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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.6.2


    Replaces the current, unreliable taxi system of wRobot with a dedicated system for Vanilla WoW. It also adds the functionality to automatically discover previously undiscovered taxi nodes. It is currently Alliance only, due to primary created with my quester profiles in mind. Don't ask me to create a version for Horde as well. I have plans for that, but without an appointment. Features: -Take taxi, when detecting a long path -Discover undiscovered taxi nodes -Optional: Automatically updates the discovered / undiscovered taxi nodes of a character, when the taxi map is opened -Optional: Stop bot, if getting stuck repeatedly at the gate between Loch Modan and Searing Gorge How it works: The plugin checks your movement. If the distance to your destination is greater than 1000 yards (default), it searches the database for a shorter path. If there is a shorter path available, it will use taxi instead of walking and after that continue with whatever task it was doing previously. Else take taxi is skipped. The distance used is not the distance between two points, but rather the distance of the path the bot would walk otherwise Undiscovered taxi nodes get discovered automatically, when being in a certain range of the related NPC (50 yards default) Settings: All settings should be self-explaining. You can enable / disable taxi nodes within the plugins settings. Only set nodes to true, if you know for certain that your character has discovered them ingame! Important: The plugin creates and uses it's own database. That means that the plugin has to discover taxi nodes by itself or update it automatically, when the taxi map is opened. It also does not check, if the transition between two taxi nodes is possible. F.e. it will try to fly from Booty Bay to Eastern Pleaguelands, even if you haven't discovered any other taxi node in Eastern Kingdoms. So make sure the product you are running allows the use of this plugin. Props to you, if you really read that. Credit to @Matenia, who helped me a lot with the movement
  2. Hello, My Taxi database is empty. I have to fill it myself? Where can I find the continent ID? Thank you! 🙂
  3. Ratchet to Crossroads works but not Crossroads to Rachet 😕 Target position: Map name MPQ: Kalimdor Target Position: -437.137, -2596, 95.7876, "None" Target Position Vector: new Vector3(-437.137, -2596, 95.7876, "None") Target Position: XML <Vector3 X="-437.137" Y="-2596" Z="95.7876" Type="None" /> Target Rotation: 3.7001 Target Distance: 0.7511194 Target Distance 2D: 0.7511083 Target Distance Z: 0.004074097 15:15:38 - [FlightMaster] Try to take taxi node Crossroads, The Barrens to Ratchet, The Barrens, go to npc.[N] 15:15:38 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -458,6188 ; -2610,669 ; 98,6963 ; "None" to -437,37 ; -2596,06 ; 95,78 ; "None" (Kalimdor)[N] 15:15:38 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 (25,9509y, 38ms)15:15:39 - [FlightMaster] Cannot found npc of taxi node Crossroads, The Barrens, disable it.15:15:39 - [FlightMaster] Try to take taxi at [N] 15:15:39 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -449,5664 ; -2604,446 ; 97,15552 ; "None" to -898,246 ; -3769,65 ; 11,71021 ; "None" (Kalimdor)[N] 15:15:39 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 52 (1449,236y, 0ms)15:15:41 - [Quester] Stopped
  4. Hi there, i noticed on vanilla wow that my taxi nodes are disabled from time to time. I checked the flightmaster coords and they were okay, i deleted the TaxiNodes.xml so wrobot can make the file again from games data. But at the end i still saw some taxi nodes deactivated which were used before without any problems. I am not sure what causes these problems on vanilla. So i wrote a small plugin to activate all taxinodes every 5 minutes. I added my file. Maybe it helps somebody. Best regards [Vanilla]TaxiNodes-EnableAll.cs
  5. Hello, as mentioned several times in the past, the bot won't always pick the taxi, even if the nodes are already discovered. Unfortunately, I dont think it has ever been fully solved. In general, it moves to a near flight master, cant make a path and due to this, blacklist the whole node for 30 minutes / disable that location in the taxi db. After that, it continues to the next flight master, repeating the same steps again. Or, if there are no further flight masters nearby, making it's way by foot. It does not occur if only a few flight paths are added, for example low level human (Stormwind, Westfall, Redridge, Duskwood), but after Ironforge and Thelsamar have been added as well. I attached three different log files, the first one with plugins and taxi db enabled, second one all plugins disabled, but taxi db active and last one all plugins disabled, taxi db deleted. After deleting and the bot has spoken to the flight master for the first time, several locations get added with a (wrong) z value of 0. How to fix this? Does the bot have to recreate the taxi db for each character individually from the beginning? Do I have to add flight masters manually to a profile, to make that working without problems? With Plugins + Taxi Database.html With Taxi Database.html Taxi Database deleted.html
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