creator would have to make a good 1-70. The content just isn't there atm. Probably because it's so time consuming.
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