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  1. Version 1.0.3


    Beardedrasta's Simplified Enhancement Shaman © An Enhancement Shaman PVE Damage routine for Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5! This is a custom fight class created for use with WRotation! (Leveling Profile current level support 1 - 40) *Best Glyph Options* *Best Talent Options* *F e a t u r e s* Feral Spirit on Boss Refresh Magma totem refresh (No auto Call of Elements option, This is bad in group scenario. Slow Fleeing enemies Auto Heal OOC Shamanistic Rage for in combat mana regen Lightning Bolt -> Chain Lightning @ 5 stacks of Maelstrom If you really really enjoyed the build and want to help a fellow player achieve happiness then consider donating to 2 growing boys. Food doesn't grow on trees afterall..... wait a minute. cash.app/$beardedrastaman
  2. Version 1.0.2


    Beardedrasta's Ultimate Restoration Shaman © A Restoration Shaman PVE healing routine for Wrath of the Lich King 3.3.5! This is a custom fight class created for use with WRotation! *Best Glyph Options* *Best Talent Options* *F e a t u r e s* Healing Priority foe spell use Tank name input for auto Earth Shield use. Role auto detection Manual or auto tank select Cast Earth Shield on tank unit Chain Heal on multiple low health unit Auto Cure (Toxin, Disease) Mana Tide Totem at low threshold (Default 20%) Nature's Swiftness CD for instant cast goodness Tidal Force CD when multiple low health unit Auto Res dead unit (Adding option to choose Cleanse Spirit instead of Cure Toxins if you have the talent) (Adding Auto Ghost Wolf when out of combat and outdoors) Things you currently have to handle manually until I figure out a method to use them, I will try. 🙂 Earthliving Weapon, Tremor totem on fear, Earthbind totem on aggro, Heroism/Bloodlust, Call of the Elements. If you really really enjoyed the build and glad someone finally took on the task to bring the community an efficient Restoration Shaman fightclass then consider donating to 2 growing boys. Food doesn't grow on trees afterall..... wait a minute. cash.app/$beardedrastaman Big shoutout to @FlXWare for his assistance on the focus healing upgrade and knowledge! I have to give a solid shoutout to my boys on the wholesome team helping someone understand code is a hard task, but helping someone with small pea brain to code is wayy harder. So thank you guys for not blowing me off and helping this come together. ( @Talamin, @Marsbar, @Zer0, @MrCeeJ )
  3. Version 0.0.10


    A Discipline priest healing "fight class" for WotLK 3.3.5 game version. Use WRotation or HealBot Products for this fight class. Donate (If you like the product, please consider a small donation.) Started 8/10/2021 Disclaimer: This if my second attempt scripting a healing class. This fight class is not yet finished. It is work in progress with limited testing. T A L E N T S Updated 8/24/2021 G L Y P H S Major => Glyph of Power Word: Shield // Glyph of Penance // Glyph of Flash Heal Minor => Glyph of Shadowfiend // Glyph of Fortitude // Glyph of Levitate S P E L L S (Green = Tested and working / Red = Not yet implemented / Orange - May need more testing) K N O W N I S S U E S May try to heal local players that have disconnected and the character is still seen in game. May try to heal local players who are dueling. Will not heal pets at this time. (possible future update) Will not heal while mounted on siege vehicles (yet). F E E D B A C K I would like feedback if you any. I worked from a few guides online, and tried to match the behavior. If there is any problems, or changes that you would like to see, please send me a message, and I will see what I can do. Thanks! Virus Total
  4. For anyone having issues with using the Wand Shoot ability, here is a snippet for you: // Test if player has a wand in the proper equipment slot | In Combat if (ObjectManager.Me.GetEquipedItemBySlot(wManager.Wow.Enums.InventorySlot.INVSLOT_RANGED) != 0 && ObjectManager.Me.InCombat && !ObjectManager.Me.GetMove) { // Wand Shoot if(Lua.LuaDoString<int>("isAutoRepeat = \"\"; isAutoRepeat = 0; local name = GetSpellInfo(5019); if IsAutoRepeatSpell(name) then isAutoRepeat = 1 end", "isAutoRepeat") == 0) { // Spammable Shoot Macro Lua.RunMacroText("/castsequence !Shoot, !Shoot"); } }
  5. I have tried to script the druid ability Shred while stealth and behind target. WRotation always toggles Auto-Attack and never allows time to cast Shred. It looks so bad when I pop out of stealth for auto-attack. Any solution to this behavior?
  6. I am trying to get WRotation to work in Arena on a TBC server. I'm using DevelopmentTools with the input below inside a skirmish arena. Logging.Write(ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWUnit().ToList().Count().ToString()); And I'm getting 0 as output in wRobot. This leads me to believe that ObjectManager isn't getting updated properly. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?
  7. Version 1.2.0


    This is my Feral druid wrotaion. Got such a good feedback from my Guardian Wrotation that I share this with you. You will have to use your cooldowns yourself like Ashamane´s Frenzy and Incarnation: King of the Jungle What does this do? -Keeping your Dots up on your Target (Rake and Rip(only with 5 combo points)) -Using Ferocious Bite with 5 Combo Points if Rip is on the Target -Not using Combopoints generating Abilitys if you are already on 5 -Brutal Slash/Swipe on more than one Target -Thrash on more than one target -Tiger´s Fury if you are down 60 Energy To get the Best results at bosses beginn the fight with Rake-Tigers Fury-Incarn-Ashamanes Frenzy and after Rip is up-Spam Brutal Slash. For M+ Aoe Trash go Rake-Tigers Fury-Spam all Brutal Slash- keeep spamming Trash wrotation will use your Tigers Fury if one target dies and you are low on Energy. Talents: For m+ go 1-3-1-3-2-2-1 For Single Target bosses go 2-3-1-3-2-2-1 Check if it works for you and give some feedback to improve it. Thx Ps: If you want to do the magetower just go 1-1-1-3-2-2-1. Focus the adds and interrupt usingTyphoon weave in some Regrowth procs to keep you alive and you should be more than fine
  8. Hi, quick questions regarding this method to CheckPet() inside my fight class. The code below is somewhat a derivative from converting the Fight Class Editor into C#. The mana required to use the spell "Revive Pet" varies based on level, If the player does not have enough mana, It will just keep spamming the ability until their is enough. Is there a way to keep this from happening? I also am noticing the issue that when I mount or dismount, it will try and cast the Call Pet ability in that brief moment of getting on the mount, or jumping off every single time (This also includes taxis). It even gets so bad that when I mount up and try to ride off, it dismounts me to use the ability, call pet again! So far I have had to comment this sort of thing out of my fight class all together as it was just more of hassle than to worry about it. I do believe it is important though if I plan on using any portion of the bot like Grinder, Quester, Automaton, etc... Any help with the simple Pet Management would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! internal void CheckPet() { if (ObjectManager.Me.IsDeadMe || Me.IsMounted || Me.IsStunned || Me.Pacified || Me.GetMove) return; if (!ObjectManager.Pet.IsValid) { _callPet.Launch(); // Call Pet } if (!ObjectManager.Pet.IsValid || ObjectManager.Pet.IsDead) { //if (Me.Mana >= 1040) _revivePet.Launch(true); // Revive Pet } }
  9. Hi thanks for reading this thread post. I was wondering if Me.IsCast works for channeled spells like, Volley. My goal is to throw a while loop in my fight class, if I am casting Volley to run a Thread.Sleep(10) until cast time is diminished. Also, a question in regards to checks like, Me.Pacified. What exactly does Pacify mean here? Is there an ultimate check if the player is completely incapable of casting spells? I have added a few like, Me.HaveBuff("Sleep") etc, but the list would be huge for every spell that renders the player unable to perform attacks. The idea is to stop the bot from trying to cast spells while under those types of spell debuffs. Thanks everyone!
  10. I have seen this issue proposed all over the forums, but have yet to see an actual fix or comment regarding a possible workaround. Hunter's use Auto Shot as a good chunk of damage output, but WRobot likes to use "Attack" on its own, which causes conflicts, interrupting Auto Shot. Here's a quick .gif I put together showing just the issue. It looks extremely bot-ish. It would be great to see some light shed on this subject.
  11. Is there a way to check using C#, if the hunter player even has a pet? I would like to include pet mending, reviving, and calling inside my fight class, but if the hunter does not even own a pet yet, how can I bypass the abilities inside the fight class if there is no pet? I was wondering if I could just check if GUID != 0?
  12. Hello, I searched around the forums a bit, but I cannot find an answer here. I was wondering how I can insert abilities based on the condition that I am fighting an actual player of the opposite faction? reaction = UnitReaction("unit", "otherUnit"); -- In Blizzard Code, UnitReaction is only used between the player and a Non Player Controlled target. Would I need to check each enum? wManager.Wow.Enums.PlayerFactions.Dwarf
  13. Original Thread Topic: I did not want to necro an old thread, but I have included a timer into the ability Holy Light from Paladin spellbook. However, I do not think that it works too well when you are being attacked while healing and it bumps your cast time backwards. If I pulled 3 mobs and wanted to check my fight class to heal at or below 50% health, and I am still being attacked by the mobs, my cast bar gets knocked backwards which increases the cast time. Is there any way to counter this issue? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I was curious if there is a way to check if my current target is humanoid and has a weapon? Thanks!
  15. It is a bit redundant to sit to replenish mana or health while eating and drinking just when a buff falls off, and my player gets up mid-meal to buff again. Is there a check for this issue? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I was wondering how one might search the player's equipped items to see if the player has a wand equipped? I have tried playing with: player.GetEquipedItemBySlot(wManager.Wow.Enums.InventorySlot.INVSLOT_RANGED)
  17. Would it be possible to add GetStance() or something similar into the WoWLocalPlayer class? Some combat rotations require different stances, and it would be nice to be able to access the current stance from within the built in class itself. Thanks!
  18. I hit level 30 on my protection warrior and my fight class was working just fine until I trained Rank 2 of Demoralizing Shout. I am using string names for spell checks, and it just keeps spamming Demo Shout continuously. Spell string = "Demoralizing Shout" | Spell ID = 6190. Using a simple check: if (!target.HaveBuff("Demoralizing Shout")) { DemoralizingShout.Launch(); return; }
  19. I am noticing the wrotation product will immediately use an ability like "Execute" if the target.HealthPercent <= 20 for example. I know there is an option for Thread.Sleep but instead of sleeping the full rotation, is there a good way to add a small random time _r.Next(300, 650) to robotManager.Helpful.Timer? And if so, how would I use it? Thanks!
  20. I am wondering if this if-statement will return a random time of interrupting an interruptible spell from my target using C# custom fight class: if (ShieldBash.KnownSpell && ShieldBash.IsSpellUsable && ShieldBash.IsDistanceGood && Fight.InFight && target.CanInterruptCasting) { System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(robotManager.Helpful.Others.Random(0, target.CastingTimeLeft - 350)); ShieldBash.Launch(); Thread.Sleep(SpellManager.GlobalCooldownTimeLeft()); return; }
  21. Hey, in c#, how can I test the time that has passed from combat start? Thanks!
  22. Hey, so I was running around in Orgrimmar when a Paladin I had passed by blessed me with Blessing of Might. I left Org to continue questing when I noticed my fight class kept trying to apply Battle Shout. In my Spell Conditions I have the following: Buff -> Battle Shout | Need = False Cooldown Time Left: Buff name: Battle Shout | Number: 10 | Type: SmallerOrEqual I was wondering what condition I could add to check that i don't have a buff like Blessing of Might? I was thinking something like: If (wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Me.HaveBuff(19835)) { // Not sure what to add here } *Edit* It may also be affected by Horn of Winter. Would need a check for multiple buffs.
  23. Hi, I didn't see anything in the Creator Spell Conditions if there is a way to check if my target is humanoid? I would like to be able to cast Hamstring if so.
  24. Version 1.0.0


    This is my prot warrior Wrotaion. You have to manage your big cd's yourself but it is a good help when you are doing heroics raids or mythic+. Thunderclap with more than 2 targets Shieldslam on CD Ignore Pain at 70% of HP Revenge with proc or too much Rage Devestate as a filler Pummel when cast can be interrupted. Not intended as an afk Bot profile because there is no charge
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