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Found 20 results

  1. Version 1.6.2


    Replaces the current, unreliable taxi system of wRobot with a dedicated system for Vanilla WoW. It also adds the functionality to automatically discover previously undiscovered taxi nodes. It is currently Alliance only, due to primary created with my quester profiles in mind. Don't ask me to create a version for Horde as well. I have plans for that, but without an appointment. Features: -Take taxi, when detecting a long path -Discover undiscovered taxi nodes -Optional: Automatically updates the discovered / undiscovered taxi nodes of a character, when the taxi map
  2. Version 2.2


    This is a utility plugin that adds nearby Profession Trainers, Arrow/Bullet Vendor, Repair Vendor, Mailbox, Class Trainers, Food Vendor, Trade Supply Vendor, and Reagents Vendor! to the NPCDB as current profile NPC or saved NPC with the correct "Npc.Type" and "Npc.NpcVendorItemClass". The benefit of this is that the wRobot train state, and item/bullet/reagent buying state can be used more dynamic/automatically without needing to setup other things first. Additionally plugins/code that want to search the NpcDB for Trainers or other NpcTypes/VendorItemClasses can do so using code like this:
  3. Version 2.0


    Basic Player Detector to play an alert file if someone was found nearby. I may update this further. Tested on 3.3.5a but it should work on everything i think. How to Install: Put the plugin in your plugins folder. Configure and/or Enable the Plugin. Purpose: It will print out player-names if any are in render distance, if they stay in render distance longer than configurable seconds, you hear an alert. Note: The alert will be played every configurable ms until all players are out of render distance. Alert is configured in a way where you can have w
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Tauren starting zone – completes the following quests: A Sacred Burial – 833 Call of Fire – 1523 (Shaman) Danger of the Windfury – 743 Dwarven Digging – 746 Heeding the Call – 5926 (Druid) Journey into Thunder Bluff – 775 Journey to the Crossroads – 854 Mazzranache – 766 Poison Water – 748 Preparation for Ceremony – 744 Rite of Vision – 767 Rite of Vision – 771 Rite of Vision – 772 Rite of Wisdom – 773 Rites of the Earthmother – 776 Sergra Darkthorn – 860 Sharing the Land – 745 Superviso
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Greetings, This was originally created as a paid profile, but due to work and life I was never able to perfect it and clean up the various issues it had. I am posting this as I saw the Project Wholesome thing, and I wanted to at least contribute since I have been away for quite some time. This is certainly not as high quality as other PAID options out there, and I fully recommend purchasing those options for a complete and viable solution. I would recommend starting from Durotar with this profile. I have not touched the files in a year, nor have I had a c
  6. Version 1.0.1


    The Crossroads – completes the following quests: I run this profile immediately following my Sen'jin Village & Razor Hill profile A Bundle of Hides – 6361 Altered Beings – 880 Apothecary Zamah – 853 Call of Fire – 1524 (Shaman) Call of Fire – 1525 (Shaman) Call of Fire – 1526 (Shaman) Call of Fire – 1527 (Shaman) Centaur Bracers – 855 Consumed by Hatred – 899 Disrupt the Attacks – 871 Echeyakee – 881 Egg Hunt – 868 Fungal Spores – 848 Hamuul Runetotem – 1489 Harpy Lieutenants – 875 Harpy Ra
  7. Version 1.0


    My first attempt at making a good fight class. Currently it only supports Battle Stance, I might make it take advantage of the other stances at a later point. It should work fine as a leveling fight class from level 1-70. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you'll have to restart the bot every time you learn a new spell. Features Fury Rotation (Battle Stance) AOE Support (Uses Sweeping Strike with Cleave) Trinket Support Cooldown Management (Uses Retaliation on 3 or more targets) Config (For almost everything) I'd love feedback
  8. Version 0.5.1


    Hey guys, This is an extremely simple leveling Arms Warrior fight class that I am posting as it was requested. I did not spend much time on this one, and will likely post a much more updated version in the near future. It was tested and used to mid 40's, so it won't use new abilities although it still should function decent beyond that. This will move abilities needed to Right action bars if not present. Features: Arms Warrior basic routine (Stays in Battle Stance) Uses Blood Fury (Orc) or War Stomp (Tauren) situationally Ability to pull with Charge
  9. Version 1.6.3


    This is my free 1-18 Quest Profile. It will do most quests in Elwynn Forrest and Westfall, besides ~5 quests in total, that aren't very important. It uses grinding only as a back-up mechanic, if you didn't reach a certain level so far, but won't play a significant roll most of the time. As you can see in the title, this profile is a demo version of my Alliance 1-60 Quest Pack I plan to release in the upcoming weeks. That version won't be free though. You can find some video footage of it below. Important: Found a workaround for the route problem. Should now work without manuall
  10. Version 1.2


    This plugin is gonna feed your Hunters pet automatically the correct food, as long as you have some in your inventory. Therefor, it is usable with any kind of auto choose food plugin and allows for a much more AFK experience, when botting Hunter. It's not just selecting a valid food depending on your pet currents level, but your pets individually diet as well. This plugin will by default only feed food that is available for purchase by vendors. But you are free to add your own food (by ID), when activated. "Auto choose food": Main feature, automatically feeds your pet, depending on
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Profile order: Red Cloud Mesa – Mulgore Bloodhoof Village & Thunder Bluff – Mulgore Sen'jin Village, Razor Hill & Orgrimmar – Durotar The Crossroads – The Barrens Ratchet – The Barrens Camp Taurajo – The Barrens Camp Taurajo – completes the following quests: A New Ore Sample – 1153 Betrayal from Within – 879 Betrayal from Within – 906 Blood Shards of Agamaggan – 5052 Cry of the Thunderhawk – 913 Enraged Thunder Lizards – 907 Gann's Reclamation – 843 Isha Awak – 873 Ishamuhale – 882 Lakot
  12. Version 1.0.1


    Durotar starting zone – completes the below quests: I run this profile on Tauren characters once I have completed all Mulgore quest lines – see my Mulgore profiles here and here After completing these three (3) profiles, my characters are typically level ~15 prior to beginning The Crossroads quest lines A Peon's Burden – 2161 A Solvent Spirit – 818 Ak'Zeloth – 809 Break a Few Eggs – 815 Carry Your Weight – 791 Conscript of the Horde – 840 Crossroads Conscription – 842 Dark Storms – 806 Encroachment – 837 Finding the Antidote
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Ratchet – completes the following quests: I run this profile immediately following my Crossroads profile A Captain's Vengeance – 891 Deepmoss Spider Eggs – 1069 Free From the Hold – 898 Ignition – 858 Miner's Fortune – 896 Nugget Slugs – 3922 Raptor Horns – 865 Rilli Greasygob – 3923 Samophlange – 894 Samophlange – 900 Samophlange – 901 Samophlange – 902 Samophlange Manul – 3924 Southsea Freebooters – 887 Stolen Booty – 888 The Escape – 863 The Missing Shipment – 890 The Missing Shi
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Tauren starting zone – completes the following quests: A Humble Task – 752 A Humble Task – 753 A Task Unfinished – 1656 Attack on Camp Narache – 781 Break Sharptusk! – 3376 Call of Earth – 1519 (Shaman) Call of Earth – 1520 (Shaman) Call of Earth – 1521 (Shaman) Rite of Strength – 757 Rites of the Earthmother – 755 Rites of the Earthmother – 763 Rune-Inscribed Note – 3093 (Shaman) The Battleboars – 780 The Hunt Begins – 747 The Hunt Continues – 750 Verdant Note – 3094 (Druid) Druid & Shaman
  15. Version 1.0.2


    Hey guys, This is a simple fight class that I started working on to get used to WRobot libraries and systems before I start making more feature rich classes. The point of creating this when other great ones exists (Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage), was to include feature options and test my limits. If the reception is good on this free demo class, I may produce a few more, or devote more time and create high quality paid classes. This has been tested to 40, at which point it will still function, but will not add new mana gems or NEW abilities learned (New ranks should
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Pretty simple plugin: Will dismount the player, when the range to the bots current destination is below the value set in the plugins settings. I use it in my quester profiles for bots that have access to mounts, so they don't mindlessly charge to a quest objective while being mounted, pull a dozen of mobs in the process, dismount when standing directly before the objective and just die to the group of mobs still following. Also works with Druids Travel Form.
  17. Version 1.0.5


    Lbniese Warrior - Arms - Vanilla & TBC An advanced fightclass for warriors in vanilla and tbc. Features - Arms Rotation - AOE Support - Cooldown Management - Charge logic English Client Required at the moment Feel free to send me suggestions and bug reports! Discord channel: https://discord.gg/w8JMEVH Use the text channel #lbniesefightclasses please
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Very Simple Will Sinister Strike Will Eviserate at 4 and 5 combo points Will use Evasion if there are 2 or more Hositle mobs withen 30 yards
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Need people to QA profile Free Night elf quest profile that should get you 1-20 hands free. I didn't like the Darkshore quest lines (too many stucks) so i just pulled in the 10-20 block from the Draenei profile which works OK. I have seen some issues with the flight co-ordination from Darnasus to Exodar so you may need to watch that. around lvl 10. Requires the Quickquest addon and auto-gear addon to be full afk. I tested with non heirloom'd bots and hit 20 each one. Let me know if you see any stuck's. Im looking to make a 1-20 for most classes / starting zones.
  20. 146 downloads

    Hi everyone! Here is a fight class I would like to share with you all, I have worked on optimizing settings for a while and I believe this works very good for my needs. Try it out and let me know! Uses Artifact spell among other cool combos to be very efficient. For a solid up-to-date build please reference: http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/blood-death-knight-pve-tank-guide
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