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  1. Lbniese

    Problem with ENCRYPTED files on TBC

    Make sure to check this post:
  2. Lbniese


    Hey dandanskulld, The TBC version might need an update to reach same high quality as the Vanilla version. Ordush mentioned that he'd get around to push some updates when he gets time: I do assume that hasn't happened yet though 🙂
  3. Several people are selling profiles etc through the forums, so you might be able to find somebody who's willing to create the profiles and sell them.
  4. It does if you create your own questing profile 🙂 EDIT: I don't think there is any public profiles doing it currently.
  5. I had a smooth experience questing while testing my fightclasses, so I'd assume it would be a report as well.
  6. Lbniese

    Retail Shenanigans

    Well a lot of people lost a retail account to that lately, so you're playing with fire 😉
  7. Lbniese

    Guide to Botting with Proxifier

    The new Proxifier 3.42 should support Windows 10 :)
  8. Poisons won't be featured in the free version. It is featured in the paid version though. Alternatively you can find plugins that manage poisons 🙂
  9. The free version hasn't been updated for months, I'm not sure if a wRobot update has caused it to bug out. I'm about to finish my overhaul of the paid version and I'll probably look into making a better free version as well soon 🙂
  10. It sounds like you're doing something wrong unfortunately. Please do PM me so we can look into the issue and if there's any bugs, then report them through PM as well, so I can fix them 🙂
  11. Lbniese

    DPSEngine working in Wrobot?

    I think that warrior routine does work with wrobot if you put it in the fightclass folder :)
  12. Hi, it shouldn't have issues unless your settings are incorrectly set up. Please PM me and I can take a look at it with you. Hi, if you were the one whispering me you hopefully found it in the spam folder. If not - then please check your spam folder or PM me 🙂
  13. I usually go like this https://classicdb.ch/?talent#LMhxdAio0kE0zu0x
  14. Lbniese

    Is this for retail too?

    Used to be, ain't anymore :)