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  1. I'm having problems with hooking to the windows that ISboxer is using. No luck with the no DX hook launcher. For some reason Wrobot finds the first window that ISboxer launches, but not the other 3. Any ideas?
  2. @Droidz If it wasn't very much ruining the experience for me I wouldn't bump again, sorry. But it really is 😢 (TBC)
  3. I'm shamelessly going to bump this 🙂 Very much on my wish list too.
  4. Pssst. You might also want to look up Panda. I spent way too long finding a way to DE everything in my bags. It's not elegant, I know, but this addon + an auto-clicker and you're good to go. (If you do manage to figure out the frame name that has to be clicked and make a macro instead of using the clicker, share the wealth 😉 ) https://github.com/TekNoLogic/Panda/releases
  5. Did you figure it out? Are you sure this is related to wow specifically? I struggled with the same thing a couple of weeks ago helping a friend with a brand new AMD gpu. Other programmes worked fine, so I didn't realize at first. Have you changed any hardware recently?
  6. Hey, sorry, I've been in the middle of exams. If I had sat down at my computer it would have been game over 😉 I'd love to help. I've looked for your Discord link but couldn't find it. Would you post it or send it to me please?
  7. I thought I'd mention two things. I'm running this on a private server, and when I log on, the pet isn't spawning before I move the character a couple of steps and it's not on right on top of the model anymore. It causes the bot to keep calling for it, although it's technically already there. The other issue seems to be that even though the pet is dead, it tries to call it back and not res it. This one has happened a couple of times, so I'm not exactly sure when it happens. I got no idea if this it related to your fightclass Ordush. Or if it's the private server being a bit sPeCiAl. Any ideas?
    When I found Marsbar's free version of Traveller it made my life a thousand times easier as a person who like to make use of my bots for buying rare recipes, run my fresh alts to new flight paths with my hunter bots, or to simply get to where I need to be to start a new profile. As soon as I started using it I found more and more uses for it ways I hadn't anticipated 😛 It's even like a second hearthstone when you just can't be bothered. So when the Plus version was released it was worth getting just for the effort and ideas that has gone into making this. Having checked it out, it rocks. It's easy, quick, the estimated time has been pretty darn correct and is packed with even more goodies. Are you the kind of person who can hardly get to the toilet in time, because "in six minutes I will get that FP, and then I can start the bot. I CAN HOLD IT!". Or are you they type who got a second screen just so you could binge How I met Your Mother while you walk your bots around in the corner of your eye? Get this, stop abusing your bladder and give that show the fucking attention it deserves. Sell your second screen, and make a profit while you're at it. Win Win!
  8. Could I ask someone really nicely to just disable the way it rewrites wRobot's general settings on every launch? I'd love to use it with things like gathering enabled, for it to not sell greens, set sell-lists myself and let wRobot pick highest level food and drinks. I've tried fiddling with it, but I keep getting errors.
  9. Ah, so that's why I could run so many tests quickly while others could run for hours 😅 Gj, Droidz and thanx.
  10. I often feel so hopeless wanting to help with these things, so I'm glad I could contribute for once ^^
  11. Not sure what that last patch you posted was Droidz, but I applied it to another bot and ran it with CTM on, and it crashed after 5 mobs. Turned LUA off and it's still running. I don't know what you did to the .dll file you posted before this zip either, but to the other people in here who have crashes with LUA movement on: that's the one I'm running.
  12. CTM: on + Use LUA to move: on = crash CTM: off + Use LUA to move: on = crash Turned the CTM on again. Changed to the standard hunter fightclass: It was behaving really odd. Not stopping, but running closer to the mob, back again and repeat. I figured I'd stick with Ordush's to not troubleshoot two things at once. Reinstalled Ordush as I remembered I had copied that in from the old wRobot install. Ordush, CTM: off + Use LUA to move: on = Ran fine for a bit, then I stopped it just to try on and off again. Turned on CTM: 4th mob crash Turned off CTM thinking I'll just let it run this time to be sure: 2nd mob crash Turned off LUA to move (still CTM off): Good after 10 mobs. Will keep running and update you. Observarion: when the game has crashed, my fans go crazy until I close wRobot. I assume it's a memory leak, but thought I'd mention it.
  13. Log with your last posted patch. I play a hunter in Tanaris, but the same happened in Hillsbrand. Notes: For me, it crashes as soon as the hunter runs towards a mob, and the second the "click to walk" circle appears beneath the mob, it crashes. The only exception is if I start the bot when there is a mob to loot. It then loots, kills one (for some reason just melee) and then crashes the next time it tries to target a mob. So my crashes happen almost immediately. Edit: All addons turned off. Automation. Ordush's Beast Master. Edit 2: I'll be around all evening again. I'll check back every Overwatch match if you need something from me or if you want me to test and provide logs. Just let me know. 20.34.25 - [SpellManager] Please wait, loading spellbook... 20.34.25 - [SpellManager] Spellbook loaded. [D] 20.34.25 - [Keybindings] Sit / Stand: X Backward: S Forward: W Jump: SPACE Strafe Left: LEFT Strafe Right: RIGHT [D] 20.34.32 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 0 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True). [F] 20.34.32 - Gather = True ; KillMobs = True ; AttackMobsForExperience = False ; PetBattle = False ; IgnoreNeutral = False ; UseFlyingMount = False ; MaxDistanceFromStartPosition = 299 ; HeightFlight = 30 ; BlackListWhereIAmDead = False ; DisableAttackBeforeAttacked = False ; ObjectNpcHarvest = ; CurrentSetting = Automaton.Bot.AutomatonSetting ; [F] 20.34.32 - [FightClass] No Fight Class selected [D] 20.34.32 - [FightPetBattle] Cannot load pet battle fight class, use default. [D] 20.34.32 - [Spell] spellName=Battle Pet Training => Failed 20.34.32 - [Looting] Loot Scorpid Tail Lasher [N] 20.34.32 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -7584,477 ; -3621,639 ; 12,77655 ; "None" to -7575,16 ; -3671,461 ; 12,43131 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20.34.32 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 3 (50,68661y, 158ms, smoothed) 20.34.33 - [Automaton] Started [D] 20.34.37 - [Mount] No ground mount selected. [D] 20.34.37 - [Mount] No aquatic mount selected. [D] 20.34.37 - [Mount] No flying mount selected. 20.34.37 - [Fight] Player Attack Starving Blisterpaw (lvl 42) [D] 20.34.44 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Andutz) LF3M ZF heal+dps [D] 20.35.05 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Afonsobruno) if need love whisper Dwemerkun ( he pay 2000 gold for kiss ) [D] 20.35.05 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Akianne) No one from yesterday online to join ? 20.35.15 - [Looting] Loot Starving Blisterpaw 20.35.16 - [Fight] Player Attack Roc (lvl 42) [N] 20.35.16 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -7558,107 ; -3639,911 ; 13,60894 ; "None" to -7541,899 ; -3626,827 ; 11,34436 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20.35.16 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 6 (21,93628y, 61ms, smoothed) [N] 20.35.16 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -7558,107 ; -3639,911 ; 13,60894 ; "None" to -7541,899 ; -3626,827 ; 11,34436 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20.35.16 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 6 (21,93628y, 62ms, smoothed) [N] 20.35.16 - [MovementManager] Try to avoid unsafe zone, change current path [D] 20.35.17 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Andutz) LF1M ZF dps [D] 20.35.33 - [Security] [CHAT] [CHANNEL] (Canel) LFM Scarlet Monastery Need 1 Tank, 2 Dps! (Cath) 20.35.45 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Roc (lvl 43) 20.36.13 - [Looting] Loot Roc [N] 20.36.13 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -7549,603 ; -3633,698 ; 13,00291 ; "None" to -7546,443 ; -3630,52 ; 12,34198 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20.36.13 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 4 (6,363315y, 63ms, smoothed) 20.36.15 - [Fight] Player Attack Scorpid Tail Lasher (lvl 44) [N] 20.36.15 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -7549,408 ; -3633,131 ; 12,92816 ; "None" to -7541,837 ; -3671,31 ; 9,115306 ; "None" (Kalimdor) [N] 20.36.15 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 5 (39,31107y, 98ms, smoothed) [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [E] 20.36.32 - Error injection: Cannot launch it, skipped. [N] 20.36.41 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck [N] 20.36.41 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on [D] 20.36.41 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft [E] 20.36.41 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [D] 20.36.41 - [Fight] Fight stopped [E] 20.36.41 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.41 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [N] 20.36.42 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 20.36.42 - [Automaton] Stopped [E] 20.36.42 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.43 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.43 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.43 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen [E] 20.36.43 - !Memory.IsProcessOpen 20.36.43 - [Automaton] Stopped 20.36.43 - [Automaton] Closed
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