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    This review was make with the 1.2.7_beta version. At first look, looks to be a promising plugin, but unfortunally, it does not make the job well, I'm using it since the 1.2.0 version. Works a little better for non hunter classes, because the "Buy Ammunition System" and the "Buy / Sell System" is EXTREMME BUGGED, most part of time the plugin does not find a vendor near by and when sometimes it finds, sells all your stuff, including the "Jagged Arrows" and the worst part, the plugin get into a loop buying arrows and selling making you lost all your golds (It happened 3 times with me). The fly path system does not work very well, sometimes it does not get the correct path and you send it to the other side of the map. When you make contact with the devoloper he asks you to turn on the Debug Log and send to him but if you lost the internet connection or you get a WoW Crash (It happens sometimes since you are using a bot) you need to start over, but most part of the time I just want to turn on the bot on and go from something else, besides we are not been paying for a plugin to make the Beta Tester job for free. In my country we say "The cheap become expensive", I payed for somes smalls plugins, instead I could pay a little more and buyed the "HumanMasterPlugin from Matenia" that is a complete suite and recomended by a lot of people. So, I gave up to use it this plugin. For now I'm going to give 2 stars, if this issues get fixed I could make another review in the future.
  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is any configuration in WRobot that makes your character (Hunter) go to town and buy ammunition (Arrows or Bullets), or do I need to buy a plugin for that? I usualy to use FNV316 Quester and Bambo's Grinding profiles, the character goes to town to buy food, water but no ammunition. Regards,
  2. So... No extra login session 😓 Do we need to disable the Random Jump or it will be fixed?
  3. Cool! So... Everyone that helped here is going to get an extra bonus session for 1 year? 😁
  4. Did you do a fresh install? Gona try this.
  5. Didn't work too, the same problem is happening
  6. I did the last update, disabled all add-ons and the problem persists... Are you sure that a version rollback isn't the best choice for the moment?
  7. It seens, it will be another day without WRobot. Isn'tt better rollback the WRobot version?
  8. I download na update but nothing has changed.
  9. Yeap, it happened with no dx tooo, sending the WoW logs, WRobot logs and a screenshot to you.
  10. Just sent to you. It happened withou any Fight Class / Plugin selected.
  11. I don't know about the others, but I'm using these fight class/profile: Both updated yesterday
  12. Yes, I updated everything and still happening.
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