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  1. Let's say Ive botted on a throwaway account, gathered 50k gold. My botting life is now done. I stop botting. Is it safe to send that gold to my main account? Assuming I never bot again.
  2. I have a paladin who uses most of his spells. I've made it so when Paladin gets to 30% mana he switches to Seal of Wisdom, and when he gets above 30% he switches to a regular damage seal. My problem is that now the paladin is just bouncing between 25-35% mana and keep switching the seals. Is there a way to make the seal of wisdom go all the way up to full mana before switching? Edit. I play on a wotlk server.
  3. So if I buy a VPN, I run it, and then I can use my bot account? And then when im done, I disable VPN and log on to my main account?
  4. I play on a server and I want to make a second account to bot with. But I dont want my main account to get banned. Is using a reliable VPN safe? Any suggestions on such a VPN? Edit. I am a noob when it comes to botting and VPN in general.
  5. I have a max level char. I don't wanna try it and get banned.
  6. So what is going on with this? I really wanna use the bot on Tauri.
  7. Anyone can make a profile. Grinder/Gather profile are super easy to make. Alot of people upload theirs on the website for everyone to use. But some people spend a lot of time making really good profiles, that they then sell on the website!
  8. Hey. Sorry that i made a new topic, but there was no reply option on the other! Ill upload the log here. I paused the bot just as it started spinning and flying up in the air! 7 Jan 2019 15H12.log.html
  9. Hello. I have a problem. Sometime my bot keeps spinning and keep going up in the air to the limit and just spins there. Then the screen goes darker for some reason. I play on a 3.3.5 server and this has happened on different occations. There seem to be no way to reply to this topic? Ill just upload it here. I hope this is the correct log, I had many of them. 6_Jan_2019_15H06.log.html
  10. Something wrong with your winrar then, I just tried to redownload it.
  11. There is nothing wrong with the file or link, beden.
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