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  1. 2 options: Easy: make a grinder that does your gathering loop and add that mob to the kill list Harder: In a plugin add a state which is at a higher priority than gathering. Have a look at the grinder example bot project that droidz posted in the tutorials section on how to make a product. This should show you how states are added to the engine and an approximate priority you should make your state. There's a little bit of info about states at the bottom of this post too but you'll get the majority of info from that example project. edit: link to droidz example
  2. When you download the main wrobot from https://wrobot.eu/files/file/2-wrobot-official/ and launch the updater.exe there is a drop down for each version you can download. Have a install folder for each expansion!
  3. public class Lootoggle : wManager.Plugin.IPlugin The class has to be called Main.
  4. You haven't set it to mail white items MailWhite = False ;
  5. Thanks! You can purchase a copy of my discord plugin ❤️ https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1629-paid-wdiscord-a-discord-bot-to-suit-your-needs/
  6. Also try running the bot as admin? maybe it cannot create the settings files, thus it doesn't save.
  7. Good info. Do the spells names change at all? I recommend testing with the devtools (https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/articles/devtools.html) Try running the following in there when the proc happens (link to api doc - and make sure to set it to c#) : wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA("Arcane Shot"); Be aware that my api doc is based on a vanilla version of the bot so some methods may not exist.
  8. Can you give some more info? What expac are you on? Can you share your self created FC where the problem is happening? Is this just a buff you get and don't care about? What affect does this proc have? I think you'd get more replies if you give ppl more info. Personally I have no idea what that talent does and I'm not about to go and research it.
  9. https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/api/wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.html
  10. It was only compatible with Vanilla due to an actionbar method I was using, tbc compatible version attached Buffer.dll
  11. disable ninja skinning in settings, then it will only skin the mobs that you kill.
  12. Interesting, I'll test this out.
  13. I sort of made this as a plugin for someone but never fully tested it. I'll drop it here, I'll happily make changes if you find issues and then I can post it to the downloads section. You can add your buff spells in the settings, each on their own line. Buffer.dll
  14. Try running the bot with no plugins and no fightclass in wrotation. Do you still get errors? If no, it's either an issue with a plugin, a fightclass or a quest profile.
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