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  1. Great! Please dont forget the Felguard check (if have felguard spell, take felguard over other pets) Would be a huge help and also it would allow (with soullink) your fightclass to be used with both specs! I will send you talent string for demo via pm so you can add it to the others! 🙂
  2. ok weird, mine are only using imp even with shards it doesnt replace it with void. But could you maybe implement soul link? i am rly satisfied with your FC, works great, except soul link 😛 ty!
  3. why is the Warlock preferring Imp over Voidwalker? Mine never play with voidwalker. And could you implement using soul link and felguard please? demonology talent tree is mulitple times better for afk botting then the affilication one.. affli is useless for bots, he doesnt utizlize the strength of affli
  4. oh, damn. will do it now lol. maybe make a hint at the top of the FC that this is old :)ty for quick reply
  5. hi, FC is not using voidwalker on its own (lvl 15 and still using imp). casting order of spells is not right, sometimes he just uses shadowbolt 3 times before dotting. when i turn on framelock, the game freezes for several seconds always and relogger restarts the game/bot. so the FC doesnt work for me atm, any tips?
  6. Lights hope most definately has not automated bans - botted 2 characters on the new server above level 40 without problem (own profiles, almost all questing) But, they do seem to have a system to detect if your running more than 2-3 bots simulatenously (as they have been since over a year) Netherwing - no chance, everything gets banned eventually (lvl 30 latest) no matter how careful you are greetings
  7. I never botted on warmane but I have been confirmed by GM's on other servers that suspicous players get put on a "watch list", if they pass anti bot measures by any means. This means that overly motivated GMs will check players on that list from time to time, but I dont know if that is the case on Warmane. greetings
  8. Thanks for asking, I guess I didnt clarify that enough. The profile does not run the Dungeon itself, it only gets all Quests available for a specific Dungeon done, beforehand and afterwards. For the part of running the actual dungeon, i recommend one of either things: - Let the bot do the Dungeon with Ordush Dungeon Party Bot (Paid): https://wrobot.eu/files/file/1685-paid-dungeon-party-dungeon-bot-by-ordush/ - Let the bot do the Dungeon with Nudl Dungeon Suite: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/7385-dungeonsuite-nudl-v010/ - Let the bot do the Dungeon, while running "Part
  9. So, is there a code around for buying a specific item from AH in a quester? The topic @Droidz posted is deleted unfortunately... Greetings
    I highly recommend this Product to everyone who is enjoying the occasional PvP Botting. Worked without flaws for me, and smaller Bugs were fixed within several minutes. Be careful though, only bot PvP for short period of times and make sure you have a viable PvP class, otherwise Players will spot you immediately and report you (which has nothing to do with the plugin of course!)
  10. Its always risky. If you run them on the same IP its a garantueed ban. You need to use VPN for one account and different clients for both.
  11. I do think it is profile related and this spiraling always happens above terrain thats difficultm e.g. if fly above ruins with lots of walls it happens - if you just put flying waypoints over plain terrain it never happens
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Dear fellow WRobot Users, I am glad to finally release my Dungeon Quester for Horde. Want to make your character look more real and run some dungeons, but cant be bothered with getting all Dungeons Quests? Are you too tired to do the whole Onyxia Attunement Quest chain, again...? Too lazy to cross continents 3 Times to get that sweet Quest Reward? Need PRE-BIS items from high level dungeons, but also want to have all the available Quests to maximize efficiency? Then you are the right spot! ALL Dungeons (even Onyxia Attunement) are included! If you want to
  13. Second proffession can only be upped at level 20... first profession is fine before. bot gets stuck there. Not sure if you can do something with that information 😄 would it be possible to implement level requirement for proffession training? greetings
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