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    The author was ill for a bit, so I didn't get the profile immediately. However, as soon as he was back, he sorted it our for me. It is a good profile, better than any other alliance questers out there. The only reason it doesn't get 5 starts is because it occasionally gets stuck on some quests. But otherwise, great profile! Thanks!
  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I have made a small Fightclass as I was not happy with any of the other shadow priest fight classes. For some reason, they would constantly try to move forward whilst casting which would mess up the rotation and look risky . So here is a very simple fight class which just dots and focuses that target. Drop any high expectations, because this is as simple as they come -- without looking like a bot and getting you banned. Features: Buffs: Auto Shadow form Auto Inner Fire Auto Power Word: Shield -- before engaging combat Auto Vampiric Embrace Auto Divine Spirit Combat Rotation: 1. Vampiric touch -- Will not cast twice! 2. Devouring Plague 3. Shadow Word: Pain 4. Mind Blast -- whenever off cooldown 5. Mind Flay -- if the bot has nothing else to do 6. Shoot Wand -- if mana is so low the priest cannot cast anything Utility: Shadow Word: Death (highest priority) -- Will attempt to steal the killing blow when enemy has 1,200 hp. Dispersion Shadow Fiend -- when mana is getting low Silence -- Only when enemy is casting Psychic Scream -- with range check Psychic Horror -- But only if the target is within combat distance Hope this helps!
    Amazing product! Compared to the default Battlegrounder, this is 100 times better. My bot no longer looks like a bot, she actually knows what objectives to secure and what to actually/where to go in each battleground. As said, pair this with a good fight class and you should be able to afk it for a couple hours a day. Please Note: I was an idiot and didn't know how to use the profile, you need to but the .dll in the "products//" folder. And it will be a product like the "Quester", "Grinder" when you click the home icon. Just in case someone runs into the same problem.
    Best shadow priest fight class for WOTLK! The best for leveling, and also the best for PVP (although it is not PVP specific). Thanks!
  2. How do you actually load it? I have purchased the "product". But if it is not a plugin or fight class, where do I load it? EDIT: Sorry, this is the first time I have used a product. If anybody else has the same issue, look in your WRobot folder for another folder called "products". Drag and drop the dll in there.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a quester profile! But grinds from 20 to 25. Worked really well, thought someone may like it so here you go.
  4. Hi, I have been using wrobot on and off wotlk servers for a year and a bit, but was wondering if anyone knows what the future holds for wrobot. At the moment I think it is an excellent botting program, with a few but minor issues that need plugins to fix: not buying food or drink, training in the valley of trials etc.. But does anyone know what's in store? Will wrobot eventually reach the capabilities of a program like honorbuddy for example, not in the sense that it will run on official servers but that it can confidently be left on its own without much fear of getting caught, for example bgs seem to catch a lot of people out. Will their soon be dungeon support, what improvements are currently being worked on/features planned etc...? Just curious, any insight would be interesting. Thanks, maraisz
    Hi, This is the best fight class I have used. It is the best wotlk warlock fight class. And most sophisticated one I have used overall. BUG: However - without condemnation; as this is a spectacular fight class. Their is a bug that disconnects you ("You have been disconnected from the server"). I assume it is something to do with the fight class thinking the player doesn't have a demon summoned; because the way to fix it is by dismissing your current demon, and letting the bot/fight class summon by itself. This is a major flaw as it can prevent the autonomous nature of wrobot. Thank you.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, This is my second profile. It is a ground-mount route to collect Foxflower in Highmountain. This is a demo and will only collect from the common area with lots of nodes. If you want the full version, it is $5 (paypal or bank). If you do decide to buy the full route, then please don't give it out, and I will tell you why: One way Blizzard catch botters' is by using AI heat-maps to track who's botting, it takes 6 - 12 months and is the reason for ban waves. Giving out the paid route means that there will be a bigger heat map and would cause people using it to get banned. A heat map is generated when lots of players are using the same/similar paths/hotspots, if a limited amount of players use it then there will be no heatmap as Blizzard woudn't want to risk banning innocent people. Kind regards, Zen Marais
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, IMPORTANT - this is a questing profile! (Sorry if I have put this under the wrong section (as it is a questing profile) but it functions as a grinder and servers the purpose to 'grind'/'farm' gold). Gold/h = 500-1000. First of all I would like to say that this is my first profile I am going to upload, I made it when I was level 60 and super low on gold (first character on the server). This file is for low levels, I made it on the private server: wow-monster (legion), so I'm not sure if the gold drop is different to normal wow. Also potential items will drop which you can sell on the AH for around 200-500g, depending on your server. They drop materials as well. Will farm spiders, as they drop 1-5g per kill, but they are spread out. They re spawn each lap around the hotspots though. This is a completely unused spot to be fair, so it should be consistent gold.
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