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  1. hello mate, Spirit ressing in WOTLK is broken since quite some time now. You have to deactive "use spirit healer if chain dying" in HMP. @Droidz can fix it maybe, before then you cant use it. Greetings
  2. great work @Marsbar , thank you is it maybe possible to disable trainlevel and specific spells, and only activate profession training? Is trainlevel/spell disabled when i leave it empty? greetings
  3. hey mate, just dropping this link here. might help you, helped me with some object troubles greetings
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hey guys, attached you find my Herb Auto Blacklist Plugin. Whenever a herb turns "gray", the bot blacklists that herb and your bot wont harvest it. Which means, you wont need to manually put the grey herbs into "Dont Harvest Object" list. Only tested on WOTLK, please someone test on Vanilla/TBC and report to me if it works there too 🙂 Thanks for helping with rewriting Plugin in c sharp @Bambo Thanks for original Mine Blacklist Plugin @Matenia
  5. hey guys, looked in forums and searched a lot but couldnt find an answer. is it possible to de/activate a plugin by a runcode in my quester? if yes, what would the code look like? thanks! greetings
  6. turning off "lua to move" in setting helps reducing the problem
  7. Wow, I dont even bot actively on Netherwing. But had some level 5-20 there to make profiles etc. All of them monitored, not run longer than 2-3 hours at a time. All banned! I reckon that they have an automated bot checking mechanism in place (teleporting a few feet, see what happens, change mobid to friendly etc). I cant imagine they are checking literally every player in start zones and then just mark them if they identified them as bots. Must be automated? Anyways Netherwing is not botable at all any longer (was always hard)
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Hello people. This Shaman Fightclass will take you all the way from 1-80. Uses almost every skill in appriopriate situations, obviously aimed at Enhancement talent build. Included: Wolves, all Shocks, Stormstrike, all Enhancement Talent Skills, Water Shield at low mana, and much more. Its not decrypted so feel free to download and check it out. Let me know if you think that something else could be added. Things that will be added in future: - Cleansing - Ankh usage
  9. @roger123 here free vanilla warrior fightclass for you
  10. Its an instanced battleground right? In that case you will need to make a BG profile for that specific BG... but i cant tell for sure, since i dont use battlegrounder. its not working properly to leave it running without monitoring
  11. @Droidz you should test on Dragonblight, flying mount is literally not usable there, I can give you details for lvl 65 account with flying mount for you to test with
  12. MIght be. Also, why do the characters all fly as if they were walking on ground? For example: To get to the top of a tower for a quest, the bot makes the character fly all the around the tower very close to the way. So if someone watches you, it looks completly idiotic, since you could just fly to the top with the flying mount lol instead of flying above ground waypoints.
  13. i can say 100% its not MoveDuringCombat related. I am surprised you cant replicate the bug @Droidz, because it happens a lot to me with all characters. Are you trying on your own private server? Its some kind of waypoint timeout, or wrobot getting stuck on "jump" key....
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