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  1. FNV316

    Keep dying under water

    True, the bot is not designed for water combat. You can't regenerate and if you die too deep down, the bot is unable to revive. It primarily helps when running profiles that involve some short water parts, but not exclusively
  2. FNV316

    Keep dying under water

    WRobot doesn't check your breath, nor swims up to refresh it by default. HumanMasterPlugin does that, but it's paid
  3. FNV316

    Grind to level

    You have to set the "max level" to a value one below the level you plan to grind to. The bot will pulse that quest until your characters level is greater than "max level" Or you can write it as Is complete condition: return ObjectManager.Me.LevelDecimal >= 10; Returns true, as soon as your character reached level 10
  4. Flight Master for Vanilla is broken and unreliable in general. Enabling / disabling and blacklisting taxi nodes after not being able to find a taxi node that doesn't even exist in Vanilla in the first place. I assume it's the same system used for later expansions with these additional taxi nodes. Or just not being able to fly from an active & discovered taxi node to another active & discovered taxi node, because wRobot thinks there is no flight path available, even if there clearly is. Not to speak about endless loops of bots running from one Flight Master to the other, just to fly back to the first one and repeat. Would really appreciate some ❤️ for Vanilla Flight Master. To give an example: Bot is located in Westfall, Sentinel Hill and his destination is the Light House in the same zone. The bot will walk up to the Flight Master and search for a taxi node to travel to. But the taxi node at the Light House does not exist in Vanilla. So what happens is that wRobot blacklists the Sentinel Hill Flight Master and is now unable to fly from Westfall back to Stormwind. This can lead to even more taxi nodes being blacklisted, when the bot is in Stormwind and tries to fly back to Westfall.
  5. Max: 12-16h per day / 5 days per week. A well designed fight class is key
  6. 1-60 will be the same product, just updated. No further purchases necessary
  7. Well, that is indeed possible. If a server runs a different version and quests have been altered, that can cause issues. Thanks for the hint, I gonna start a test run there tomorrow.
  8. They should be added to the list automatically, if you turn in quests, while the bot is still running in pause (or even just active in the background). However, all quests and paths are done in a specific order, so if you do stuff out of order yourself, there is nevertheless a high risk of something breaking. Scripts like flying or routes highly depend on your current quest progress You better interact with the bot as less as possible. Try to use plugins like Accept Group Invitation to make it look more human like, or delay your ingame latency to 300-500 ms, to hide bottish movement / behavior.
  9. FNV316

    Invalid target Remover

    Amazing! 😁
  10. FNV316

    Invalid target Remover

    Could that also prevent / stop wRobot from attacking friendly Hunter pets, when mobs with the same id are currently target of a grinder step?
  11. FNV316

    Money Pit

    If you are corresponding to the demo version, it has not been updated for a couple of months and therefor still in a pretty unbalanced and sometimes broken state, especially with overall weak classes. It will receive an major update probably in August as well, facing these issues and adding more content to it. Currently you may consider buying your bot some green auction house gear Else please contact me via Discord.
  12. As Matenia said, it seems your list of completed quest ids is missing these quest ids. But as a workaround, you can disable those related steps (Product Settings -> Profile Settings (Enable/Disable Quests/Steps)), so the bot won't try to run them again
  13. I'm glad you enjoy it. 🙂 2 days 15 for level 34 is pretty fast, even for a Warlock
  14. return (ObjectManager.Me.GetDurabilityPercent <= 20 || wManager.Wow.Helpers.Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlots <= wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.MinFreeBagSlotsToGoToTown + 1); Returns true if either durability is <= 20%, or when your current free bag slots is one above / before ToTown is triggered. Not tested.
  15. I have currently no plans to release a version for Horde