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[Beardedrasta] Restoration Shaman Wotlk 1.0.2

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About This File



Beardedrasta's Ultimate Restoration Shaman ©

A Restoration Shaman PVE healing routine for Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5!

        This is a custom fight class created for use with WRotation!


*Best Glyph Options*



1018540177_GLYPHofEARTH.png.2415030e52734a4fe8ced6db2959fb6b.png   1841287665_WATERSHIELD.png.948cc53bdcdf4c7409aaad3ecab3f194.png   Chain.png.f421e16f49247de09049551fe74f8e2e.png


*Best Talent Options*


                           RESTO.png.1f009dae9e931827a21e47e855a06e41.png        ENHANCE.png.8a9d7ef9edf655e3c8ecc269567e5d05.png     


1462628240_Ancesheals.png.1f7b85501c3bf7edf4d2fd8c063f5439.png is optional you can swap points into 812245390_Wepandcleanse.png.67576222ee4d65f7bc317754e0b93e42.png if you prefer.


*F e a t u r e s*

  • Healing Priority foe spell use
  • Tank name input for auto Earth Shield use.
  • Role auto detection
  • Manual or auto tank select
  • Cast Earth Shield on tank unit
  • Chain Heal on multiple low health unit
  • Auto Cure (Toxin, Disease)
  • Mana Tide Totem at low threshold (Default 20%)
  • Nature's Swiftness CD for instant cast goodness
  • Tidal Force CD when multiple low health unit
  • Auto Res dead unit
  • (Adding option to choose Cleanse Spirit instead of Cure Toxins if you have the talent)
  • (Adding Auto Ghost Wolf when out of combat and outdoors)


Things you currently have to handle manually until I figure out a method to use them, I will try. 🙂

Earthliving Weapon, Tremor totem on fear, Earthbind totem on aggro, Heroism/Bloodlust, Call of the Elements.


If you really really enjoyed the build and glad someone finally took on the task to bring the community an

efficient Restoration Shaman fightclass then consider donating to 2 growing boys. Food doesn't grow on

trees afterall..... wait a minute.   cash.app/$beardedrastaman


Big shoutout to @FlXWare for his assistance on the focus healing upgrade and knowledge!

I have to give a solid shoutout to my boys on the wholesome team helping someone understand code is a hard task,

but helping someone with small pea brain to code is wayy harder. So thank you guys for not blowing me off and helping this come together.

( @Talamin, @Marsbar, @Zer0, @MrCeeJ )







What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


Better heal decision making.

No more target healing, now handles focus healing for discreet healing.

Fixed Tidal Force use.

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