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  1. If you're not too bothered about ppl seeing your fightclass, you can attach the xml file to a msg here and I can take a look
  2. Also can you let me know once you've resolved it? Then I can get rid of https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1766-free-ammo/
  3. https://wotlk.evowow.com/?items=11 all types of hunter quiver/ammobags. These were removed cata onwards so it's only needed for WOTLK, TBC and Vanilla
  4. Marsbar

    Help with Paladin fightclass spell

    Change the damage seals mana condition to be 95%, make it higher priority than the mana one and have the mana seals condition to still be below 30%. It will use dmg seal till 30% mana, then switch, then when you reach 95%, it will switch back to dmg etc.
  5. You're trying to prevent it from spamming sinister.. are you saying it's only using sinister and not eviscerate? Sinister should be at the bottom of the priority list, as long as evis is above it, it will use that instead (if its conditions are met). In regards to your cc breaking, there should also be one called is rooted, try that one maybe? Otherwise yes you could go through the painstaking task of adding the debuffs. The fightclass creator is there for basic fightclasses, you wont be able to get a very advanced fightclass out of it without adding some c# at which point you might as well make the whole FC in C#.
  6. Marsbar

    [Free] Ammo

    Version 1.0.0


    Another simple plugin. What does it try to solve? When botting on hunters the bot considers quiver/ammobag slots that do not have ammo in them as free bag slots for normal loot. This means if you have a quiver with 1 ammo stack and 7 free slots and have your Min Free slots to go to town to set to 2, it would never go to town because the bot still thinks you have those 7 available in your quiver. What does the plugin do? It changes the Min Free slots to go to town number to your set amount plus the number of free slots you have in your quiver/ammo bag. Example: 8 Slot ammo bag, 6 slots filled with ammo. You set your go to town to 2. The plugin will change the gototown amount to 4 (2 from quiver and 2 from bags). It will change setting every time you loot something so you should be covered! ps. It's a .cs file again so you can have a look at the code. Ty to @Matenia for the hint to auto get the ammo bag slot id.
  7. couldn't actually get this to work so using this instead: return Lua.LuaDoString<int>(@" for slot = 20,23 do local link = GetInventoryItemLink('player', slot); if link then local _, _, _, _, _, itemType = GetItemInfo(link); if itemType == 'Quiver' then return slot - 19; -- gets back slot end end end ");
    Very nice profile, it's definitely my go-to. Andoido has clearly worked hard on it and it shows. As others have stated, it does class specific things that you would often have had to do manually with other profiles, this saves a lot of time and as time goes on Andoido's products just keep on improving 👍
  8. Marsbar

    Stop auto picking targets

    interesting reads from absolutely ages ago: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7541-switch-target-polymorph-switch-to-original-target/ https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7507-solved-move-after-frost-nova-is-it-really-that-hard/
  9. Marsbar

    Turn off /say

    You're probably using this: https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1709-simple-antidetection/
  10. Have you gone through the setup? and does the bot come online in your discord server? Also you can DM me on discord for faster responses!
  11. Marsbar

    Timing Off for Skinning

    What latency settings have you set? Try min: 600 max: 900. See if that helps.
  12. Marsbar

    [Product] Traveller

    Hey @luckystrike213, Yeah, I've been meaning to update it for a while now, haven't really gotten round to it (not enough time lol) nor do I have a place to track issues/suggestions so have been putting it off. I will probably overhaul the whole thing at some point and make it API driven. Until then I guess I'll polish off what's there already, is there anything specific you're missing? I'll try to add the main cities that I left out.
  13. It thinks you already have one set, look for a settings file in the settings folder for the profile, enter it in there or clear it out and you should be good.