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[FREE] [PVE] 1-40 Enraged Frost Mage Vanilla 1.0.2

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About This File

Hey guys, 

This is a simple fight class that I started working on to get used to WRobot libraries and systems before I start making more feature rich classes.

The point of creating this when other great ones exists (Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage), was to include feature options and test my limits.

If the reception is good on this free demo class, I may produce a few more, or devote more time and create high quality paid classes.


This has been tested to 40, at which point it will still function, but will not add new mana gems or NEW abilities learned (New ranks should still be fine) to its arsenal.


I have to thank Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage profile for the inspiration, and highly recommend his if you are looking for a fully functional quality paid profile.



** If using HMP or other plugins that manage Food/Water, you will need to disable the Food/Water options in those plugins for conjured food/water to be used and updated automatically**



  • Frost Mage basic casting
  • Customizable Rotation options
  • Fire Blast on CD
  • Scorch on target Low HP
  • Counterspell on spellcast
  • Able to use wands (*Still testing stability)
  • Uses racial passives when applicable (Current: Undead / Troll )
  • Uses latest Armor Types (Frost / Ice)
  • Move's skills required to Action Bars (Two Right Bars & Bottom Right Bar)
  • Move's new skills to Action Bars as you train them (*Still testing stability) (Checks every 15 min for update)
  • Frost Nova and Kite
  • Blink Kite with Nova if enabled
  • Mana Shield on hp loss
  • Create latest Food/Water/Gem if enabled
  • Automatically will update General Settings to use Food/Water/Gem


  • Make Ice Block optional
  • Make Mana Shield optional
  • Improve Kite pathing
  • Add Sheep feature
  • Add AOE features
  • Update Action Bars to reflect Spell Rank being used
  • Add Potion use in addition to current Mana Gem usage
  • Include spells for 40-beyond
  • Include option for additional Talent/Specs


Thanks for testing it out, and let me know what problems you encounter so I can improve upon this!


What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


  • Fixed crash due to Wrobot 2.0

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dont work after update:sad:

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I prefer this fight class over Matenia's Vanilla Frost Mage. This fight class has more and better options, doesn't swap spells ever second(creates an annoying sound) and the rotation is more like I would play mage.

Please make a 1-60 version.

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Awesome fightclass! Rarely have problems with it. I would love to see support past level 40 as it's that good.  If you need testing for anything past 40 I would love to help out and give feedback.

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Its not working.  Character only hits with staff.  Also log shows the following (maybe Im missing something?):

[E] 20:21:28 - static void LoadCcScript(string pathCc, bool settingOnly): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at wManager.Wow.Helpers.CustomClass.(String , Boolean )

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Very good profile. overall 9.5/10


It does take some baby sitting, but very good overall.

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if Your gonna continue this then so far i am in love with it :)


My request would be a warrior :P

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