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  1. Can confirm that this still happens from time to time, even after ->
  2. Are you sure that is related to VFM? Have you tried to run the bot in Automaton mode with any plugin besides VFM disabled?
  3. Authentication server crashed, but it's back running again by now. Please give it another try
  4. wManager.Wow.Forms.UserControlTabGeneralSettings.ReloadGeneralSettings(); Call this function once after modifying settings. Updates the wRobot UI
  5. Uncheck "Ninja": Enter advanced Settings -> Looting and Farming options -> Ninja
  6. Use a tool like NvidiaInspector, set Frame Rate Limiter to ~60 and V-Sync to Force On
  7. Most likely wrong file path. All the xml's go to wRobot -> Profiles -> Quester -> FNV_V2 -> #0 START_FNVLauncher_V2.xml, and so on for all the other profiles (picture attached)
  8. KeyExample.xml Add the Custom Script part of the attached file to the "Custom Script" part of your quester profile. Then use it as custom complete condition for that quest (part) and call it like this: return Key.haveKey(KeyId); Returns true, if the key is on your key chain. The only thing you have to change is KeyId
  9. That's why I said, use quest name (-> quest title) instead of id. Calling that Lua function returns (in Vanilla) 7 different values, so you need a variable for the very first value. You then check, if the value (string) of the quest title variable is the same (string.match / string.find) as your quest name string. Please read the documentation. There is an example of how to use these variables right at the bottom. http://classic-wow.wikia.com/wiki/API_GetQuestLogTitle#questTag
  10. Use quest name instead of id: http://classic-wow.wikia.com/wiki/API_GetQuestLogTitle
  11. You can achieve that by de compiling the dll with a tool like dotPeak. Avvi explained this in a thread: This allows you to take a look at the code, but not applying changes to the source dll
    Disclaimer: I received my copy of this product for free and was involved in the testing process. Just so everyone is aware about potential bias. I ran this on a level 55 Warlock with access to a 60% mount on Nighthaven / Elysium from 1-300. If you plan to run this from 1-300, I at least recommend a level 50 character. A mount speeds up the whole mining process a lot. Obviously, that is what you are doing most of the time. However, it’s also possible to mix things up. There is no need to make a full 1-300 run or use a high level character, just make sure your bot is able to deal with the m
  12. General communication about such stuff could by improved a lot and some issues take an eternity to be dealt with, but I agree. The latest update is a step in the right direction. Also, due to the bot being fully customable with C#, you can create your own fixes / workarounds, if you are fine with putting the effort in
  13. Instead of creating one different grinder profile for each step of the grind, you have one core profile that executes the following grind steps one after another. It also grants you easy access to all the fancy C# stuff and other quest types (f.e. FollowPath for custom routes), in case you need that for more advanced profiles. It's pretty straight forward. You create a KillAndLoot quest without an quest id, scroll to the bottom and check "Grind". You then set the level of that KillAndLoot quest to one below the level you want the bot to grind to and change "Not Required in Quest log" to t
  14. Took an unskilled programmer like me around four hours to fully automate entering Thorium Point, reach any NPC at Thorium Point and leaving Thorium Point, without my bot breaking his nose every other minute. Might be a dirty solution, but it works. Why exactly is this still a thing? Thorium Point - Default Path Finder VS Custom Path Plugin.mp4
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