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  1. Macro


    10 sessions, so 10 wow characters running the bot... Regardless of IP or machine
  2. I want to randomize my spells / actions a bit by using variables so the bot will look human. This might be very very easy but I dont know how to do it, it may help other new people. This is what I am trying to do: Var Random = (1-3) if (Frostbolt.KnownSpell && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 30 && Random = 1) { Frostbolt.Launch(); Random = (1-3); } if (ArcaneMissiles.KnownSpell && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 30 && Random = 2) { ArcaneMissiles.Launch(); Random = (1-3); } if (Fireball.KnownSpell && ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance < 30 && Random = 3) { Fireball.Launch(); Random = (1-3); } Does anyone know the proper code to do this? Do I need to put public bool in the beginning of the script?
    Very helpful! thank you
  3. Hi Droidz! I do not want to ignore fights while traveling. While traveling - I want the bot to attack before being attacked, but this feature is not working. (Je ne veux pas ignorer les bagarres en voyageant. Pendant le voyage, je veux que le bot attaque les cibles avant d’être attaqué, mais cette fonctionnalité ne fonctionne pas.)
    Worked great. I appreciate you
  4. When using quester the bot only attacks mobs listed in the quest or mobs that aggro. When traveling to a quest location, it runs straight in to a mob and only attacks once the mob aggros. I want the bot to attack hostile targets before they aggro I see an advanced setting "attack before being attacked" but this feature does not do anything when I turn it on How do I make it so the bot will attack any mob that is hostile > within 3 levels > within 25 yards of the path? I see someone posted about this in February, but I dont see any update.
  5. Macro

    What features are you missing?

    What about a feature / plugin that sets an alarm if the bot is stuck accepting/ completing quests, stuck on terrain, gets teleported, gets a group invite etc etc. I like alarms to notify me rather than the game closing. I think it would be really cool as well to develop a feature/plugin that puts variation in to the path the bot takes to the target so that its not always just a 100% straight line. Maybe sway the character or have a calculation that allows you to strafe slightly before going directly toward your target (at random)... but maybe that can only be done inside of the fight class.
  6. I would like to do two actions at once - cast a spell while moving back or jump while moving forward. When I try this script { wManager.Wow.Helpers.Move.Forward(Move.MoveAction.PressKey, 1500); wManager.Wow.Helpers.Keybindings.PressKeybindings(wManager.Wow.Enums.Keybindings.JUMP); } It waits until the first action is done until doing the second action. How do I run two actions at once?
  7. Gets stuck at level 6 quest - Report to goldshire / fargodeep mine. Just goes in a loop trying to reaccept the quest, even after the 2 min timer. tried troubleshooting to no avail.
  8. My problem is that my hunter does not need line of sight to attack - It can attack through terrain with the bow - no problem Whenever I use grinder, my hunter will target a mob behind the terrain - attack it like normal and then realize the target is not in view, so it moves forward, but then its too close to attack with the bow, so it moves back, then the target is not in view again ... it continues to move back and forth...😓 even when I disable "Check if target is in View?" in the fight profile for the spells, It still tries to always maintain line of sight with the target and causes this problem. If I disable Pathfinding, combat is fine but I get stuck when trying to loot. Any ideas?
  9. Hi, I just purchased wrobot and I'm brand new to scripting. I want to be self sufficient and learn how to make custom fight classes. Right now I am referring to other peoples free cs code and guessing code but a lot of the time I get errors. I'm currently trying to move my hunter forward under certain conditions, wManager.Wow.Helpers.Move.Backward(Move.MoveAction.DownKey, 1500); Thread.Sleep(1500); Works great for moving backwards but when I change the script to "Move.Forward" and "UpKey" - It only gives me errors. Is there a website that has a list of all of the different scripts available? such as the ones referring to wmanager?