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  1. Profile not starting up - staying at "initiallizing" and not doing anything afterwards. Started in old and new continent same result. Netherwing server. included rocket id and authentication was succesfull. Also, the window frame says something on the top left corner: Horde Version 6.3 Zoink Fixxed: cant start profile at 58. gotta start at 60
  2. Hillsbrad: Char uses hearthstone without setting it in hillsbrad beforehand. Nightelf teleports back to nightelf start zone and does not use boat afterwards to get back to hillsbrad. happened several times, also i dont think the darnassasus boat works at all (at least for me). chars stays afk in front of it, instead of entering. seems like it doesnt recognize game object. otherwise great profile so far!
  3. As a matter of fact, after restarting the bot it did the quests in the right order.
  4. Badlands: Tries to pick up Scournging in Badlands from Prospector, without doing prequest Mirages first from the guy next to him (TBC)
  5. Quest Bug: Taming Kodos in Desolace not working for me. Doesnt cast the item properly, and sometimes goes to quest npc without a kodo, and then pulsing that he starts with the next kodo although he didnt get one. Only me?
  6. thxgod1

    [PAID] Affliction/Demonology Warlock 1-70

    works now, thanks!
  7. thxgod1

    [PAID] Affliction/Demonology Warlock 1-70

    Hey mate, just bought your Fightclass! Did everything as instructed, however when I try to enter Fightclass Settings to enter my RocketID i get an error window popup: Exception: System. NullReferenceException (see picture i uploaded). Pls help! greetings
  8. thxgod1

    Afk Loop spam

    Hello guys. I got this error of AFK spam. Had it already when i botted a few months back, and apparently the issue is still not resolved. ANything i can do about it?
  9. Hello Ordush! I just started playing BC and remembered that your hunter was always top notch! I am wondering, if this fightclass works for BC too? Because i saw you have a seperate one for BC... and if it doesnt work on BC, do you do discounts for the BC version for people who already bought the vanilla version? I didnt see any information on that in your threads, so I just post here. Greetings and keep up the good work m8
  10. thxgod1

    Use in AV

    wrobot is useless for BG although they promote it. dont do it unless you want to spent countless hours on profiles just to get banned anyways in the end. Droidz asking for logs ROFL this av wall walk bug has been reported countless times and always post get deleted or just not responded to
  11. thxgod1

    Afk Loop spam

    nope, macro not working, still spammin afk after update.
  12. thxgod1

    Alterac Valley

    Droidz dont care about battlegrounder, he stated it somewhere in this forum. Unfortunately you gonna have to make your own profile, and even that is gonna bug out regurlarly so you need to watch it careful. Was also quite pissed about this, my bug report was first deleted, then restored and simply ignored.. Dont know why Wrobot promotes a battleground function if it is not being developed or cared for. Greets
  13. thxgod1

    Afk Loop spam

    have the exact same problem. reinstalled all the necessarys drivers for wrobot, slimx v++ etc. Still the same problem. I think i fixed it by making a macro in settings, that the bot presses a button every 60 seconds. Seems to avoid afk but not sure yet.
  14. thxgod1

    AV Horde Profile not working AT ALL

    Also: How come the bot is not farming herbs or looting the corpses in AV (while it is not running against things), although i activated it in settings?? Greetings