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  1. If I do Logging.Write(MovementManager.CurrentPath.Find(x => x == MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo).ToStringNewVector()); I get the Swimming type but MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo doesn't have it.
  2. Marsbar


    Ah gotcha, good to know
  3. Marsbar


    Nah some ruski server that some of my testers are on called wowcircle A lot of broken things on it so wouldn't be surprised if it was the server
  4. Great contribution. Clearly a lot of work went into this.
  5. Marsbar


    It's strange, I'm getting this intermittently. I think I have found a different way of doing what I wanted to not involving clearing the target though.
  6. MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo.Type is always none? I have a path that goes underwater when dead, the points have the "Swimming" type in the list of vectors but when checking MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo.Type the type is "None". I think this is probably why it isn't going underwater? and if not it would still be useful to have MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo.Type set so that I can add a MovementManager.GoUnderWater(); when the type is "Swimming".
  7. Marsbar


    Hi Droidz, For some reason doing a Lua.LuaDoString("ClearTarget()"); works the first time but then doesn't anymore. This is on WotLK.
  8. In diesem log sehe ich das du es 2 mal probiert hast aber bei beiden versuchen hattest du noch plugins an. Mach mal bitte alle plugins AUS und versuche es noch einmal. Er sollte dir dann folgen und beim kaempfen mit helfen.
  9. Alter da is nix drin lol, musst den bot auch starten
  10. Ja genau das. 16:50:06 - [FightClass] No Fight Class selected und [D] 16:50:06 - [PartyHelperPlugin] Adding Relogger State Stell mal PartyHelperPlugin aus und select auch eine fightclass, dann probiere es wieder und schick dann nochmal den log ps. Sorry for us speaking german on the english forums - this guy is having trouble getting the party product to work
  11. Also wenn du party benutzt solltest du erstmal alle plugins ausstellen und nochmal versuchen. Wenns dann nicht geht kannst du vllt dein log hier posten?
  12. This looks cool! I haven't given it a test but I like your task implementation. One question I have though is the filesize? It's almost 3.5MB. Could it be that you're bundling the wrobot dll's into your FC with fody or are they other dll's needed for your implementation?
  13. Np, du musst in den product settings fuer party dein 70ger namen eingeben sodass der bot weiss wenn er folgen soll
  14. Es gibt das "Party" product in der liste, das macht genau was du willst - die chars muessten allerdings in einer gruppe sein fuer das zu funktionieren. Sonst gibt es ein plugin das es ohne gruppe macht: https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1721-tag-‘n-bagger/
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