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  1. No, you’d need buy several socks5 proxies
  2. You can setup a rule for 1wow.exe and choose which proxy it should use and then setup a rule for 2wow.exe with a different proxy. In this example I setup a rule for wow.exe and set a specific proxy for that. You should additionally make a rule for wow2.exe for example with a different proxy selected. http://prntscr.com/mwt2id
  3. Who's the author? And have you tried to contact him/her both through the forums, discord etc?
  4. You should probably consult the author of the profile.
  5. Droidz has confirmed that BFA support will be released, but there's no eta ETA yet.
  6. You'll have to get a custom plugin or play on a proper server i guess 🙂
  7. It's not only about bans -- It's about being sued by Blizzard as well.
  8. Monster-WoW also did a BFA private server. Problem is Droidz has to be aware that he doesn't release a "retail" BFA bot, due to [email protected] etc 🙂
  9. So no reason to change anything about wRobot really. Just delete the custom tauri files or use another client i guess?
  10. So you can confirm that removing the "custom" / non-blizzard libraries and executables makes the bot undetected again? 🙂
  11. realmlist address shouldn't be needed as long as you have Any 🙂
  12. I am using SOCKS5 setup on CentOS with Dante, so I do unfortuantely not have any experience with that provider. But if it worked with a different program that's great 🙂
  13. Why don't you try to connect to tauri with those files deleted? Not sure why Droidz has to test everything himself 🙂 If you suspect those files are a part of their "anti hack check fix" then check it out.
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