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  1. I tested on WotLK and it was working for me. The logic for the state is: Have I leveled up? and does my level match any of the levels set in the settings? If those are true, it should go to train. I'll test it again later today to confirm.
  2. I see where you're coming from but I want this to be a plugin more than an all in one solution. Generally a profile would do that part. Also learning the actual profession would probably be done by the user.
  3. Thanks! Good suggestion @thxgod1 I'll add an option to disable class training.
  4. Would the robotmanager.helpful.var stuff work for this? https://marsbars.gitlab.io/unoffical-wrobot-api-docs/api/robotManager.Helpful.Var.html#robotManager_Helpful_Var_GetVar__1_System_String_
  5. I'd say states are the way to go, that way other things won't interfere. Have a look at the grinder product example. Since it's a product when it loads the Bot it adds all the relevant states and has it's own grinder state. That should be enough of an example to craft your own.
  6. Version 1.0.3


    This is an early version of a free plugin that I'm developing which removes the default trainers state and adds it's own. This is so you can choose which spells to learn when leveling up and not waste gold on the useless ones. It also has a profession learning state where it will check to see if you are able to get the next level of a profession, go to the trainer and learn it. Example uses would be gathering professions, set it going and when it reaches a certain level it will go train and go back to gathering. This still needs some work though, at the moment it attempts to do this for primary professions up to level 300 and up to level 150 for secondary professions (due to the need for books). It uses the WRobot NPC database so make sure your trainers are in there. Settings include: A grid for levels to train at A grid for the spells you want to learn (Spelling is important!) A minimum amount of silver to have before going to train Enable/Disable learning primary professions Enable/Disable learning secondary professions If no levels are added to the grid it will just go every 2 levels. Possible features at some point: Disenchanting Crafting Professions (Alchemy, Tailoring, First aid, etc.) if you have the materials Let me know if you have issues.
  7. Ah, well I see that it takes the general setting wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.BlackListIfNotCompletePath into account so maybe turn that off temporarily? That is, if that setting is what's causing the blacklists
  8. Maybe cancel those 2 states if your radar triggers? then it shouldn't blacklist and after combat attempt them again?
  9. What? My problems with you? I've never said a single thing about you, ever?! German law? Go ahead that'll be amusing. While you do that I'll happily write a little plugin that has a state that overrides trainers and only buys spells specified in a list in settings. Oh and of course open source it..
  10. 100% agree but the way bambo is talking is pretty pathetic
  11. wtf are talking about? you dont own shit. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little
  12. sorry what? you own the rights to some wow lua code snippet?
  13. Would something like this work? if(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Any(x=> x.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) < 20)) { MovementManager.StopMove(); Fight.StartFight(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().OrderBy(x => x.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position)).FirstOrDefault().Guid); } Edit: Untested, just a suggestion, also changed getwowunit to attackables Edit2: looking at the above the if statement i have is bad, you probably already have a filter though
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to my extended version of the Traveller Product. You can find a free (and a little limited) version here. TravellerPlus is a product that is hooked up to an online database to do NPC lookups based on your filters and then travel to them. At the moment this includes only a vanilla database but will work on the other expansions also (just not for the npcs that didn't exist in vanilla). There are currently 2 ways to search for NPCs: By zone and type By quest When doing searches it will add all the results into a grid that you can select NPCs from. When selecting an npc it will show a small minimap focused on where that NPC is. You can then select the GO button for it to travel there. While travelling it will still do the normal WRobot states for example mine/herb or fight off mobs that attack you. When searching by quest it will list all the NPCs that you can complete your current quests at. This is still in BETA meaning you may find bugs and it will still have more features to come. This is reflected in the current price of the product and it will likely increase once it's fully featured. Things to come: States for cross continental travel Game Objects TBC and WotLK databases Full flightmaster discovery Purchase here (£4.99) https://rocketr.net/buy/f90ebd986810 Please note this is NOT a custom profile, it is a PRODUCT and goes in the Products folder (there is no section for products). Discord link: http://discord.gg/Hq4s5uW
  15. https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1664-free-requesthandler/
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