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  1. Agreed, but we don't need misinformation spread either- and it didn't hurt to check. The operation was unattended 😛
  2. I'd like to report that in my humble opinion after hours of testing, WRobot is undetected by Warmane's Sentinel Anti-cheat. I can't speak for expanded function/scripting outside what is offered by WRobot, but the bot itself is not detected. You are being reported, and/or manually checked by a GM.
  3. Doesn't work for updater on fresh download. I agree with you- I actually just ran into this issue with a box i'm remote viewing- but the xml does not affect updater. Personally just ran it local and copied the files 😛
  4. try to delete wdb folder in wow directory. Basically Myko say make a heartbeat plugin that record Is.Alive and your coordinates. when Is.Alive is no longer true, you have the coordinates of your corpse, and a place to send the bot.
  5. Valid way to complete, another to skip searching for IDs: Lua.LuaDoString("CastSpellByName(\"Death and Decay\")"); ClickOnTerrain.Pulse(ObjectManager.Target.Position);
  6. Version 1.0.2


    PartyChatCommandEX Command your bot with in-game chat! This plugin executes commands (Lua code, C# code, use item or cast spell) with argument support, when any party member or whisper sends a specific message in WoW chat. This is a standalone, free plugin (Party chat command not required) that monitors in-game chat channels (like a Discord bot) for a trigger command, an action, and any arguments/variables you want to pass along. The plugin is designed to scan party chat, party (leader), and whispers for triggers/commands. There is also an optional Argument Handler that when active, parses all arguments as 1 string (Used in the say command for example). As the file is CS, the source is available for the community to digest and use for their own needs. *This plugin should work on any version, but as I only play and test on Vanilla, I'll list it here until I get some testers 🙂* Default Actions (send via game chat) Where a discord bot normally searches for a symbol like !, by default PCCeX has the bot respond to it's character name. I originally decided to default to character name because it makes it easier for me to delegate individual instructions to multiple bots in the same party. This is editable per action in the settings (meaning you can give different actions different triggers as well for your own wishes/purposes). Depicted below, the trigger (only the trigger) can be used at either the beginning, or the end of the command statement. For the sake of the examples, our bot name is Bobthebot: How to use arguments How to Use/Install: Potential things you can do with this plugin (custom action scripting required, not included): Make a heal/buff/attack action with arguments: Have your bot heal, buff or attack a target of your choice, with the spell of your choice Change your "Party" product target from in-game with the player of your choice Integrate with Traveller and use chat commands to send your bot places to do things (go to place, sell/buy this) Much, Much, More! I will update default actions with some actions I make for myself as I go, but I am so interested to see what you all can come up with! Enjoy! -t00z This plugin is based on Droidz' Party chat command:
  7. Hi, Above click "My Purchases" Where it shows your session, in the right hand corner click "Manage" Your key will be presented on the next screen. Anything beyond that, you may need to contact Droidz.
  8. If you check the dates- this issue is over a year old. Please be more specific (post log). It would also help to know what product, fightclass, plugins, and addons you are using.
  9. public class Example1 { private static var newVarible = "something"; public static string newVariable { get { return name; } set { name = value; } } } public class Example2 { if (Example1.newVariable == "something") { print(Example1.newVariable); //Output: something } } Keep in mind these are very loosely based examples just to depict what is going on Ugh...stupid edits removed my code examples...im kind of mad I had a quick lesson in variables for you =/. The above one that survived tries to explain how variables can cross "scopes" and be used across multiple classes. If you are just working with variables within a single class, you only need to declare the variable above the code you will use it in: public class Example3 { var newVariable = "something"; if (1 = 1) { print(newVariable); //output: something newVariable = "something else"; print(newVariable); //output: something else } else { print(newVariable); //output: something newVariable = "something new"; } print(newVariable); //output: something else as 1 = 1 } Anyway, here's a snipplet that will work for your particular case: string[] spells = new [] {"frostbolt", "arcane missles", "fireball"}; string[] shuffled = spells.OrderBy(n => Guid.NewGuid()).ToArray(); if (wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.KnowSpell(shuffled[0]) && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 30) { wManager.Wow.Helpers.SpellManager.CastSpellByNameLUA(shuffled[0]); } Arrays are just groups of variables under one umbrella that are given index numbers (starting at 0) so they can be referenced in a plethora of ways. In this snipplet, your spell names populate a string array called "spells". another array "shuffled" takes the values in "spells" and assigns/reorders them with new Guids- which is basically a tricking the array into shuffling the index numbers of the spells. This means every time the code is called, the contents of shuffled[0] changes randomly. Tip: declaring a "var" simply tells the interpreter it's on it's own when it comes to parsing the value of the variable. var can be replaced with things like string,int,float etc to designate specifically what kind of value you are storing. In the case above, string[] designates the array will consist of strings, where int[] would designate the array consists of numbers/intergers.
  10. Food/Drink tab for pot There are plugins/scripts in downloads for chat bot, but probably outdated. You can use source to make your own 🙂
  11. lol? Bambo & Matenia are two different people. I would make sure to contact the right person 🙂
  12. WRobot is fine, plugins/scripts out of date. Update your scripts/plugins, or if can't update further- download WRobot and wait update.
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