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  1. So what is going on with this? I really wanna use the bot on Tauri.
  2. Anyone can make a profile. Grinder/Gather profile are super easy to make. Alot of people upload theirs on the website for everyone to use. But some people spend a lot of time making really good profiles, that they then sell on the website!
  3. Hey. Sorry that i made a new topic, but there was no reply option on the other! Ill upload the log here. I paused the bot just as it started spinning and flying up in the air! 7 Jan 2019 15H12.log.html
  4. Hello. I have a problem. Sometime my bot keeps spinning and keep going up in the air to the limit and just spins there. Then the screen goes darker for some reason. I play on a 3.3.5 server and this has happened on different occations. There seem to be no way to reply to this topic? Ill just upload it here. I hope this is the correct log, I had many of them. 6_Jan_2019_15H06.log.html
  5. kallekalas

    Sunwell Quester 1-50

    Something wrong with your winrar then, I just tried to redownload it.
  6. kallekalas

    Sunwell Quester 1-50

    There is nothing wrong with the file or link, beden.
  7. kallekalas

    78-80 - WOTLK - Storm Peaks

    You have included a lvl 75-78 quester in this profile, is that an error?
  8. kallekalas

    Sunwell Quester 1-50

    Yes, but then? If I am level 20 how do I know if I should use Duskwood or Lakeshire etc.
  9. kallekalas

    Sunwell Quester 1-50

    What is the order of the profiles?
  10. kallekalas

    A Sunwell Hellfire Questing 80/80

    It's Alliance obviously.
  11. I just copied the code like you said. My druid spent then spent the point when he leved up.
  12. I've tried this on a 3.3.5a server as a balance Druid and it worked great!
  13. kallekalas

    [FREE] Mining Node Blacklist

    Ok, I am sorry to bother you. I am new with this, I guess ill find out how to change the code somehow!
  14. kallekalas

    [FREE] Mining Node Blacklist

    Is there a way to make it only go after one type of node? And leave rest.