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  1. You can hook onto the https://wrobot.eu/byme/doc/html/E-robotManager.Products.Products.OnChangedIsStarted.htm event and run whatever you need to in there
  2. Oh lol dude, add a using System.Linq; to the usings at the top of the file
  3. This should be enough as your if statement: if (Swipe.KnownSpell && Swipe.IsSpellUsable && Swipe.IsDistanceGood && ObjectManager.Me.ComboPoint <= 3 && ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Count(u => u.Position.DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Target.Position) <= 8 && u.Guid != ObjectManager.Pet.Guid) >= 3)
  4. Welche expansion spielst du? Es sollte schon ein paar fightclasses geben die heilen eingebaut haben. Leider ist es etwas schwer eine heal fightclass zu erstellen ohne etwas c# wissen.
  5. @DroidzThis server has a modified client but is still wotlk 3.3.5a 12340, the offsets should all be the same. As Trustjah said, it used to work. What does wrobot do to check whether the wow client is supported?
  6. All of those things should work via the trial however for training spells, selling and repairing you need to have NPC's in your NPC DB. Wrobot attempts to add them itself but it's a bit hit and miss. Generally the profiles have NPC's in them too. To manually add NPC's and mail boxes go here: Then target the NPC in game then select the NPC type from the dropdown (1.) and click the big button (2.). This will add your current target into the NPC database and the bot should now use that NPC for whichever type you have selected.
  7. its free now, just download it from the download button
  8. Marsbar

    c# itemlink wotlk

    Getting the itemLink of an item via C# is incorrect if it is an item with potentially random stats, example below: I assume this isn't correct behaviour?
  9. Exactly what I was looking for, thank you.
  10. Does anyone know how the RunCode class works? I want to be able to let a user enter some C# similar to the quester runcode step. The RunCode class has some Compile methods but none for running that I could decifer. Any help would be appreciated ❤️
  11. Try running the fightclass with WRotation, if it doesn't disconnect you then the fightclass isn't the problem
  12. Was just typing out a message lol. One can also use Environment.NewLine in C# if that's easier.
  13. That's not the problem really, I've played on that server myself quite a bit (including creating fightclasses that cater for classless chars) that's why I thought it'd be fine but then I went on to check and the Lua for returning pet happiness doesn't return a value, everything else should work fine.
  14. No it isn't. Edit: Nevermind I was wrong - it is the fault of the server.
  15. If I do Logging.Write(MovementManager.CurrentPath.Find(x => x == MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo).ToStringNewVector()); I get the Swimming type but MovementManager.CurrentMoveTo doesn't have it.
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